Satan has been “at odds” with God the Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God since around the time of the creation of the Earth and the Garden of Eden. But getting 1/3 of the angels, Adam and Eve, and Cain to sin was just the beginning. Here in the year 2014, the Earth has become quite a godless place, thanks to Satan and his demons.

And some of you out there (even some Christians) might be wondering on some of these following headlines: “yeah? so what? what’s the big deal?”, but you need to look at the bigger picture. One small “legal” attack on true/biblical Christianity can become a very BIG one if not dealt with at the root! Think about it, folks!

During the time of WWII when Jewish people were in the “very beginning” stages of being harassed, I’m sure many of them thought “you guys just don’t like us because we’re Jewish, end of story” and many of them, though annoyed by the harassment, probably weren’t too overly concerned with it…..Most of them probably didn’t even imagine just how BAD things would soon become for they and their people! And once they REALIZED what was going on, by many accounts, it was already “too late”.

So it is with the attack on true, biblical Christianity today. It all started out so “small” (people making fun of Christian people) and then, has slowly seeped into a BIG war on Christianity (now, they want openly gay clergy members, gay marriages, etc.) And while it’s likely too late to try to fight off the war on Christianity LEGALLY, it’s NOT yet too late to fight off the war on Christianity SPIRITUALLY/FROM WITHIN ONE’S VERY OWN SOUL!

{NOTE: Each “headline” more or less deals with bible prophecy either directly or INDIRECTLY}.


1191). Church of England to Vote on Offering ‘Baptism’ for Transgender People to Mark New Identity

1192). Tennis Australian Star Margaret Court Given Flack For Boycotting Quantas Over Pro-Gay Marriage CEO

1193). College Freshmen Abandon Religion at ‘Skyrocketing’ Rate

1194). Saddleback Church Youth Mentor Arrested for ‘Lewd Acts’ With Teen Boys; Church ‘Shocked and Grieved’

1195). Men Allege Willow Creek Community Church Counselor Sexually Abused Them 300 Times

1196). Church of Scotland Allows Gay Marriage

1197). Most UK Students Say Jesus Is Real, but Not ‘God in Human Form’: Survey

1198). Ukraine Doctor Pioneering ‘Three-Parent’ Babies

1199). Mexican sewage becomes ‘chemical’ attack on U.S. Border Patrol agents

2000). Oxford University Caves on Compulsory Black History Exams – Activists Demand More

2001). Bill 89 Would/Will Allow Gov’t To Take Kids From Parents Who REJECT Transgenderism: source

2002). Planned Parenthood reports record number of abortions, whopping $554.6 million in taxpayer funding

2003). ‘Outrageous’: Canadian Pro-life prayer group banned from hospital

2004). Christian farmers banned from farmer’s market for Christian view of marriage

2005). Ontario passes ‘totalitarian’ bill allowing gov’t to take kids from Christian homes

2006). Belgian bishops: Some adulterers should receive communion

2007). Vimeo on witch hunt against ‘malicious’ video exposing Planned Parenthood

2008). Hungary’s Prime Minister under fire for event promoting ‘natural family’

2009). Christians who reject transgenderism banned from adoption, working with children in Illinois

2010). ‘Masked and armed men asked us to renounce God’: Tragic stories from recent Christian genocide

2011). Federal court forces high school to allow ‘transgender’ girl to use boys’ bathroom

2012). Rhode Island House votes to ban ‘sexual orientation change’ therapy for LGBT kids

2013). Catholic university welcome assisted suicide group, bans Chick-Fil-A

2014). Hollywood: Abortion is ‘something we have to fight for and continue to protect’

2015). Trump daughter celebrates ‘Gay Pride’ month on Twitter

2016). Catholic parish hosts gay dance party for Lady Gaga’s LGBT charity. Seriously.

2017). BREAKING: Ireland elects first openly gay Prime Minister

2018). Jesuit chief claims Satan is only a ‘symbol’ created by man

2019). Oregon transgender man expecting baby with husband

2020). CRISPR gene editing can cause hundreds of unintended mutations

2021). CDC says virus-removal technique is safe option for HIV-infected men who want to father children

2022). A Christian school, a pregnant teen and new life: The Maddi Runkles conundrum

[First of all, kudos to Maddie on KEEPING her baby and for choosing life for it, I’m so glad! And yes……pro-life Christians SHOULD pray for her & support her IN the decision of keeping her baby, etc. But on the graduation thing etc., sorry, I’m with the school on this one. In spite of her 4.0 GPA, she signed a NO premarital sex pledge with the school and she violated it & got caught. Now she wants the school to give her special treatment as if “nothing happened”. And the truth is, if the school brushed HER spiritual/physical conduct aside, they’d have to toss EVERY student’s spiritual/physical misconduct aside.

