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Soon-Coming Antichrist? (Mark of the Beast/Corona Virus, Part SIX)

In my previous FIVE posts on the subject, I documented all the PRECURSORS to “The Mark of the Beast”. And Please Note: “Corona Virus – 5 Part Series” is an EXCELLENT companion guide to my “Mark of the Beast – 5 Part Series”. Each set of series depicts the soon-coming Mark of the Beast from different angles! However, EACH 5-part series is TOTALLY DIFFERENT and each series has ALOT of information to unpack and uncover! So please read BOTH sets of series to get a more clear, concise understanding of End Times Bible Prophecy AS it pertains to “Corona Virus” and the “Mark of the Beast!”

My 5-Part “Mark of the Beast” Series can be found HERE:

While my 5-Part “Corona Virus Series” can be found HERE:

That being said, this post/page will be a COMBINED part SIX for BOTH series! So without further ado, lets get started…….

This “whistleblower” nurse talks about THE TRUTH about “covid deaths in hospitals” (HORRIFYING!!!!):

But in fact, our world has taken such a weird, dramatic turn lately! Not only did “Corona virus” start to DAMAGE our economy (as well as the global economy across the world) but we’ve most recently discovered that China has a HUGE stake in “renewable energy” AND has held talk of a “GLOBAL POWER GRID”, etc. And that’s very interesting, considering that the Book of Revelation talks about A DRAGON THAT COMES OUT OF THE SEA! In my humble and spiritual opinion, I now believe that CHINA is “The [Political] Dragon” talked about in the book of Revelation in the New Testament! Just like I also now believe that “A.I.” is the IMAGE OF THE BEAST! But more on that later…….

I’ve most recently come across some CHILLING STORIES that advertise that we’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to the OFFICIAL UNVEILING of the Antichrist and/or Mark of the Beast/Mark of the Beast SYSTEM! Let us examine a few, as well as talk about their LONG-TERM BIBLICAL IMPLICATIONS:

And that’s just a small summary………there’s much more……..below, Anita Rivera talks about the BIBLICAL IMPLICATIONS of the Vatican building a possible tunnel underneath Jerusalem. It’s worth a look see! 

Okay, so perhaps you can’t find the news story Anita Rivera talks about in the above Youtube video on ANY “respectable” news source. But folks, there’s a REASON for that! The Jewish rabbi that has revealed the main source of the story is ALSO the same rabbi who believes that “vaccines are dangerous and contain metabolic POISON”. Therefore, MAJOR news outlets, The Orthodox Jewish community at-large, Big Pharma, The Vatican ITSELF, etc. are all trying to BURY THIS GUY, proverbially speaking! So it REALLY makes ya wonder what this guy knows that the rest of the “big whigs” don’t want the world to know! It’s highly worth paying attention to, folks! 

Now, that being said, lets get into the first headline I’ve mentioned up above, the one about the “moveable statue” that has the power to transform into ANY image“. Now think about that, folks….think about THOSE WORDS and what they actually MEAN…..In Revelation 13:15, it talks about THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!!!! Therefore, in light of that passage, the news article is very, very telling! It shows that we’re THAT MUCH CLOSER to the reign of the Antichrist!!!!!! That’s CHILLING, folks, very, very chilling!!!!! The article says the statue has the ability to transform into ANY IMAGE!!!!! ANY IMAGE!!!! Including me or YOU!!!!!! How CREEPY is that?????

Moving on to news article #2: within the past year or so, I’ve most recently developed a theory that perhaps ALL monkeys/apes/orangutans/etc. you see today are “chimeras”. And I believe that more and more people are/were starting to find out/theorize about it, therefore, the “big cats” now feel as though they have no choice but to FAKE creating NEW monkey-human “chimeras”, in order to make it look like they’ve “just started” doing it, when I personally theorize that they (“shadow societies”) been secretly making monkey-human chimeras in some secret lab somewhere (perhaps in a cave or the mountains) ALL ALONG, ever since the middle ages or earlier!

During the days of Noah (i.e. the time of history around the world global flood, where ONLY Noah and his family were saved), the bible implies that many “genetic experiments” were taking place! The bible talks about “all flesh being CORRUPTED” around that time. Does the bible mean GENETICALLY or SPIRITUALLY? I now believe that the bible meant BOTH! But again, and I do stress this: it’s ONLY a “theory” of mine, it can’t be 100% proven either way!

So either monkeys and apes were created to be similar yet different BY THE CREATOR……..OR…..they are all a result of sick, twisted, SECRET “genetic experiments” wrought about by human hands! The truth is, nobody will ever know for 100% sure UNTIL “all is revealed”. Now, that being said, rather they’ve been creating monkey-human hybrids ALL ALONG – or IF they’ve so-called “just now started doing so”, the news headline in and of itself should send a proverbial chill down anyone’s spine!

Because what the news headline DOES let us know is that they are WILLING to go THAT FAR – WILLING! And if they are so WILLING to do that NOW – what makes anyone think that they wouldn’t have been WILLING to do it BACK THEN – during the middle ages to late 1800s? For in my mind, Satan has always been WILLING to pervert and corrupt the NATURAL HUMAN FLESH made IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! He didn’t just stop short at vaccines, “cloning”, “gene-therapy”, transplants and A.I. – No folks, he’s now taken it much, much further – human/animal HYBRIDS/CHIMERAS!!!!!!! Most recent evidence suggests there’s such a thing as “antediluvian technology”. Translation? It means seemingly “primitive societies” were FAR more advanced that what we had originally realized!

Now……how is that possible? Have some of today’s “elite” tried to time travel back through time and change the course of human history? Perhaps. But that STILL doesn’t change the fact that there is only ONE true creator God and ONE true Son of God, Jesus Christ Almighty! Perhaps the elite tried – and failed – MANY times to erase Jesus Christ from history but were NOT successful – so maybe THAT’S why they are now turning to CERN (The Large Hadron Collider) to try to UNDO TIME ITSELF and thus – in their mind anyways – UNDO JESUS/GOD! But Jesus Christ exists OUTSIDE OF TIME – and CREATED TIME! Therefore, there *IS* no “deleting God/Jesus” or deleting time itself! (But yet, it still won’t stop them from atleast “trying” – more on that later…..)

But again, Satan didn’t just stop at mere human-animal hybrids/chimeras! Now, he wants to incorporate A.I. INTO said “hyrbrids/chimeras”. Why? TO WEAPONIZE THEM! Think real-life Skynet on steroids! Satan knows that some of the best human mathematical minds can likely outsmart even the most sophisticated A.I. when it comes to “natural defense”. Therefore, he figures, if he brings wild, unpredictable “animal DNA” into the mix, perhaps he can shake things up enough to where it would act and behave in such a way that even the most sophisticated and intelligent human mind wouldn’t know how to act or perceive its next move (in defense against). Also, it’s not just HUMAN DNA he wants to corrupt but ALL DNA (even animals, trees, nature). Why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL MADE WITH GOD’S SIGNATURE OF AUTHORSHIP/AUTHENTICATION! In fact, why DO you think that SO MANY THINGS are being “cross-bred” today? Even PLANT SPECIES? You think that’s all just coincidence? HA!

Now, moving on to the Vatican. Are they – or are they NOT – building said tunnel to try to get to King David’s bones? One can only guess. However – what we DO know is that The Vatican has POWER – and lots OF it! RICHES BEYOND ANYONE’S MEANS – and TONS OF WORLDWIDE INFLUENCE! In fact, it is a POLITICAL POWER – in and of ITSELF! So that right there tells us that it doesn’t matter HOW they will incorporate that power INTO the power of the Antichrist – only THAT they WILL – eventually. However, if said Rabbi’s claims about said tunnel etc. DO check out, that would only mean WE’RE THAT MUCH CLOSER TO THE SOON-COMING DAY OF THE UNVEILING OF THE ANTICHRIST/MARK OF THE BEAST/MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM/MARK OF THE BEAST ONE-W0RLD GOVERNMENT SOCIETY!

