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Biblical Confirmation: What Is It & How To Get It

Human beings are impatient creatures. We want what WE want, WHEN we want it. And oftentimes, we don’t EVEN care HOW it is we get it! We want it and we want it NOW, am I right? Haha. So it goes with the Lord’s will and biblical confirmation. We Christians tend to “ask for signs” if something is the Lord’s will or not – IF we even ask if something is the Lord’s will or not TO BEGIN WITH! And so WHEN we see signs that we THINK are confirming the Lord Jesus’s will IN our favor, we get all happy and excited and think we have it made. But not so fast, Christians! I got NEWS for you! Even Satan knows how to manipulate signs and wonders to make it “appear” as if something is “biblically confirmed” by God/Jesus Christ, even when it’s NOT!

Introducing a “Modern Day Parable/Short Story” concerning TRUE, BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION: (Note: all names and situations are PURELY FICTIONAL and any true resemblance(s) to any living person or situation is unintended). 

Characters – [note: ALL of them are “lukewarm/just-going-through-the-motions Christians”, not surprisingly!] 

  • KYLE (fresh out of college, leaves his college sweetheart, Zeva Alexopoulous for a “fleek job” and a “fleek life”)
  • ZEVA ALEXOPOULOUS (Kyle’s college sweetheart who gets dumped by Kyle; she later goes on to marry a guy named Steve)
  • STEVE (a young former marine at war who comes home with SEVERE PTSD and starts heavily drinking as a result – much to the chagrin of his then girlfriend Rachel – who later ends up LEAVING HIM. Steve then dates and marries Zeva Alexopoulous)
  • RACHEL (the ex-girlfriend of Steve who eventually “reignites” things with Steve – thus cheating on her “current boyfriend Dan” – after Steve marries Zeva Alexopoulous)
  • DAN (the current boyfriend of Rachel who has NO IDEA that she’s cheating on him with her ex-bf Steve)
  • KELLY (an idealistic, young freshman in college with her whole life still ahead of her)
  • “GUY X” (the guy whom Kelly “thought” the Lord wanted her to marry someday)
  • ISAAC (the guy whom THE LORD wanted Kelly to date/marry someday)

Lets say a non-married Christian person (we’ll call him “Kyle”) is deciding between two jobs, straight out of college, for instance. Job A offers the most money but is far away from his hometown (where he also attended college at). Job B, while it doesn’t make as much money as Job A, is conveniently located in Kyle’s hometown. Kyle desperately wants Job A since Kyle has always dreamed of moving away from his hometown and building up his life elsewhere!

So Kyle prays to Jesus: “Jesus, if it’s your will for me to accept Job A, have the employer call me tomorrow morning”. But Kyle has done a cardinal mistake in praying: Kyle has said his prayer to Jesus OUT LOUD within Satan’s/demons’ earshot. So Satan hatches up a plan to have Job A call Kyle the next morning. Kyle receives the call from Job A and automatically assumes (based on his OWN wants & desires) that Job A was “Jesus’s will” for him and his life ALL ALONG, and doesn’t even give a second thought about Job B!

However, unbeknownst to Kyle, it was actually Job B that was Jesus’s will for Kyle all along, and NOT Job A! Why? NOT ONLY because Job B would help keep Kyle grounded and more down-to-Earth and humble but because it was Jesus’s original plan for Kyle to marry a fellow townie, Zeva Alexopoulous.

Therefore….if Kyle had FULLY SUBMITTED in prayer to Jesus (remember: SILENT PRAYER since Satan/demons can’t overhear silent prayer), and been WILLING to accept Jesus’s answer (even IF Jesus’s answer about which job to accept was something that Kyle wasn’t initially thrilled with, at first), Kyle would’ve been in a MUCH BETTER SPOT, living INSIDE of Jesus’s will for his life, rather than OUTSIDE of Jesus’s will for his life!

Anyways, in the meantime, Kyle accepts Job A. Kyle thinks he’s too good for the beautiful Greek Christian girl named Zeva Alexopoulous. So he gives Zeva up, determined to “find someone much better”. And while Kyle does good at Job A for awhile, Kyle soon becomes restless, depressed, and MISERABLE! Kyle can’t quite put his finger on it but something, SOMETHING…..just doesn’t feel right but he can’t quite figure out what it is……Kyle tries to date around but none of his short-lived relationships seem to work out and Kyle can’t figure out why…….