And furthermore, if more and more “pregnant students” were given a slap on the wrist, then so much for the “rules”, huh? And further out from there, if they let pregnant teens walk at graduation without consequences, what’s next? Will gay or transgender teens then flock to the Christian school and demand “concessions” as well?

Several articles stated that the baby’s father does NOT attend the school and that her and him have NO PLANS TO MARRY! Whatever happened to personal responsibility for one’s actions? Do THOSE not matter, anymore? Again, not trying to sound harsh there or anything but IF a person breaks the rules (ANY type of rules), then there’s gonna be consequences, right? ~Sigh~ There’s just no more personal accountability in today’s culture anymore, it seems……].

2023). Google pays tribute to ‘The Gay Betsy Ross’ rainbow flag creator

2024). Stunned parents, kids exposed to PARENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT DRAG QUEEN OF PUBLIC SCHOOL 96 at NYC school

2025). Teens Make Pro-Planned Parenthood Condom Dresses For NY “Fashion Show”

2026). Pastor, Wife Stole Thousands From Summer Food Program

2027). Insurance Companies Denying Patients Treatment, Pushing Assisted Suicide

2028). 13-Y-O Girl Kills Herself After Christian Parents Allow Her to Live as Transgender Boy [Mom saw daughter’s “transgenderism” as a “gift from God! This mother was/is VERY deceived and we need to pray for her, folks!!!!!

2029). Boy ‘Identifying’ as Girl Swamps Opponents in Connecticut High School Track Meet

2030). Nancy Pelosi: Trump Pulling US From Climate Pact a ‘Dishonor’ to God

2031). Retail Wreck? Over 1,000 Stores Close in a Single Week

2032). Jewish activists form protective barrier around Muslims as they protest in front of Trump Tower [Note: This would really be no different than if David had protected “Goliath” or if Elijah had protected “Jezebel”……..the world has gone MAD, people!]

2033). French President Offers Refugee Status to U.S. Liberals

2034). NYTimes Misrepresents Research Showing Health Benefits of Marriage, Harvard Scientist Says

2035). 8 Filipino Christians Killed for Refusing to Recite Islamic Creed

2036). Those Who Dare to Criticize Ugly ‘Lace Shorts for Men’ Are Being Slammed as ‘Intolerant’

2037). The younger generation is super competitive and wants to steal your job

2038). Lush Pressures Staff to ‘Get Naked’ and Show Bare Bottoms for Green Activism

2039). Alan Dershowitz Joins Legal Team Defending Female Genital Mutilation on Religious Freedom Grounds

2040). More than 1,500 injured in panic after soccer game in Italy

2041). Gay Pride parades are turning into anti-Trump resistance marches

2042). Texas abortionist uses sister facility in New Mexico for abortions on underage girls

2043). Catholic cathedral welcomes ‘Pink Saturday’ gay pride gathering with bishop’s blessing

2044). Scathing gov’t report: Abortion center had no nurse, no anesthesia records, expired drugs

2045). Gay ‘marriage’ receives highest approval rating ever in Gallup poll

2046). Sacrilegious: Pro-gay group in Malta archdiocese uses rainbow flag as altar cloth

2047). The Media NEVER talks about sex change REGRET stories but they’re out there, folks! And this documentary PROVES IT!

2048). Giant Ramadan lantern lights up Jerusalem

2049). Christian School Can Be Banned From Michigan Township, Judges Rule

2050). Supreme Court Declines Petition of Marine Convicted for Keeping Bible Verse on Desk

2051). German Church Sponsors ‘Robot Priest’ That Gives ‘Blessings,’ Spawning Debate About Faith and AI

2052). Lifegate Youth Pastor Falls 4 Stories From Balcony on First Day of Honeymoon, Denies Drinking

2053). Prominent Pastor Who Blessed Massachusetts Governor Arrested in Prostitution Sting