“Lawlessness” within the ranks of the U.S. Navy Seals? Having to wear a mask on an airplane IN BETWEEN BITES OF FOOD or SIPS OF DRINKS? Polyamourous domesticated relationships now LEGAL in some parts of the U.S.? Genetically MALE athletes competing in women’s sports UNABATED? Parents being ARRESTED for REFUSING to “affirm” their own child in the child’s *preferred gender?* Folks, if that doesn’t tell ya that we’re quickly heading down a “Mark of the Beast Society” Pathway, then I don’t know what does!!!!!!!!

That being said, many people these days are living in a “haze”. The world – and nearly everything in it – has become SO corrupt, that most people don’t even want to turn on the news anymore! Streaming platforms are FULL of things such as murder, drugs, homosexuality, transexuality, crime, adultery, cussing, hate, etc. Music, movies and videogames are FULL of violence and “Satanism”. TV is either “celebrity worship”, homo/transexuality, partisan politics, or Christ mocking/mega-preachers preaching a watered-down gospel. Facebook, Youtube and online Christian groups are “all about the DONATIONS” and NOT about the souls! All the big companies – SPECIFICALLY BIG PHARMA – only care about the $$$$$ profits and NOT the people! Such a sad, sad world we live in today! It’s hard to find joy in practically ANYTHING, anymore!

However, what we CAN find joy in are the things that are talked about and highlighted in Revelation, chapters 21-22! For all those lucky souls who’s named are recorded in The Book of Life, Jesus will “wipe away their every tear!” The 12 trees will be the 12 fruits of the season and their leaves “will be for the HEALING of the nations!” The lamb will “lay down by the wolf”, being led by a small child, etc., the “river of life” will quench their every thirst, etc. People always talk about “the perfect utopia”. But guess what, folks? Jesus Christ’s Heavenly Kingdom on Earth is the ONLY *perfect utopia” that’ll be in existence – everything else is a COUNTERFEIT! So while there’s much pain and suffering in the world NOW – there will much MUCH EVERLASTING JOY in the city of “New Jerusalem” LATER – for all those deemed worthy, that is!

Luke 21:36 states, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

Now……just WHAT type of “things” is Luke 21:36 referring to, you might be wondering? What does “ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS” mean? Well, we know that Jesus’s disciples were very, very concerned about the “end of the age” and of the SIGNS that would “precede” and/or “showcase” the “end of the age”. What were these “signs” that Jesus mentioned and that the disciples asked him about? They’re mentioned in the New Testament, Book of Matthew, Chapter 24, Verses 3-13:

And as he [Jesus] sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, ‘Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?And Jesus answered and said unto them, ‘Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved'”. 

But again, I don’t think it’s so much Matthew 24:3-13 being talked about in Luke 21:36 but rather THE GREAT TRIBULATION talked about in Matthew 24:20-22!

But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day: For then shall be GREAT TRIBULATION, such as was NOT SINCE THE BEGINNING of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened“. 

I’d forever assumed the “these things” meant THE GREAT TRIBULATION. Therefore, Matthew 24:3-19 PRECEDES the Great Tribulation. And by the time it gets to the time period OF Matthew 24:20, THE GREAT TRIBULATION IS BEGGINING and/or HAPPENING

Okay, now to go to the WORDING and what it MEANS: “Escape All These Things“. Escape to WHERE? Is it talking about THE RAPTURE or are they simply referencing PETRA or BOTH? I believe this is one of those cases in the bible that’s talking about BOTH; a double entendre! I’ve long held the biblical assumption that SOME of the people would escape to heaven BEFORE the Tribulation or at MID-Tribulation (whenever THE RAPTURE occurs, that is) while the OTHER part of the Lord’s “saved people” would be placed at/inside PETRA during the Great Tribulation. But is that 100% ACCURATE? Nobody knows. Only time will tell. 

The Left Behind series touts a “SECRET RAPTURE”, as well as the concept of “TRIBULATION SAINTS” – those people who are saved AFTER the Rapture (and they are “saved” BECAUSE they did NOT/do NOT take The Mark of the Beast). The bible makes it VERY clear that ALL those whose names are NOT written in The Book of Life WILL worship The Beast and His [The Beast’s] Image! So the way I see it as “possibly plausible” is THIS: their names WERE/ARE recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life – it’s just that they’re designated as a “group B” type scenario. “Group A” is THE RAPTURE group and “Group B” is the “delayed passenger list to heaven” group? I ALSO believe that the “secret rapture” COULD theoretically be possible. Because from how the bible reads, it sounds to me as if Jesus comes to “rapture” the saints, and THEN later comes back WITH the raptured saints AS his “heavenly army” and THEN, ALL eyes on the Earth shall see Him! OR both events might happen at the VERY EXACT SAME TIME! 

Folks, the truth is, NOBODY knows the day, the hour, the LOGISTICS, or the DETAILS about how The Rapture and the 2nd Coming Of Jesus Christ upon the Earth are gonna happen: NOBODY! One can only SPECULATE! I’ve sort’ve vacillated back and forth for years and years about rather or not I believe “THE RAPTURE” will be SECRET or not, and rather or not “TRIBULATION SAINTS” are possible. And folks, I STILL haven’t come up with a 100% conclusion either way, even unto this day! Therefore, I guess it’s not really important HOW certain things will happen, just THAT they will happen! In other words, the LOGISTICS of The Rapture and 2nd Coming DO NOT MATTER, in the grand scheme of things! But what DOES matter is that we are READY for WHEN that time COMES!

Once again, Luke 21:36 states, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”.

At first glance, it MOST DEFINITELY looks as though as Luke 21:36 is telling us to “keep watch on world news events, AS it pertains to bible prophecy”, etc. 

But I think the BIGGER part of that warning is that we to keep watch of OURSELVES during the End Times! In other words, we need to “keep our sin in check” and make sure that WE OURSELVES are FOUND WORTHY to “escape all these things” (“these things” referring to The Great Tribulation events…….I THINK?) So in other words, I believe Jesus is saying it’s FAR more important to keep OURSELVES in spiritual check during the End Days, since during the End Days, it becomes MOST EASIEST to FALL, with all the world’s “comforts”, “distractions” and “alluring things” (i.e. the brand new i-phone, ipad, etc.)

He’s not saying that it’s NOT important to keep track of world news events as it pertains to bible prophecy. What He’s saying is that it’s FAR more important that we “keep watch” over our OWN spiritual state, rather than the spiritual state of the world, although that’s important, too! For we can be updated as pie as far as world news events go, yet STILL be spiritually dead as a doornail and counted as “unworthy” if Jesus were to come TODAY! However, if we are keeping a “close spiritual watch” on OURSELVES during the End Times, and keeping our “sin in check” as much as possible, then none of the world’s events will affect us (in the grand scheme of things) since we are considered “WORTHY” in the Lord’s Eyes to “escape all these things”. Make sense, folks? 

In conclusion, I’d just like to say that the VORACITY at which “Corona vaccines” are REQUIRED – or soon will be – and that VACCINE PASSPORTS are coming into play – is echoing what will happen when MARK OF THE BEAST comes on the scene! At first, it will be seen as OPTIONAL – or as one’s PATRIOTIC DUTY to their specific country and to the world – But…… time goes on, there will be “Mark of the Beast PASSPORTS” and a person will NOT be able to buy, sell (or possibly own?) anything WITHOUT IT! Those who RESIST will be swiftly put into jail, torchure and/or KILLED, the bible says! So if you’re having trouble not giving in to the Corona vaccine pressure NOW – then just imagine HOW MUCH HARDER it will be for you to resist THE MARK OF THE BEAST (which would be like Corona vaccine pressure ON STEROIDS, TIMES 1,000!) 

