Many people, over the course of their lifetimes, have asked themselves why God WON’T do certain things. Questions like “why didn’t God cure this little boy’s cancer?” or “why did God allow for such n’ such to happen in this person’s life?”

But when we ask questions such as these….. a) we are limiting God’s power b) we are trying to make God work on OUR terms, instead of his own and c) we have “half-hearted” faith in our hearts when we ask such things!

The first answer to the question “why DIDN’T God do such n’ such?” or “why DID God do such n’ such?” has to do with our own personal understanding (or LACK of it, for that matter) of him and his true nature. God is a Sovereign God, first of all. He doesn’t work on OUR terms, but rather his OWN terms. We didn’t create HIM, HE created US!

And because God is a Sovereign God and not a “okay-peeps-whatever-you-say-yo!” type of God, He goes by his own divine plans and own divine reasoning. God’s plan is like a wind-up toy. It’s already been set in motion and it’s not gonna ever change. Once the wind-up toy is set to unwind, it’s gonna unwind exactly and according to “plan”.

So, going back to our first 2 theoretical examples up above……..God didn’t cure the little boy of cancer because it was just the boy’s time to go. God wanted the little boy to be with him in eternal paradise. As for why God ALLOWS certain things to happen? That’s a two-part answer.

First of all, God allows things TO happen in order to show us that he is God and that our lives are NOT in our own hands. The 2nd reason God allows things to happen is for spiritual growth. I know it sounds clique but think about it. When we have everything going on in our lives (great friends, great job, great house, lots of money, great car(s), etc.) we, in our own human vanity, have a tendency to think that we don’t need ANYTHING or ANYONE (God, especially!) and that we somehow got to that great point of success “by our own hand” and not by God’s.

So we neglect God and put him on the back burner or don’t acknowledge him at all for our “gifts, talents, monetary success”. So God then gives us suffering as a way to draw us back closer to Him again, to make us realize how much we truly need him in our lives! (And when God creates suffering for TRUE Christians, it’s so we WON’T take his goodness for granted and so we will CONTINUE to draw forever closer to him in prayer and in spirit!)

There are some people out there in the world today asking why God won’t heal certain conditions. And yet others who say “if God gives this person his hand/etc. back, THEN I’ll believe”.

The people during Jesus’s time felt/asked many of these same questions as well and Jesus responded with “how many more signs must you see, in order to believe?” [believe that he is the Son of God, that is]? The point I’m trying to make is that if several people ask God to do something (that by OUR standards seems totally impossible), and he does it, then all the people who’ve witnessed the event will think that God can be easily manipulated into working on our terms, instead of his own. They will ONLY believe because they have seen an event, and not because they had a true desire in their hearts to truly get to know God.

[[[[Jesus addressed that very issue in John 20:29 (book of John, chapter 20, verse 29)
Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed”]]]]

And if God doesn’t do it, then people get all mad at him, not understanding that maybe he has a divine purpose for it. Maybe he has a special plan for that person (as in the case of the following guy:

or perhaps God plans to do the “unthinkable miracles” in the near future, so that people may believe. But if/when he did perform an “unthinkable miracle”, you’d still have those people out there that would try to say it was anything but God that did it. So please keep that in mind.

The truth is, God has “already” given mankind lots of signs and wonders to show that He is God. First of all, we have the Holy Bible (which biblical archaeology is proving to be true, as the days go by). Several things talked about in the bible have already been found. Then there’s the fact that 324 Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament were *fulfilled* by Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

The statistical chances of even just ONE man fulfilling only 48 of these prophecies is 1 in 10[ ]: that’s 1 followed by 157 0’s after it! And then you have the Shroud of Turin (highly believed to be Jesus’s official burial cloth), next to people’s Near-Death experience accounts of Jesus, the non-Christian historical accounts of Jesus’s crucifixion, resurrection and consequent ascension into heaven, etc. []

Not to mention that fulfilled bible prophecy is actually HOW God proves he is who he says he is (the creator and maker of it all), and that the bible is what it says IT is (a true written testimony of the Word of God — the Word of God being Jesus Christ himself). And anyone who has studied astronomy, physics, cell genetics, etc. IN DETAIL has no doubt of the total “complexity” of such things. In fact, even Charles Darwin himself is noted as saying something along the lines of “if no intermediate fossils are found, then my theory if false”. (Intermediate fossils have NOT been found to date and the ones that “claimed” they discovered an intermediate fossil were quickly proven as liars and frauds.

He also said something along the lines of “if a complex organ can be found in simple organisms, then my theory is false”. Well, welcome to the complexity of the human eye, etc.

But in conclusion, I would like to share with you guys a story. A story about a man who kept asking God “why did you make me born this way?” and finally got his answer about his goal, mission and purpose in life. It is TRULY remarkable and TRULY inspiring!
Nick’s Journey with God – TRULY INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick’s story of speaking to the people in India about his ordeal, etc.