2054). Mormon Church implicated in $150K Tithes FRAUD case

2055). Elderly German Woman Fined 1,350 Euros for Sharing Anti-Migrant Joke on Facebook

2056). A Chinese Toy Company Is Now Selling ISIS Lego Sets, Including Beheaded Figurines

2057). At Evergreen State, Hand Gestures Are Now Consider “Microaggressions”

2058). Liberal Entertainers, Journalists Can’t Stop Fantasizing About Violence Toward Trump

2059). London Police Release 12 People Arrested In Connection With Terrorist Attacks….WITHOUT CHARGES……

2060). Federal Contractor Arrested For Leaking Classified Document

2061). Military Burning Bibles in Indonesia

2062). School nurses get training for “gender affirming talks” with students

2063). Rise of the pornosexual: increasing numbers of people shun sex with real people

2064). Feds drop bombshell: Up to 100 girls may have had their genitals cut in Michigan

2065). House prices in gay neighborhoods soaring

2066). Hawaii trumps Trump: Is first state to pass law committing to Paris Climate Accord

2067). Top UK Rabbi says gay acceptance is “fantastic”

2068). Automonous cars (with no human backup) set to hit the roads next year

2069). South Korea SUSPENDS THAAD (missile-shield/interceptor) Development

2070). An Illinois Town Denied This Muslim Congregation A Mosque. Now It Owes Them $580,000

2071). A 23-Year-Old Allegedly Copied The 13 Reasons Why Suicide And Left Behind Tapes

2072). Public school opens up rooms for Muslim prayer during Ramadan. Atheist group calls it ‘reasonable.’

2073). Pro-LGBT group wants Southern Baptists to REMOVE homosexuality & transgenderism from its “sin list”

2074). Poll: 79% of Israelis back gay marriage or civil union

2075). Hypocrisy – When the Left discriminates against its OWN over “Republicanism”: An LGBT group says it was barred from a Pride parade because it supports Trump

2076). Former Austinine is Methodist Church’s First Non-Binary/Trans Deacon

2077). Bisexuality takes center stage at Tel Aviv Pride Parade

2078). Nude Models Take Over Times Square for Body Painting Exhibit

2079). Sex in an airplane seat? Making staff cry? A new-time low for airline passengers

2080). Over 200,000 attend Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, some 30,000 from abroad

2081). Bernie Sanders attacks Trump nominee for following teachings of Christ

2082). Dad overdoses on heroin to teach his addict son a lesson

2083). London Teacher Knifed, Beaten By Three Women ‘Chanting from the Koran’

2084). Philadelphia Liberal Arts Colleges Offer Social Justice Boot Camp for Freshmen Students

2085). SICKENING: LGBT Community celebrates 8-year old drag queen!

2086). Pittsburg Pirates Celebrate LGBT Pride…….on Kids Day!

2087). U.S. cardinal writes forward to new book approving Communion for adulterers

2088). Chinese authorities demolish in-process-of-construction Christian church

2089). Textbooks in India cast Jesus AS demon

2090). Atheists demand town remove church welcome signs


2092). Alabama school facing possible lawsuit over baccalaureate, graduation prayer

2093). California student told he could not walk in graduation if wearing Army Service Uniform

2094). Headless body, severed head found in Mississippi; police eye link

2095). New York senator drops F-bombs during speech

2096). Women on Web sell illegal abortions online (through pill form)

2097). Pentagon continues LGBT pride celebration; conservatives say it’s a shame in Trump administration

2098). Washington gay pride parade draws thousands, briefly blocked by protest

2099). Prozac Nation Is Now The United States of Xanax

2100). Brain-computer interfaces coming: consensual telepathy

2101). Shakespeare in the Park depicts Melania & Trump as “assassinated Caesar & Caesar’s wife”

2102). Facebook blasphemy: Pakistani man sentenced to death for insulting Prophet Muhammad

2103). Tunisians protest for right not to fast during Ramadan [Note: This headline is part of a much LARGER global picture to “do away with religion” and also reminds me of the Jews protesting AGAINST biblical Shabbat restrictions in Israel:


2105). Woman strips naked in front of Western Wall, sparking uproar

2106). 1,800 US rabbis call on Israel to end occupation, lay groundwork for peace


2108). Feminists and Social Justice Activists Call for Video Game Developer Censorship Blacklist

2109). Parents to sue doctor for not giving them a chance to abort baby with cerebral palsy