NOTE: If you’ve ALREADY taken the Corona vaccine, I’ve just now said a prayer for you that you would have no ill-effects from it, etc.! And if you are one of those people who are considering the vaccine, DON’T GET IT! I simply can NOT stress that enough! For please remember that JESUS IS OUR ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN and that we have NO NEED of “Big Pharma” or its “money-making industry!” In Genesis, the Lord gave us H2O (water), every fruit and herb-bearing seed, etc.! Am I saying that we all need to be vegetarians? Ofcourse not! The Lord also provided us CLEAN MEATS by which to consume (i.e. turkey, chicken, steak, ground beef). But in conclusion, I think THE CLOSER we stick to the natural, BIBLICAL DIET, the MUCH BETTER our health will be!!!!!!!!!!

I pray that Yeshua/Jesus protects each and every single one of you during these End Times and that you are able to read between the lines when it comes to “Corona virus” and “Corona society”. For remember: “Corona Society” is just a spiritual TEST-RUN for the soon-coming MARK OF THE BEAST GLOBAL SOCIETY:

  • “Lets test the human populace and see how well they obey our order under the FEAR of a major virus”
  • “Oh good, they obeyed us, mostly. Though some still resist. Okay, lets bring in a few terrifying-sounding VARIANTS to instill some more fear into them and see if that works”.
  • “Okay, now we got a few more vaccinated. Excellent. Now we can possibly try to further our plan along to try to bring about The Mark of the Beast Global Society“.
  • “Perhaps we can bring about The Mark of the Beast Global Society not with fear but with PURPOSE. Make the human populace feel like getting The Mark is a GOOD THING, a PATRIOTIC DUTY!”
  • “Now we just need a loveable, well-respected person to act as “The Prophet” to the new and upcoming One World Government Leader – as well as a *good crises* to bring about the One World Government Leader’s global rule!”
  • “So then what should we do with all those who RESIST *The Leader?* We’ll worry about that when the time gets here, but for right now, let us just focus at the next few stages of our plan!”  

“Corona Virus Part FIVE: The *GREAT RESET!*”

Prior to December of 2019, no-one had even HEARD of “the Corona virus”. But NOW, in July of 2020, it’s not JUST affecting the U.S. but it’s affecting the ENTIRE WORLD! And the “initial story” of HOW it came about was that it came through CHINA! First, they said it was the wet market. Then, they said it came from the nearby lab. Now, they’re saying it came from the wet market AGAIN; the story keeps changing!

Well, after examining some geographical data, I think I’ve now come up with a NEW THEORY about the “worldwide virus” and its *origins!* There’s SEVERAL BSL-4 labs around the world (BSL stands for Bio Safety Labs) and these labs deal with HIGHLY infectious and DEADLY diseases! And though they get granted “funding” by governments to create and study diseases AND to develop “vaccines” for such diseases, they’re not really gonna make any money off these “vaccines” UNTIL they are NEEDED…..or MANDATED!

So… are they going to get the “vaccines” to be NEEDED and/or MANDATED by the governments? Answer: human testing! But even then, what human is gonna VOLUNTARILY AGREE be tested with such “deadly diseases”, save for FEAR of losing their jobs, etc.? Practically NONE, right? Therefore, they have to install MASS FEAR through the media, in order to try to get more people to take the vaccine! Heck, here in December 2020, they’ve even gone so far as to HAVE POPULAR POLITICAL FIGURES AND/OR FORMER PRESIDENTS RECEIVE THE SO-CALLED VACCINE ON NATIONAL T.V.! National T.V., folks:

Not to mention a proposed plan to PAY AMERICANS $1500 to take the vaccine! You just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

But here’s the critical question: if Corona virus is SO deadly and if the vaccine is TRULY that effective, then why is the vaccine being attempted to be SOLD to us Americans (and those around the world?) Heck, even the American RIGHT WING is trying to sell the vaccine to the American (and perhaps global) public by calling it “The Trump Vaccine” (Source:

But even still, a good majority of Americans are VERY SKEPTICAL about “said vaccine” (and believe me, they SHOULD BE!!!!!) At most stores today, there’s a usual message over the store intercoms that masks are required, social distancing is encouraged, and that “SMALL CHILDREN ARE EXEMPT”. 

Well NOW guess what, folks? ABC News most recently had a story about a vaccine from Sinovac that said: “IT’S VACCINE IS SAFE FOR CHILDREN 3 YEARS OLD, ALL THE WAY UP TO 17 YEARS OLD!” (Source:, not to mention there was another story about PARENTS signing up their children for VACCINE TRIALS? Say WHAT!!!!?????? Are you SERIOUS? ;-(

Folks, that’s some really creepy stuff right there! They desperately now want to JAB YOUR KIDS? When kids supposedly have a MUCH BETTER IMMUNE SYSTEM THAN ADULTS? What is GOING ON HERE, FOLKS????? Something sinister, that’s what! (Especially considering that Bill Gates won’t even vaccine himself or his own children – hhhmmmm). Any “vaccines” the “Gates'” DO receive are likely to be “fake” or “placebos”. In fact, it’s always been funny to me how a man that advocates everyone ELSE’S children get vaxxed won’t vaxx his OWN kids – what does he know that we don’t, folks?) 

The following several articles highlight “severe complications” with “said vaccine(s)“:

Metro healthcare worker describes severe allergic reaction to COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccine Rollout Continues Following **ALLERGIC REACTION CLUSTER** At Petco Park

CDC says severe allergic reactions to the Covid vaccine run 10 times reactions to the flu shot but “claims” severe reactions are “still rare”

‘Healthy’ South Florida doctor DIED 2 weeks after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

Healthy, 28-year old Volunteer in Brazilian COVID Vaccine Trial DIES

But folks, wait…..there’s MORE:

And folks: that’s just the ones that we actually KNOW about….I’m sure there’s many, many other cases out there that have likely been BURIED by “the Pharmaceutical elite”, etc. But again, it doesn’t stop there. Can a person actually SUE if they develop a severe reaction to the vaccine and/or can a family sue if one of their beloved family members DIES from the vaccine? The resounding answer is NO!’t%20sue%20Pfizer%20or%20Moderna%20if%20you%20have,compensate%20you%20for%20damages%20either&text=Under%20the%20PREP%20Act%2C%20companies,goes%20wrong%20with%20their%20vaccines.

While there IS a small government program that’s supposed to “pay out” people who’ve had severe, adverse reactions to vaccines (prior to 2020), I’m told that this program RARELY pays out and that only about 6% of cases have been payed out so far. OUCH! Not a great track record for a country that’s supposed to be the strongest country in the world!

Therefore – if they try to force you to get the vaccine – make you feel as though you have to get it or else – and then totally ABSOLVE themselves from ANY responsibility should something go wrong with said vaccine(s) – I would say it’s likely that something else far more sinister is going on, behind the scenes. It’s like they (the shadow gov’t) WANT to put infectious diseases into the world (into animals and humans). And lets face it, NO human is gonna voluntarily offer to have an “infectious” disease put into them. None. A person would have to be suicidal or have to have a secret death wish for such!

