A 12-year old Texas girl needs our prayers and support! 


UPDATE: I’m now VERY HAPPY to report that Alexis’s Shapiro’s family’s insurance company, Tricare Humana will now cover the costs of her weight-loss surgery and that all the rest of the money donations will go towards Alexis’s additional long-term medical care and to help other children in similar situations.

Donation site: http://www.gofundme.com/3onp2g

You can send cards or letters to Alexis at: PO box 147 Cibolo, TX 78108. 

By the way, I now have ANOTHER official update on Alexis Shapiro. Even though I’ve written a most recent post about the “damning effects on one’s soul” that the DARK SIDE of Hollywood can have on unsuspecting people, Alexis’s family going on a TV segment of The Doctors is part of a GOOD thing that can come out of Hollywood. Here you can watch the preview of the show segment that Alexis and her family appeared on, on Monday, February 17, 2014:


Go to the link to the right entitled “12-year old girl’s medical crises; diet pill dangers, ADHD Controvery”. Note: They don’t yet have it up in the archives yet but they probably will within the next few days.

FURTHER UPDATE 2014:  I’m very happy and proud to report that Alexis is doing MUCH better these days after the surgery. She is losing weight and is now beginning to do things she used to be able to do before her medical condition first came about, three years ago. She has also now returned to public school once again and seems to be doing GREAT so far! I can only hope that she will continue to make some good progress in life!

Her facebook page (set up for her by her mom) can be found here:


And her Go Fund Me page (also set up for her by her mom Jenny) I believe has now been taken down since the goal was already reached and HIGHLY EXCEEDED!