2110). Egypt Threatens to Jail Parents Who Give Their Kids ‘Western’ Names

2111). U.S. Embassy promotes LGBT propaganda at the Vatican

2112). The UN just gave Ireland 6 months to make a plan to legalize abortion, says Ireland violated the rights of women who “traveled to England for an abortion”

2113). France is about to be controlled by abortion extremists

2114). Oregon Senate votes to allow doctors to kill dementia patients by starvation

2115). Male politicians just betrayed Canadian girls by looking the other way on porn

2116). Judge bans pro-life media from exposing abortion workers

2117). Southern Baptists Embrace Gender-Inclusive Language in the Bible

2118). GOP Senators May Fund Planned Parenthood in Obamacare Repeal Bill

2119). CRISPR pioneer Doudna envisions a world of woolly mammoths and unicorns

2120). Satellites forewarn of locust plagues

2121). The Pentagon is building robotic wingmen to fly alongside fighter planes

2122). Swedish railway uses microchip implants

2123). Over 200 IDF soldiers contract mysterious skin disease on southern base

2124). Florida Woman Steals Nearly $100,000 From City

2125). Social Justice Activists Want the UN to Make Cultural Appropriation Illegal

2126). Colombia officially recognizes threesome homosexual union

2127). BREAKING: Canada passes radical law forcing gender theory acceptance

2128). Pro-gay clergy are harming same-sex attracted “celebate” Catholics…and-it-hu

2129). U.S. Cardinal: Calling gays out of sin ‘sounds a little backhanded to me’

2130). Children exposed to homosexual makeouts on ‘Kiss Cam’ at Dodgers baseball game

2131). Major League Baseball team under fire for inviting Christian speaker who opposes transgender bathrooms

2132). NBC’s Katy Tur Slammed by Transgender Parent: ‘She’s Transphobic’

2133). Vatican pro-life academy head defends appointment of abortion supporter

2134). If gays are so tolerant, why are they disrupting an Ex-‘gay’ conference?

2135). Pastor Charged With Selling $1.5M Church to Himself for $1

2136). “Christian” Lesbian Rock Star Vicky Beeching Given Award by Archbishop of Canterbury

2137). Exploitation of Women in Surrogacy Arrangements Exposed in New Documentary Film

2138). Transgender Actress Being Used To Train Doctors

2139). FANTASY LAND: Oregonians Get Non-Gender Option For Licenses!

2140). At 87, he hopes to eventually SEE execution of wife’s killer {Note: As hard as this may be for some to hear, Jesus says that we are to forgive those who’ve wronged us. He also says in the bible that if WE don’t forgive OTHERS, that HE (Jesus) won’t forgive US! And YES…..forgiveness is HARD……it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE in situations like this……..but Jesus says it’s also NECESSARY, in order to LIFT THE CHAINS of hateful BONDAGE from our souls!!!!!!!}

2141). Canadians Can Now Face “Hate Crimes” For Using The Wrong Gender Pronouns

2142). Man [Who Moments Earlier Had Gotten In A Fight With His Girlfriend & Threatened To Kill Her] Was ‘Blowing Off Steam’ When He Blasted Cyclist In Face With Birdshot

2143). Department Fires Officer Same Day He’s Cleared Of Manslaughter Charges

2144). US Supreme Court strikes down NC sex offender social media ban

2145). Women-Only Spa Accused Of Being Transphobic For ‘No Male Genitals’ Policy

2146). Permanent Rainbow Crosswalks Might Be In Your Future, Taxpayers

2147). Canada takes major step in criminalizing discrimination of transgender people″

2148). Delaware Legalizes Abortion through all Nine Months

2149). Air Force: As many as 135 patients may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis at Al Udeid clinic

2150). Fire at French nuclear reactor (this being after the “fire” at the London high-rise apartments……….hhhmmm……..I sense “terrorism”??….),7340,L-4978113,00.html

2151). Shabbat desecration in Israel: “the State of Israel has turned the Sabbath into a day of maintenance and infrastructure repair”,7340,L-4978003,00.html

2152). The Internet Is Ruining Hebrew

2153). Public library forced to cover transgender surgery in insurance plans

2154). Liberal denominations beg Congress to protect Planned Parenthood

2155). Teacher under fire for Christian view of marriage, resigns after LGBT witch hunt

2156). Beersheba to hold first-ever gay pride parade Thursday

2157). Ohio county claims top spot in America’s opioid death spiral

2158). Europe okays project to seek alien life

2159). Elon Musk: We’ll create a city on Mars with a million inhabitants

2160). Murders hit record high in Mexico

2161). Catholic teachers’ union supports pro-abortion conference, pride parades

2161). High school gives award to ‘genderqueer and pansexual’ for his ‘personal bravery’

2162). Transgender men redefine womanhood. Are feminists going to do anything about it?