Therefore, they (the “shadow gov’t” – not only here in the U.S. but around the world – and notice I said SHADOW gov’t and NOT Trump’s administration) most likely have to test the diseases on humans UNWILLINGLY and UNKNOWINGLY, possibly blaming OTHER scapegoats in the process (i.e. mosquitoes, bats, pigs, birds, etc.) Either that or they perhaps PURPOSELY put the diseases INTO the animals, KNOWING that it’ll eventually spread to humans and thus, oops, “human and animal testing” in the process!

They always claim it was an “accident” that “said virus” LEAKED out of the lab or “accidentally” got into contact with a bird/pig/bat/mosquito, etc.! Accident? REALLY? Do they REALLY think we’re all THAT stupid? How does a highly contagious virus just “accidentally” develop a pair of legs of its own and just so happen to shimmy itself out of the lab? (Nice try, but you don’t fool us, Big Pharma!)

So either some of the BSL-4 employees THEMSELVES are just merely following superior orders to “leak” out viruses for “general testing” on the outside ( perhaps very, very hesitantly or somewhat against their will/conscious or naively thinking it’s for the greater good) OR…..members of “shadow governments” are infiltrating these labs and/or getting help from the inside in order to LEAK these viruses to the world’s animals and/or general public!

Because over the years, there have been MORE LEAKS, not less! That tells ME that the leaks are PURPOSEFUL and NOT accidental! For if they were “accidental” as claimed, those employees who “leaked them” would be promptly fired and EVEN MORE safety measures would be put in place to make sure that that type of “leak” never happened again, am I right?

My whole point in this is that all is not what it seems. I believe the U.S. shadow government (as well as shadow governments around the world) are very likely working WITH China to try to bring about a GLOBAL SHUTDOWN! Why? Because they WANT the Mark of the Beast/Mark of the Beast Global System to be here, already! They are tired of waiting and will stop at nothing UNTIL they get The Mark of the Beast Society (i.e. Socialism) that they’ve always wanted!

Cause like I said in a previous post, think about the masks. At first, they were OPTIONAL in most places. But now they are REQUIRED in almost every place. At first, businesses were told to VOLUNTARILY shut down to “mitigate the spread”. But now, many of them are being FORCED to shut down. At first, churches were strongly encouraged but not FORCED to shut down. Now, many of them are being FORCED to shut down. Do you SEE what’s happening here, folks?

But lets not stop there. Some state governors have taken it EVEN FURTHER by trying to tell us WHAT WE CAN DO IN OUR VERY OWN HOMES (martial law PRE-CONDITIONING, anyone?) You just can NOT make this stuff up, folks! (Nazi Germany, anyone?)

But again. This is NOT about “Corona” or truly ungodly health crises like “the black plague”, this is about POWER, CONTROL AND MONEY $$$$ AND LOTS OF IT!

Take “proposed” New York law A416, for example. Read the proposed law between the lines, folks! The “proposed” law says that IF a government official (specifically, the NY state governor) deems any ONE person a “health risk” or any one GROUP of people a “health risk”, that they can DETAIN THEM and bring them to ANYWHERE OF THE GOV’T OFFICIAL’S CHOOSING and potentially hold that person/those people there (as well as that person’s “contacts”) FOR AS LONG AS THEY WANT – EVEN if a person has previously tested NEGATIVE for Covid, etc? Plus I won’t even mention how the legislation makes ZERO mention about said official “abusing” detainees and/or FORCING them to take a vaccine and the like! The law is PURPOSELY VAGUE! Okay, now read it as if you were reading about a law that said Nazis could “legally” detain and imprison Jews indefinitely. Chilling, isn’t it, folks?

U.S. Democrats (as a whole), along with the SHADOW GOVERNMENT, and several political operatives in the mass media, likely with the help of China, have somehow managed to STEAL THE 2020 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, (as well as the 2021 Georgia Senate run-offs, more than likely?) and to THREATEN THE U.S. COURTS! In fact, it’s most recently come out on the Rush Limbaugh show that U.S. Supreme Justice Andrew Kennedy FEARED a protest by/from Antifa IF the Texas case was taken up and consequently ruled in Trump’s favor in the U.S. Supreme Court! Wow! What a VERY sad day in America, INDEED!

But folks, what MANY a American doesn’t realize is THIS: It’s NOT about Democrat vs. Republican, rich vs. poor, black vs. white, Christian vs. non-Christian, vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers. These are all just FAKE CONSTRUCTS that the Shadow Gov’t uses to TURN AMERICANS AGAINST EACH OTHER! Because remember: United, we stand, and Divided, we fall and that’s just what the U.S. Shadow Gov’t (and Shadow Gov’ts around the world) WANT!

They NO LONGER want the U.S. to be the most powerful nation on Earth! They WANT Free Speech annihilated! Plus they also no longer want the U.S. military to be the most powerful on Earth! What they want is a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM where each country’s residents (including Americans) are payed a “global wage”. In other words, they want to DESTROY THE U.S. MIDDLE CLASS! Sound familiar, folks?

Because AS SOON AS they have Socialism in place (not just in the U.S. but WORLDWIDE), setting up The Mark of the Beast Society will be a piece of cake! And once again, once the Mark of the Beast Society is FULLY ACTIVATED, rounding up and torturing/killing ALL those who do NOT agree with the Mark of the Beast “new society” (also affectionately called by many on the Left “THE GREAT RESET”) will ALSO be a piece of cake! (Nazi Germany, anyone?)

Heck, even Bill Gates himself ADMITTED that the PURPOSE of vaccines and “natural disasters” was for POPULATION CONTROL! Because think about it, the more dead people, the less people the world governments will have to worry about trying to control; hence “population control”. [Note: They’ve been geo-controlling the weather through HAARP and Project Bluebeam for quite some time now but that’s another post for a different day.] Don’t believe me? Here’s a soundbite for ya:

[1:00-1:10 mark]

Did you hear his WORDS? Aren’t they CHILLING? The scary part is that the guy is NOT even kidding! He’s DEAD SERIOUS!

Another sound bite will back this up:

Fully convinced, yet? Even if you aren’t, that’s ok. In due time, you WILL BE, MARK MY WORDS! In due time, even the MOST skeptic of skeptics will begin to see THE BIGGER PICTURE!

Let us examine a few things in more detail:

  1. “The Squad” – AOC & company
  2. AOC’s driving Amazon OUT of NY – and the long-term consequences of such
  3. The U.S. Drive TOWARDS Socialism/Communism
  4. The Democratic party “stealing the U.S. election”
  5. Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests
  6. The “Defund the Police” movement
  8. Governors telling their constituents what NOT to do – then doing it themselves (“Do as I say, not as I do”)
  9. WHO stands to “benefit” from Corona “virus” shutdowns & Corona “vaccines?”
  10. Is “Big Pharma” to be trusted?
  11. Can a person sue IF they have an extremely bad reaction to the vaccine? Why or why not?
  12. Why are “Corona legislations” taking away cash & “free speech?”
  13. What if Joe Biden becomes president? Then what?
  14. If Jesus were to arrive today, what would He find us doing?

I was quite amazed when Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.; Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.; Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass.; and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich, were all successfully elected to Congress. Not because of their race, gender or religion (or possible lack, thereof) but because of their POLITICS! They are all SOCIALISTIC PROGRESSIVES who are backed by MAJOR SOCIALIST Bernie Sanders! And they ALL seem to have one thing in common: TO ESCHEW CAPITALISM!

Okay, so what essentially is “capitalism” for those not in the know? Capitalism means a FREE MARKET, FREE TRADE and also COMPETITION. In fact, business competition is what makes the economy THRIVE! It’s what makes the economy VERY, VERY GOOD! It’s what CREATES jobs and the possibility of “the American dream”, upward economical mobility, etc. In fact, it’s exactly WHY America has been so successful at being….well…..America! Take capitalism AWAY………and you got a FAILING economy, economic STAGNATION, MASSIVE POVERTY, and……SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM!