And Zeva (in a similar fashion as Kyle) ALSO unknowingly doesn’t fully submit to Jesus’s will, either. Zeva prays to Jesus: “Jesus, if it’s your will for me to date and/or marry Kyle someday, give me a sign”. But Zeva (much like Kyle) makes the mistake of PRAYING OUT LOUD and Satan/demons overhear Zeva’s prayer and decide to send Zeva a DOUBLE FALSE SIGN by 1). immediately throwing another guy into Zeva’s path AND 2). Making Kyle turn Zeva away by BREAKING UP WITH HER, putting the false idea into Kyle’s head that “other girls/sowing wild oats first are where it’s at”.

So Zeva, heartbroken from Kyle’s apparent rejection, goes on to date Steve, the “wrong-for-her-type” guy who falsely appears to give her the “attention” and “affection” she so desperately craved from Kyle, whom she considered to be “the love of her life”. Zeva and Steve date for awhile when finally one day, Steve proposes to Zeva. Steve’s words: “Well, we’ve been dating for a year now, so marriage is the next logical step”. THE. NEXT. LOGICAL. STEP. Steve’s just going through the motions, merely marrying Zeva out of the fear of being alone and vice versa.

Zeva goes on to marry Steve, just so Zeva doesn’t have to be alone. Although ON her wedding day, she had a moment at the altar where she briefly envisioned Kyle standing there in place of Steve. ON her wedding day! She looked around and prayed no-one else noticed, as she then looked back over at Steve and quickly tried to regain her composure during the ceremony. And while the marriage with Steve is okay the first 11 months or so, by month 12, it starts to feel to Zeva like the marriage was put together by the realms of Hell itself!

Because not ONLY is Steve now staying out late every night and being “elusive” but Zeva STILL carries a torch in her heart for Kyle and never truly moved on in her heart from Kyle and even starts secretly comparing Kyle to Steve and so her and Steve start fighting CONSTANTLY!  Zeva (much like Kyle) – (and even Steve for that matter) – becomes restless, depressed and MISERABLE. “Certainly, there HAS to be more to life than this” Kyle, Steve AND Zeva think to themselves, in their own respective life situations, in unison. “Something’s missing but I don’t quite know what that something is“. 

Unbeknownst to all THREE of them (Kyle, Zeva AND Steve), it’s a TRUE, spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ and a FULL submission to Jesus’s will that is “the what” of what’s MISSING in their respective lives/scenarios! Because you can NOT live outside the Lord Jesus’s will and be happy, you just can’t, it’s impossible! (Believe me, had to learn that lesson myself the HARD WAY!)

But much like the prodigal son, Kyle soon realizes about a year into his first professional job (Job A – the one that made more money, the “fleek one”) that he might’ve made the wrong choice. He starts missing his hometown, his family and some of his old friends and loved ones and starts perusing Facebook to try to get back in contact with some of them. Naturally, since none of his short-lived relationships have worked out, he’s restless, miserable and lonely in his life. He starts having flashbacks of the beautiful Zeva Alexopoulous and how she was always head over heels, absolutely CRAZY about him!

And the things he always secretly loved about her were now ACCENTUATED in his mind since they were SEVERELY LACKING in all the women he DID date and give his time to the last several months. He sits there at his computer one day and suddenly REMEMBERS all the qualities Zeva Alexopoulous had that none of those other women had: Her smile, the way she always comforted him when he was in need, the way she always laughed at his jokes (even the ones that weren’t that funny), the way she looked at him with such admiration, awe, respect and innocent longing in her eyes. Gosh, he missed her!

But what he saw next confronting him across the computer screen that night stabbed his heart to pieces! A profile: “Zeva Alexopoulos” came across the webpage. He IMMEDIATELY recognized her beautiful, green eyes and naturally-flowing black hair. And she was………gulp! MARRIED. MARRIED. MARRIED. To some dude named STEVE! And……when he went to Zeva’s pictures and scrolled through them, one thing caught his attention. Zeva wasn’t smiling. In hardly ANY of them.