2163). Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?

2164). Heterosexual man was wrongly accused of gay slur before committing suicide

2165). Enough is enough. Transgender insanity has gone too far

2166). Ontario releases offensive, anti-child ad: Kids are annoying, use birth control

2167). Canada’s Assisted Dying law – one year later, more deaths than expected

2168). Post-Op Transgender Jewish man brags about “having foreskin”, etc.

[Note: In Orthodox Judaism, God is seen as both MALE *AND* FEMALE……..even though in Hebrew, male and female ONLY pronouns exist………However, when even Jews THEMSELVES start disregarding the commandments of the bible and claim that God is “OK” with it, you just KNOW we’re living in the Last Days, folks! We need to pray for this woman! She has been PERPETUALLY DECEIVED……..Not ONLY by Orthodox Judaism’s belief that God is both male AND female (even though Circumcision IS biblically accurate, in and of itself) but by the Transgender “lies/agenda” in today’s liberal media!]

2169). Germany votes to void thousands of post-Nazi convictions of gay men

[Note: The “Nazi-era law” originally banned sex between two males and sex between people and animals……….basically, it was an anti-sodomy law. But now it seems that “law” has now been overturned, essentially].

2170). Two Bay Area families say ’13 Reasons Why’ triggered their teens to commit suicide

2171). Venice’s first female gondolier announces she’s a female-to-male transgender

2172). NYPD Issues New Rules to Accommodate Cops Who Want to Identify as Different Gender

2173). After More Than 20 Years as Conservative Leader, Paul Williams Comes Out as Transwoman

2174). California is restricting publicly funded travel to states that leaders view as discriminatory

2175). LGBT Groups: Conservative Christians ‘Have No Place in Government’

2176). Are Lady Clothes the New Trend for Men?

2177). Christian School Forced To Fire Teacher for Refusing to Give Up Second Job as Porn Star

(This ofcourse, Being AFTER The Christian School Offered Her a Raise AND Free Housing IF She’d Quit the Porn Industry……To Which Ofcourse, She REFUSED…..So They Had No Choice BUT to fire her….and then, she EVEN had the “gall” to “cry” about her firing AND about the School’s “moral/biblical code”. See folks? This is what’s wrong with the world today! The age of ENTITLEMENT AND/OR NO ACCOUNTABILITY!)

2178). 6 Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon Shows ‘Glorify Gay Behavior’

2179). Christians Slam ‘Obnoxious’ Curriculum Change in Nigerian Schools That Force Islamic Studies

2180). Tim Tebow’s Famous John 3:16 Eye Blacks Mocked by Charleston RiverDogs

2181). MARK OF THE BEAST BEGINNINGS: Radio powered by your own sweat hints at future of wearables

2182). Venezuela’s Shortages Spur Perilous Sea Journeys: As economy crumbles, desperate people travel 10 hours to buy food, supplies across the water in Trinidad

2183). Virginia man charged with espionage for giving top-secret documents to China

2184). Christians, Muslims, Jews break bread in interfaith Morocco initiative

[Note: Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually a “good” thing when Christians, Muslims and Jews can come together at a social event and NOT fight………as Jesus DOES call us to “love thy enemies as thyself”. But the bigger picture here is that, globally, “interfaith movements” are attempting to slowly create a ONE WORLD RELIGION. And this ALL has to do with the book of Revelation in the New Testament………there WILL soon be a ONE WORLD RELIGION…….faster than we know it……and that one world religion will be the ANTICHRIST’S RELIGION/WORSHIP OF THE ANTICHRIST/ONE WORLD GOV’T LEADER!]


[Okay, this news article seems SO sensational, it could possibly be “fake?” But IF true, it TRULY shows the times we’re living in! Ew! Just…..EW!]