All throughout the world where “socialism” has been tried, it has NEVER been successful! Germany failed! Russia failed! Cuba failed! Venezuela failed – and IS currently failing! MILLIONS upon MILLIONS died under the socialistic/communistic “dictatorships” of Mae Ze Dong, Mussolini, etc. SOCIALISM CREATES POVERTY! Because WHEN the people DEPEND on the gov’t for $$$, the government essentially – sooner or later – RUNS OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! The money supply eventually runs COMPLETELY DRY! Inflation then SKYROCKETS and POVERTY BECOMES THE NORM!

AOC, “The Squad” and Bernie Sanders WANT Socialism/Communism! They WANT Americans to be POOR and “dependent on the government”. They do NOT want a FREE MARKET, do NOT want a free, competitive economy and do NOT want the American middle class to STAY in the middle class. They want pretty much ALL Americans to be POOR so they can better subjugate and CONTROL THEM! Because think about it, folks: you can NOT control a group of people that are “financially affluent!” But you CAN control a group of people that are DEPENDENT on the Gov’t for food, money, land, electricity, etc. Scary, isn’t it?

So AOC drove out MILLIONS of jobs OUT of New York when she “chased Amazon away”. Now, your (the blog reader’s) personal thoughts on Amazon aside, she essentially costed New York MILLIONS of dollars of possible revenue that would’ve jump-started New York’s economy! In a nutshell, she made MILLIONS of poor or lower-middle class New Yorkers go potentially jobless since she cost them some good-paying jobs that they COULD’VE theoretically had at Amazon-NY! And folks, this was a ripple effect…….Because what happens in NY or California (financially/jobs wise/etc.) is indicative of the U.S. Economy AS A WHOLE! Therefore, she costed ALL Americans the chance for a BETTER ECONOMY when she chased Amazon out of New York!

And “The Squad” (those that ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN for Socialism/Socialistic “ideals” in this country) started out as just THREE members of “The Squad” (once again, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.; Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, and Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich) plus Bernie Sanders. But now THE NUMBERS KEEP GROWING! Now there’s around SIX more members: Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass, Corey Bush, D-Mo, Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., Marie Newman, D-IL, Mondaire Jones, D-N.Y., and Richie Torres, D-N.Y.! And folks, these “Progressives” are the TROJAN HORSES of our great, American republic! Eerily enough, all the “social programs” that they’re advocating for are the SAME EXACT type of “social programs” that THE NAZIS claimed THEY wanted, in their bid for power! Does that shock you? Scare you a’tall, folks? IT SHOULD!

It was back in 2018 when they really started to gain power (Green New Deal, anyone?) And now – with Trump almost out of office – their RISE to power keeps growing as more and more “Draconian measures” are taking place within our U.S. political, educational, economic, religious AND healthcare systems! How did it all happen so fast? And what does that mean for a country that (up until about 2016 or so) CHAMPIONED free speech, differences of opinion, freedom of religion, etc.? What does that MEAN for America’s long-term future? Let us examine. The several following articles highlight the “descent” that America is greatly taking towards Socialism/Communism:

[January 15, 2021 article]

[August 7, 2020 article]

[May 12, 2018 article]

Now let us turn to point #4 (The Democratic Party STEALING the U.S. election). The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was unlike anything I had EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Millions upon millions of mail-in ballots were mailed out to people (rather they asked for them or not), voter registration was NOT checked alongside casted votes, many U.S. states illegally CHANGED voter laws right before/during/after the election, vote counts STOPPED at 10:30pm in FIVE key critical states and nearly ALL mail-in votes were for Joe Biden, suitcases and vans full of ballets were delivered in the middle of the night, many Republican poll watchers WERE KEPT FROM THE ROOMS during vote counting, etc.

It wasn’t even a “clean steal”, it was the most sloppiest vote steal I’ve ever seen in total U.S. history! In fact, the evidence of the election steal is MASSIVE! But yet…..most Republicans in Congress (and now – even the U.S. Supreme Court ITSELF, sadly) won’t do anything ABOUT IT! (That’s likely because they fear for their LIVES!)

So after the Democratic Party (as a whole) successfully stole the U.S. 2020 Presidential election and “got away with it”, they likely then (in my humble opinion) went off to steal the Georgia election run-offs as well. And what’s weird to me is that there shouldn’t have even BEEN any run-offs in the first place: As far as I can see, Perdue and Loeffler already rightfully won their Senate seats and should have NEVER agreed to have run-offs. (But that’s a different story for a different time, folks). So now the Democrats pretty much now got control of the White House, House AND SENATE! America is DOOMED! But then again: This could be Christians’/Americans’ wake-up call!

Perhaps with Trump in office, us Christians (in the U.S. and all around the world) just got too “cushy” and “too comfortable” and “too lukewarm” and “too COMPLACENT” in our spiritual walk with Christ, etc. so perhaps this “Socialistic shake-up” is what’s needed to bring TRUE, patriotic/Christian Americans (and Christians from other nations who SUPPORT America) to our knees in TOTAL SUBMISSION AND PRAYER!

And when it comes to Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the “Defund The Police” movement, the objective should be CRYSTAL CLEAR: The Democratic Party is run by CRIMINALS who “want to get away with……EVERYTHING!” Think about it, folks. If the police force in the USA is still strong, how else is the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE that is the current U.S. Democratic Party gonna get away with anything? Answer: They can’t! That’s WHY they want to “Defund the Police”. It doesn’t really have anything to DO with George Floyd or anyone else. It has to do with POWER, CONTROL, MONEY AND SUBMISSION. They want their political enemies (i.e. the true, patriotic Republicans) to SUBMIT to them. And they’ll use POWER, CONTROL, VIOLENCE AND FEAR by which to try to DO just that!

Now on to the Capital Riots. What I believe it was, is Antifa and BLM members DRESSED UP AS TRUMP SUPPORTERS in order to slam Trump and Trump supporters during his very last so-called days in office. (Any true Trump supporters that were there rioting at the Capital? Trump did NOT in any way, shape or form tell them to take to violence, so that is all left-wing lies, unfortunately). But again, this is all a sign of something greater: They not only want to CANCEL, DESTROY AND DEMOLISH TRUMP but they want to DEMOLISH Trump supporters as well. Why? Because Trump and his supporters are THE ONLY THING standing in between Americans and socialism/communism! When Trump was quoted as saying: “We will never be a Socialistic country”, what he REALLY meant was, “Not on MY watch!” (Note: The people threatening to “hang Pence” are NOT Christians and NOT true Patriots! REAL patriots don’t threaten to kill! Enough said).

But perhaps the silver lining in all of this “drive towards U.S. Socialism” will be when all these young, Democrat-voting millennials see up close and personal just how TERRIBLE Socialism is and just how GREAT capitalism actually is, they’ll rebel in GREAT NUMBERS **AGAINST** the Socialism that AOC and Bernie want and finally – FINALLY – appreciate what it is that Trump was TRULY trying to do for them – as well as for EVERY American – while he was still in office! Trump, in fact, has had more accomplishments and kept more campaign promises than any other president in U.S. history – save for perhaps Abe Lincoln! Here’s a list of what all Trump has accomplished over his last 4 years in office (and this is just the ones that were counted, there’s probably lots more not noted here):

About the most disturbing thing of the “Corona ordeal” is “the disappearance of cash/coins” and “the disappearance of FREE SPEECH”. Twitter and Youtube have (as far as I know, anyways) PERMANETLY banned Trump from Twitter and Youtube. Not long after that, Amazon banned and dismantled PARLER (a conservative social media site) and Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Twitch, LiquidWeb have ALSO attempted to ban Trump while Shopify has attempted to ban Trump products from its site.