What the heck happened?” Kyle thought. “Why isn’t she smiling at all?” And that’s when it hit him, like a two-ton heavy thing! It was like this PIERCING SPIRITUAL VOICE suddenly came to Kyle out of nowhere and said: “Kyle, I originally wanted YOU to marry Zeva, but you thought you were too good for her, remember? Now she’s married to another – unhappily, might I mention – because she thought YOU didn’t care! And not only that, but you did NOT truly follow my will when you accepted Job B because you did NOT properly ask for biblical confirmation, you were ONLY willing to accept what YOU wanted to hear……what YOU wanted and not what I, the Holy Son of God, wanted. Let that one sink in for a bit”. OUCH!

Kyle keeled over on the floor, on his knees, breaking down crying, praying and crying out to Jesus to please, please, please, please forgive him for he had been spiritually blind at the time but didn’t know it and also that he was so, so, so sorry, would Jesus forgive him for his blind mistakes? He even added that he’d gladly accept Job B now, if that’s what Jesus wanted. But Jesus spiritually told him, “You can’t Kyle, it’s too late, someone else has already taken that job. But perhaps another job could be arranged? But FIRST, you must humble yourself and SHOW that you are truly repentant for your sins, not just merely say so, for anyone can say they’re sorry for their sins, but only a TRUE repentant believer ACTIVELY DEMONSTRATES repentance of their sins in their life“.

The next morning, Kyle was flipping through the radio stations in his car when he came across a sermon on Bot Radio Network. The sermon was about “What God Put Together, Let Not Man Put Asunder”. Kyle felt the Lord Jesus was PERSONALLY speaking to him through that sermon. After Kyle gets home from work that day, he goes inside his house, sits down at his computer, and decides to puruse Youtube. One of the VERY first video recommendations that pops up is: “God’s Will For Your Lovelife”. That’s when it FINALLY occurs to Kyle about what BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION is.

Meanwhile, Zeva Alexopoulous is getting totally fed up with her husband Steve. He’s going out late, getting drunk every weekend, not even hardly paying any attention to her like he did in the beginning. She goes on Facebook and notices that Kyle is currently single and “revels” in the fact that none of his other short-term relationships have worked out. She thinks it “serves him right” for rejecting her in the first place. Hadn’t she loved him with all her heart & soul? So why had he been so cruel by rejecting her and breaking it off with her like she was NOTHING?

Later that night, Zeva has a dream and Jesus gives her the “10-2-4” about her “sin” of marrying Steve when she still loved Kyle AND for her being “deliriously happy” about “Kyle’s downfall in his love-life”, etc. The next morning, she keeled over, breaking down crying, on her knees, telling Jesus how so, so, so sorry she was, crying out to Jesus, telling him how HURT she felt when Kyle rejected her and how she married Steve thinking it WAS what Jesus wanted (i.e. for her to “move on” with her life) and also that Steve hadn’t even come home the night before, etc.

And that’s when Jesus told her in no uncertain terms: “Zeva, Kyle WAS my will for your life! But when you prayed that prayer out loud, Satan overheard your prayer and sent you a double negative false sign! That’s why a Christian such as yourself should ALWAYS ask for biblical confirmation! You didn’t fully submit to my will when you married Steve DUE to your still loving Kyle – whom STILL loves you, by the way – and so now you’re sadly paying the price for it……I tried to send you sign after sign after sign to NOT let Kyle go in your heart and to wait upon ME to make things happen, but you didn’t listen to me! By the way, Steve was out with another woman last night and he’s cheating on you with this woman…..Therefore, I want you to divorce Steve on the grounds of adultery and try to encourage him to get some help for his drinking problem, as well”.

Worried, and angry at the same time, (mostly at herself), Zeva decides to go drive around a few blocks from Steve’s favorite bar (just like Jesus said). She then stops and parks her car, takes a deep breath, fights back the tears and goes into a nearby coffee shop to try to calm her nerves! And that’s when she sees them; Steve and the other woman. She approaches their table.

Immediately, Steve holds his hands up and blurts out to her upon seeing her: “Zeva, I’ve been cheating on you for the last couple of months. Neither one of us are happy, I think we need to get a divorce”, halfway expecting Zeva to cause a scene. But Zeva doesn’t cause a scene. Instead, she’s calm, cool and rational. She turns to the other woman first, “I’m sorry to have to meet you under such strange circumstances. But I agree with Steve that he and I should divorce, it was doomed from the very beginning!”