2186). Stillborn lamb ‘sent by the devil’ terrifies South African villagers

2187). ‘Neutral’ nonprofit watchdog lists 46 conservative organizations as ‘hate groups’

2188). New York suing peaceful pro-life protesters for ‘harassment’

2189). Church of England official: Transgenders could be ‘re-christened’ after ‘sex change’

2190). UN Women steps up efforts to promote abortion worldwide

2191). Schools must refer to students by preferred gender pronoun or face investigation

2192). Hasbro CEO: ‘We eliminated the old delineation of gender’ to be more ‘inclusive’

2193). Lesbian spouses to be recognized as parents from birth,7340,L-4982859,00.html

2194). Taxpayers Are Funding Animal Tests for Homemade Abortions

2195). \UK doctors vote to decriminalise abortion…….without a doctor’s permission?

2196). Bronx-Lebanon Hospital shooting: Doctor killed, multiple people injured, police say

2197). UK woman turns in her parents to police after discovering they were brother and sister

2198). Woman with non-terminal illness can be euthanized under Ontario law: judge

2199). Trudeau wants to repeal law on anal sex, wipe out past convictions

2200). Gov’t-funded media: It’s good for child’s ‘sexual development’ to see drag queen’s genitals

2201). Beware this abortion propaganda masquerading as a defund Planned Parenthood petition

2202). Sesame Street celebrates LGBT during Gay Pride Month

2203). Catholic comedian Jim Gaffigan brings kids to Gay Pride parade

2204). Catholic hospital agrees to ‘direct cooperation’ with euthanasia

2205). Illinois law requires pro-life doctors to discuss ‘benefits’ of abortion

2206). Liberal writer: Deny a priest a Catholic funeral if he won’t give them to people in gay ‘marriages’

2207). Canada’s Navy urges sailors to attend Gay Pride parades in uniform

2208). Judge in notorious abortionist case is trying to block pro-life movie

2209). California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’

2210). Liberal media totally ignore recent spike of Christian persecution in India

2211). Shocking video of ‘Gay Pride’ parade: Little girl watches nearly-nude man dance

Shocking video of ‘Gay Pride’ parade: Little girl watches nearly-nude man dance

2212). 67% of Catholics support gay ‘marriage’ after U.S. Supreme Court decision, according to Pew Surveyors

[Note: I MUST ask… these so-called “Pew Surveyors” have some sort of “pro-LGBT agenda” when they report these types of “numbers”? Just a thought…….?]

2213). Facebook CEO: We can play the role that churches once filled

2214). How artificial wombs are creating a genderless, family-free future

2215). UK threatens to close Jewish school for not teaching 3-year-olds about transgenderism

2216). Swedish PM: Priests unwilling to ‘marry’ same-sex couples should ‘pick another profession’

2217). California taxpayers paying millions to experiment on aborted baby parts

2218). What happened to the days when we tried to stop a person from committing suicide? [Note: Cases like the Michelle Carter case & the Netflix show “13 reasons why” are driving suicide UP, not down![

2219). Swedish Gov’t bans prayer to God; Christian preschool forced to thank ‘sun and rain’ for meals instead

2220). Man yells ‘freedom’ while destroying new 6,000-pound Ten Commandments monument

2221). Washington, DC adds transgender option for driver’s licenses. And it’s totally illegal

2222). Twitter censors pro-life ads

2223). CNN producer caught admitting media’s on ‘witch hunt’ against Trump

2224). Catholic archdiocese promotes Gay Pride ‘multi-faith’ service

2225). Planned Parenthood is trying to invade public schools

2226). Trudeau gov’t wants to remove Canada’s only federal law protecting freedom of worship

2227). Liberals are destroying society… and anyone that disagrees with them

2228). The Handmaid’s Tale isn’t the pro-life Christianity I know

2229). Trudeau brings his children to Gay Pride march while wearing Muslim socks

2230). Nancy Pelosi: Republicans ‘dishonoring God’ by trying to defund Planned Parenthood

2231). German Parliament votes to legalize same-sex ‘marriage’


2232A). Baby’s life-support will be switched off today against parents’ wishes: judge rules

2232B). Vatican pro-life academy won’t defend parents as UK pulls baby’s life support


2233). Northern Ireland to pay for women to have abortions in England

2234). Priest claims Church could accept gay ‘marriage’: ‘It would be wrong to fight against it’

2235). New UN Database Pressures Countries on Abortion

2236). Social media: Ultrasounds, investigations of Planned Parenthood are too offensive