Folks, this REEKS of BIG TECH/government censorship! Remember when they took out Alex Jones? Now, they’re trying to take out Trump. Heck, at THIS rate, the Criminal Enterprise known as the Left may even have plans to try to assassinate him, his wife Melania, his son Baron or all three. Nothing surprises me anymore! But again: they (the elite) HATE Trump because he EXPOSES THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE: CRIMINAL, AMERICA-HATING SOCIALISTS! In fact, Trump is the ONLY THING standing between Americans and Socialism/Communism! Few other Americans in political office have the gall or the gutts to PUBLICLY stand up against The Leftist Establishment (save for possibly Ted Cruz and a couple others).

BIG TECH and BIG PHARMA have become FAR TOO POWERFUL (in the U.S. and in the world) and it’s about high time that all citizens of the world rose up AGAINST them! NOT with violence but with TACT! Many conservatives here in the USA are DELETING their Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts and I can’t say I blame them. Whenever a mass exodus of a big tech happens, it makes their stock shares go way down! I’m on the fence however, rather I still want to keep my Youtube and Facebook accounts or not. They are ESSENTIAL for spreading the gospel (something in the scriptures that we are commanded to do). And I feel like NOW is the time to start MASSIVELY GOSPEL WITNESSING on social media. NOW. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed. They (the leftist elite) just might decide to pull the plug on EVERY conservative user of these social media platforms tomorrow, citing “fear of violence/incitement”. So we have to think one step ahead, folks!

In fact, AOC is now in the process of developing a call to “rein in the media”:

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up! It’s currently one of the many ways in which the left is attempting to “stifle” free speech! And not only free speech but CASH/COINS as well (2020 “coin shortage”, anyone?) Because incidentally, BOTH cash and free speech are a TOTAL THREAT to SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM! BOTH of those things are what allows an individual to be an individual (free of the political “groupthink” grid). However, when you take ONE or BOTH of those things AWAY from people, that’s when Socialism/Communism starts knocking on America’s door! In fact, many immigrants that are FROM socialistic countries – that came here to America to get AWAY from Socialism – are now TERRIFIED of what they are now starting to see here in America!

In fact, many Americans (specifically, many Christians in the U.S.) are worried about what’ll happen if/when Joe Biden becomes president of the United States of America, come Wednesday, January 20, 2021. And the simple answer is THIS: Kamala Harris (the vice-president) will personally see to it that Socialism and Socialistic policies OVERTAKE THE U.S.! Basically, it’ll become hell on Earth, sort’ve speak! The American way of life will be NO LONGER! Corporations will be run by the government! Free speech (atleast for Conservatives) will be annihilated! Cash will be done away with and a NEW payment system (likely similar to “The Social Credit Score” of China) will be installed! The U.S. courts will be packed with LIBERALS! The U.S. Constitution will no longer apply! The USA will be FLOODED with illegal immigrants!

The U.S. military will no longer be the most powerful military in the world! Foreign countries will try to attack the “late, great USA” (and will likely succeed!) $15 minimum wage will become law, thus, destroying and shuttering lots of businesses since they will no longer have the funds to PAY the workers that much money or to carry on the higher number of employees they already have! MASSIVE jobs will be lost! People will start to lose their homes and their savings! Millions will go hungry! Homelessness and poverty will INCREASE! Riots will INCREASE! Basically, EVERYTHING that Trump has accomplished these past 4 years will be ERASED/UNDONE/like they never happened! How dreadful, INDEED!

But yet, even more important than the question of the possible loss of your job, home, family and finances is the loss of your OWN SOUL! If the Lord Jesus Christ HIMSELF were to return to the Earth today, WHAT WOULD HE FIND US ALL DOING?

“I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” – Luke 18:8

But again, everything the Socialist Democrats aim to do………they don’t realize it but they are actually doing SATAN’S work on the Earth! How? Simple.

John 10:10-12 states, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep”.

So in other words, Jesus is saying there in the above passage that SATAN comes to “steal, kill and destroy” while Jesus HIMSELF is the one who gives “life”. Okay……so what does Jesus mean by that, essentially? Think about abortion for a minute and what exactly goes on DURING an abortion procedure (rather chemical or surgical). In BOTH cases, the baby’s heart STOPS and is torn apart, LIMB BY LIMB. So what type of action is going on there? Answer: KILLING! DESTROYING! STEALING! For it’s STEALING the life of the unborn and DEPRIVING the unborn baby of the life they COULD’VE had! But what did Jesus do, in the life of the baby? Jesus is the AUTHOR of life! Jesus is the one who GAVE that baby LIFE, not DEATH! Notice the difference there, folks?

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was STOLEN! The Socialist Democrats want Donald Trump, Trump supporters, free speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, and our U.S. Constitution + Bill of Rights DESTROYED! Therefore, I think it’s safe to say that the Socialist Democrats – in league with SATAN (rather they know it or not) – aim to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY! I think that the Lord Jesus Christ has been trying to REVEAL the SPIRITUAL TRUTH about the Democratic Party for a long, LONG time – but people were just in denial and not paying any attention. Well, I sure do hope they’re starting to sit up and pay attention NOW – because our livelihoods – both in this world and the next – DEPEND ON IT!

Now – all that being said – what can WE – as born-again Christians do? Simple: FAST AND PRAY! Because lets face it – alot of us Christians (myself included, somewhat) tended to take our Christian position in this country for granted with Trump as President – we really truly DID! And that’s an easy human thing to do in times of political and/or religious prosperity, it really is! However, we MUST remember the Book of Job in the Old Testament:

Job 2:9-210 state: “Then said his wife unto him, ‘Dost thou still retain thine integrity? curse God, and die’. But he said unto her, ‘Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?’ In all this did not Job sin with his lips”.

So, in other words, Job is more or less saying that the Lord Jesus’s people need to praise him AT ALL TIMES – and in ALL circumstances – rather than just during GOOD times and GOOD circumstances – if that makes any sense? Because Jesus NEVER, EVER said that the spiritual walk with him would be EASY! In fact, He said it would be ANYTHING BUT:

“Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you” – 1 Peter 4:12

“For [it is] better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing” – 1 Peter 3:17

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” – 2 Timothy 3:12

“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you” – John 15:18

Even the disciples said it would be anything but easy:

“Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you” – 1 John 3:13

We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body. For we which live are always delivered unto death for Jesus’ sake, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our mortal flesh” – 2 Corinthians 4: 8-11

Therefore – in conclusion – I think that if we (born-again Christians and Messianic Jews) ALL fast and pray – and pray for Donald Trump & family, ALL Republicans – and ALL Americans – as well as ALL Christians + Messianic Jews around the world – that something good may happen. Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14? Lets soon make that a REALITY, folks!

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” – 2 Chronicles 7:14


AADHAAR: Mark of the Beast Comes to INDIA: (Mark of the Beast, PART FIVE)

If you haven’t done so already, please read my following FOUR blog posts, as they will help to better explain in much broader detail about what this current FIFTH blog post is talking about, concerning The Mark of the Beast “System”! They are ALL part of a Mark of The Beast “Series”, listed IN ORDER! They can be found HERE:





The current post you’re now seeing is PART FIVE of the 5-Part Series! And it ofcourse centers around what’s now happening in INDIA! Basically, INDIA’S version of the “Social Credit Score” is much, much worse! Imagine for a minute if China’s Social Credit Score (in and of itself) was “high on crack” and that’s pretty much what INDIA’S version of it is! Basically, if you thought CHINA’S version was bad, just wait until you hear about INDIA’S version of “The Social Credit Score!”

Here is both a Christian video commentary AND an official India government website that better explain India’s version of it in more detail: [Please note: the “Hindu-run” India government website down below the video does NOT talk about the ETERNAL SPIRITUAL DANGERS of AADHAAR and tries to tout it off as a “good thing!” SO BEWARE, FOLKS!]

But folks, one thing is certain. In China, a low social credit score means you can’t fly out of the country, board a train, attend prestigious universities or do many OTHER things!

Although right now, China is trying to tout it off as a “humanistic approach”, or claiming to encourage “better human and/or consumer *behavior* in China”. For example, it’s a “point system” where you can get “negative points” for:

  • Jaywalking
  • Not paying bills on time
  • Smoking in a non-smoking area
  • Bad driving and/or not stopping in front of crosswalks
  • Trying to ride trains with no tickets
  • Spending too long playing video games
  • Having high credit card debt?
  • Wasting money on frivolous purchases
  • Posting on social media (negative things about gov’t)
  • Friends/family members of your posting or saying negative things about Gov’t
  • Refusing to serve in the military
  • Fraud or embezzlement
  • Spreading fake news
  • ETC.

So sure, on the “surface”, the “Social Credit Score” might seem like a “good thing”. But over time, it will become more and more “Orwellian”. Now….. for those of you who don’t know what I mean by that statement, please read the book entitled “1984” by George C. Orwell that was published in June of 1949! Yes, the book was written a long time ago but interestingly enough, you’d think it was written just a couple of years ago since practically almost everything Orwell talked about in that book CAME TRUE in just the last few years! WOW! You can buy it here on Amazon:

Therefore, China’s “Social Credit Score” starts out “innocently enough” and then gets more and more invasive and “Orwellian” over time. But INDIA’s Social Credit Score system (called AADHAAR) by comparison, is far, far worse! Because INDIA’s “Social Credit Score” system seems to NOT ONLY be based on “behavior” but on behavior, finances AND loyalty of the Gov’t/Gov’t System!

Here’s a list of things that are “tied in” to the AADHAAR system:

  • A 12-digit number
  • Banking
  • Travel/Passports
  • Purchases
  • Bill Payments
  • Medical Payments
  • All Personal Document Information
  • Voter Card Linking
  • Monthly Pension
  • Digital Life Certificate
  • Mobile Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Investments
  • Existing Bank Account Holders
  • Proof of Address & Identity
  • PAN Card & It Return (whatever that means?)
  • ETC.

And according to ANOTHER India website (, here is what the “proponents” of AADHAAR have to say about it:

“Aadhaar program was launched with a main objective to provide **UNIVERSAL IDENTITY** to every Indian resident. People can now get the card with much ease as its acceptance as a mandatory document for various initiatives has been officially made. In addition to this it will help in reducing the corruption since every individual carries only **ONE UNIQUE NUMBER**.

Considering the increasing acceptance of Aadhaar card it is must for everyone to get it issued. It is believed that the card will further be given more importance as more and more government *schemes* are being launched requiring it as a MANDATORY DOCUMENT“.

Did you read that, folks? They want every Indian citizen to have a UNIVERSAL I.D.! And they will each have ONE UNIQUE NUMBER! And this “SYSTEM” will eventually be MANDATORY!

Now remember folks: The Devil (Satan) wants to STEAL, KILL & DESTROY! The last book of the bible, Revelation, says that “Satan is angry and knows he has but a short time”. In other words, Satan is ANGRY with ALL of mankind BECAUSE he knows that he has a VERY short amount of time before he and his army are DEFEATED by Jesus and Jesus’s heavenly army DURING The Battle of Armageddon! Therefore, Satan KNOWS he must get in as MUCH spiritual deception into the world and INTO as many people’s HEARTS/BRAINS as he possibly can “while he still has time!” That’s WHY things on the Earth are getting eviler and eviler and eviler BY THE DAY!

So now think about this, folks. Really, truly think about this. IF you are (or theoretically were) a Chinese citizen today living in CHINA, and don’t think that “communism” is such a good thing AND you were a “Christian”, you would (or will soon be getting) a VERY LOW “Social Credit Score” in NO TIME! Are you prepared to handle that? Can you and/or your family deal with that? Is your faith in Christ STRONG ENOUGH to WITHSTAND the “Social Credit System” and any consequences that come from “getting a LOW SCORE?” I pray that it IS!

And IF you are (or theoretically were) an Indian citizen living today in INDIA, you would soon (or will soon) discover that NOT enrolling in the Biometric AADHAAR System will soon put YOU and/or your family at “odds” with the India Gov’t! And WHEN and IF that happens, AND you are a “Christian” (part of the Indian MINORITY), can you just IMAGINE what’s gonna happen to you (as a Christian and/or as a “Gov’t Resister?”) Are YOU and/or your family prepared to deal with the CONSEQUENCES? Is your faith in Christ STRONG ENOUGH TO RESIST the AADHAAR SYSTEM? I pray that it IS!

My brothers and sisters in Christ (all around the world), you MUST understand THIS: No ONE country is going to NAME the Mark of the Beast “Mark of the Beast”. That would make things too easy! Too many people would know and catch on as to what it is! Satan KNOWS this! Therefore, they will “name it” SOMETHING ELSE! China calls it “The Social Credit Score”, India calls it the “AADHAAR SYSTEM”. America, Europe, U.K., & Canada may call it the “UNIVERSAL I.D. System”. But folks, the PRINCIPLE behind the system will still be the same: ABSOLUTE GLOBAL DOMINATION OF ALL THE EARTH’S INHABITANTS BY *ONE UNIFIED, UNIVERSAL SYSTEM!*

Here’s YET ANOTHER interesting aspect that alot of people haven’t mentioned. All of the “DATA” from both China’s Social Credit Score System AND from India’s AADHAAR Systems (according to my best intellectual and spiritual understanding) will be sent to the U.N. (United Nations!) Which isn’t really surprising since the U.N. is ALL ABOUT “Global Governance” (more about that later).

But folks, that’s really quite telling. In the “Left Behind” novels by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins, there is a “Global Force” called G.C. (standing for Global Community), which I believe was based off the actual U.N.! So in light of that, it’s interesting that all of the DATA shall be sent to the U.N.! Now…….for those of you who are wondering, where is the U.N. main headquarters located? I’m glad you asked! It’s located in New York, New York (United States). But there’s other “branches” of the U.N. that meet in other parts of the world (like in Switzerland, for instance). More about that later, as well.

The novel “1984” by British author George Orwell calls the government “Big Brother”. And on the most used slogans in the book says, “Big Brother Is Watching You”. And it’s almost like Mr. Orwell could see the future. Because most recently, the American gov’t got in cahoots with the American people over it’s NSA (Natural Security Agency) spying program (thanks to the whistle blower Edward Snowden).

But here’s what’s interesting though. Almost every country of the world likely has its OWN version of “NSA”; each country just calls it something different. But in fact, many people in the world have wondered WHY there is such a need for such “total surveillance” of its citizens. One can see “cameras” now, out in public, almost everywhere, especially in grocery stores, banks and roadways.

Most people are told Oh, all the cameras are just for security purposes only, in order to cut down on crime. And while the notion of a surveillance state doesn’t seem all that bad on the surface, (afterall, there DOES seem to be a rising crime rate in almost every country of the world, now) the “global elite” have a much more “sinister agenda” in mind……total surveillance and control of all of its citizens (even the “homeless ones”, if you can believe it). In fact, I could even imagine them going so far as to eventually place secret spy drones in American “Amish” or global “indigenous communities”. They want to leave NO corner of the Earth untouched and “non-surveilled”.

And while many of the “global governance programs” APPEAR to have humanity’s best interests at heart on the surface, like I said, behind these programs is a “weapon of deceit”. These global leaders are no doubt BLINDED BY SATAN and Satan’s Agenda of “worldwide dominance”. In fact, most people of the world today don’t even REALIZE that Satan HIMSELF is the “driving force” behind CERN, “dark matter”, and A.I. Technology like “Sophia”, etc.

In fact, in many ways, Satan kind’ve reminds me of Absalom (David’s “vain son” who wanted to be King IN PLACE OF DAVID). He was prideful, arrogant, thought he was better than David, sought to usurp David and David’s position, etc. And he’d sit outside the town gate and “rally the people”. He’d find out what they didn’t like about being David’s subjects and promised to give them “better leadership” and “better outcomes”. In other words, Absalom had them thinking that HE, Absalom had THEIR best interests in mind. But in reality, he only wanted glory for HIMSELF, *NOT* for any of THEM, he was just USING them for HIS own gain!

And so it is with Satan! Because once Satan gets done USING these global leaders and all who worship him to achieve his ultimate goal(s), he won’t have any use of them anymore and will swiftly abandon them! Only, most of those folks will realize that fact TOO LATE! Because like I’ve said in SEVERAL posts before, ONCE A PERSON TAKES THE MARK OF THE BEAST, THAT’S IT, THEY’RE FINISHED, THEY’RE DONE, GAME OVER, THEY’VE LOST THEIR SOULS FOR ETERNITY AND THERE’S NO ETERNAL HOPE FOR THEM ANYMORE, THEY’LL BE SENT TO BURN IN THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNITY, WITH **NO WAY OUT***, FOREVER & EVER.

Many people wonder how Satan so successfully got 1/3 of the Angels to rebel. Look no further than in the biblical account of David Vs. Absalom and it will all become very apparent. Just like many people wonder how Absalom so successfully got the people to rebel against David. Same way Satan successfully got 1/3 of the Angels to rebel. Same principle, same model, same modus operandi (mode of operation). Chillingly enough, both Absalom and Satan had MANY things in common. I cringe, just to think about it! In fact, here’s all the similarities:

  • They were the “favorite” (Pre-Satan was God’s favorite angel – BEFORE the fall – just like Absalom was David’s favorite son!)
  • Both were given “extremely high honor”
  • Both were “extremely handsome” (Note: Pre-Satan was only “beautiful” BEFORE the fall but NOT AFTER!)
  • Both were “prideful and arrogant”
  • Both were “rebellious”
  • Both tried to “usurp higher authority”
  • Both tried lies, pressure & manipulation to get their way
  • Both were CURSED after their “fall from grace”

But folks, how many “Absaloms” (Absalom-like people) or “Delilahs” (Delilah-like people) have you known in your life? Someone that “appears” to have your best interests at heart but yet, doesn’t really? Because they’re only looking out for their OWN neck and not YOURS? [Note: The Delilah I speak of is Old Testament Delilah – the Philistine woman who took down Samson!] And you oftentimes didn’t find that out UNTIL it was “too late?” And by then, the collateral damage was DONE?

Folks, that’s what many of today’s U.N. government heads are like. They “appear” to have our best interests in mind. But behind closed doors, what every country’s government TRULY wants is “global governance”. Ofcourse, the average global citizen isn’t quite “up” for that just yet, so that’s WHY the global elite has to use “media events”, “social media”, “TV”, “music”, “movies”, “books”, “radio”, “news”, “the entertainment industry”, “colleges and universities”, “magazines and newspapers” etc. to try to SHAPE OUR GLOBAL VIEWPOINT!

Several years ago, hardly nobody liked the U.N. and many saw it as an “evil organization”. Fast forward to 2018 and it now seems like more and more people are starting to see the U.N. as a “good thing”, a “humanitarian thing”, something that actually “benefits mankind”. And in some ways, the U.N. (ironically enough) DOES benefit mankind. But for the most part, there is always “the agenda BEHIND the agenda” and most people aren’t told of that or they’re too busy watching the latest TV show or movie to pay it much attention and that’s exactly what Satan and the global elite are banking on! MARK MY WORDS!

Now on to my next “spiel”. The United States of America {and possibly a few other countries} (as far as I know) are now working on a program called “ID 2020” or the “RealID”. And it has to do with “Biometrics”. And from my best understanding, this “RealI.D.” will be tied in to everything from Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and eventually, into banking and jobs, more than likely. Now, am I saying that “RealI.D.” IS the “Mark of the Beast” in America? No, not necessarily but I can definitely see it as a PRECURSOR to such! 

But yet, ONE thing is apparent through ALL of this, folks! ALL governments of the world eventually want a CASHLESS SOCIETY! Why? So they can then make ALL the money of the world DIGITAL, into a global, centralized “one world government order” DATABASE! “Okay, so how can we can DELAY THAT, then?”, some may be asking. How? Simple. BY STARTING TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING IN CASH! And then, if cash paying BECOMES A COMEBACK (specifically, a GLOBAL COMEBACK), then states and governments of the world will have NO CHOICE but to “DELAY” the “ELECTRONIC/DIGITAL SYSTEM”, more than likely!  

Because folks, let me tell you something. Once a state, city-state and/or country DOES go COMPLETELY “cash-free”, and ALL cash is “doing away with”, the people and citizens OF that state, city, city-state and/or land/government/province lose ALL the personal financial power in their lives and the personal financial power is then COMPLETELY shifted over TO the “gov’t authorities” (specifically, the global governing authorities). Do you see what I mean by that, folks? Do you see where I’m going with this at all?

I DO apologize though, in hindsight, for writing SO MANY POSTS about this subject, folks! I know that some of you are probably getting tired of hearing about it and of my writing about it SO VERY MUCH! But people as a whole are just SO unprepared for all of this (ESPECIALLY non-Christian people!) And they need to know THE TRUTH, THE REALITY of such things! 

Heck, even many “minority” Christians THEMSELVES living in “majority-Hindu India” or “majority-communist China” right now don’t yet see “AADHAAR” or “The Social Credit Score” as any real spiritual “threat” to them, as I’m told by another source that their “Christian minority church leaders” (as a whole) are NOT warning them of such End Times Dangers! Folks, that’s sad! Because if India’s or China’s Christian minority church leaders take the issue so lightly, can you IMAGINE just how LIGHTLY their “American, Canadian, South American, and European” counterparts” will take it, as well? 

Folks, we’re seeing “SIGNS” of the soon unveiling OF the “Mark of the Beast/Mark of the Beast System” and OF the soon unveiling of *THE ANTICHRIST* **all around us** in today’s world! Are YOU paying attention, folks? Are YOUR family and friends and coworkers paying attention? If not, time to start PAYING ATTENTION, folks! Signs of the times are ALL AROUND US! Not JUST of the soon coming global economic collapse, but several other things, too. 

IF Jesus Christ were to return to the Earth today, would YOU be ready? Would the ones that were close to you be ready? If not, WHY? And if not, then time to PRAY TO BE READY and “worthy” in the Lord’s site, folks! Cause time won’t delay any longer, the Lord’s Wrath upon the Earth won’t delay any longer! 

Jesus, I pray for all the citizens of China and India and the world beyond. And if a soul isn’t yet ready for you, Lord, I pray that you will MAKE that soul ready for you! I pray that you will OPEN UP PEOPLE’S SPIRITUAL EYES as to what’s REALLY going on, behind the world’s stage and that you will lift MANY lukewarm Christians OUT OF THEIR *SPIRITUAL SLUMBER!* Also: Please give ALL Christians of the world the KNOWLEDGE and the STRENGTH to *ENDURE TILL THE END!* Amen“.