The other woman then looks at her with an eye of cautious respect. Zeva then turns to Steve. “Steve, I have a confession to make. I didn’t completely follow the Lord’s will when I married you, as I was still in love with another”. Steve then sighs a sigh of relief. “Zeva, I didn’t truthfully follow the Lord’s will, either. I was a lukewarm Christian at the time I married you and was ALSO still in love with MY ex as well, Rachel here”, Steve says, pointing to the woman he was with.

And that’s when Rachel (the other woman) piped up and said: “Yeah, SAME HERE, oddly enough. I was still in love with Steve, even though I was forced to leave him due to his drinking problem earlier. The Lord kept giving me sign after sign after sign to NOT give up on Steve earlier and to NOT permanently leave him over his drinking problem but I didn’t listen. I was stubborn. Seeing him married to YOU helped ME realize that I had actually loved Steve to the point of wanting to spend the rest of my life with him but he was married to YOU! I tried to be strong and stay away from him the best I could but after awhile, I started getting these flashbacks of Steve and I and I started remembering what it was like with him during our happier times! I had never really gotten over him, see?

But out of respect for YOU, I tried to FORCE myself to move on by dating this guy, Dan. But truth be told, Dan just isn’t the same. I don’t love him like I do Steve. I went to Facebook one day and saw Steve’s pictures and noticed he didn’t look happy in any of them with you, no offense, so I justified what I was doing with him as OK. I had gotten weak and tried to take matters into my own hands, ONCE AGAIN going against Jesus’s will. I’m so so sorry Steve’s wife, please forgive me” Rachel pleaded. And that’s when it FINALLY occurred to Zeva, Steve AND Rachel about what biblical confirmation is.

Heck, even RACHEL herself had gotten PREVIOUS biblical confirmation of Steve just before her leaving him. Rachel – another lukewarm Christian – had been happening to see sermon after sermon after sermon on Youtube pop up saying things like: “Wait on the Lord”, “Have Faith”, “Nothing is Impossible with The Lord”, etc. just DAYS before leaving Steve! She had also confessed to a friend (about a month before leaving Steve) that Steve had been “drinking alot” and that she couldn’t take it anymore.

Her friend encouraged her to give Steve love, support and encouragement to quit and ALSO to give him an ultimatum but NOT to permanently give up on him since being a former military soldier at war was a very hard thing for Steve and he was having trouble coming to grips with it all. Her third sign of biblical confirmation was a documentary on TV that talked about “the psychological horrors” that troops face upon returning home from war.

And it’s not that she DIDN’T want to be there for Steve, she most certainly DID! But she didn’t really know HOW to be and wanted OUT! Even though she loved Steve more than anything, she just COULD NOT deal with his drinking, PERIOD! A short time after that, she saw a lady on a bus say to another woman: “Don’t give up on him if you love him, that’s the very LAST thing you should do”. This, oddly enough, made Rachel EVEN MORE determined to leave Steve than before!

And then, when she got back home, she was moving around books on her bookshelf when her bible randomly fell down and landed on a certain page/verse: Ephesians 4:2, which states: “With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love“. But she was MAD at Jesus just then for even merely “suggesting” she stay with an “alcoholic” – nevermind that she loved him. She was determined to have things HER way and PERMANENTLY LEAVE HIM, REGARDLESS! And so leave him later that evening, SHE DID!

Heck, she even tried to move on by dating another guy, Dan. But no matter what, and no matter HOW much she TRIED to fully love Dan, she just couldn’t bring herself to fully love Dan the way she did Steve. And while she just knew in her spirit that there was some sort of “divine reasoning” behind it, she tossed it aside and tried to make the best out of her life with Dan – nevermind that she was just “going through the motions”.

And then one day, she saw the newspaper report: Steve had been arrested for DUI. She had been missing Steve LIKE CRAZY lately, for some reason – and felt partially “guilty” for Steve’s heavy drinking post-breakup. So she decided to call him up for a heart to heart chat about his drinking (something she felt the Lord had wanted her to do with Steve much earlier on BEFORE she left Steve). But one thing lead to another and before Rachel knew it, she started “cheating” on Dan with Steve and was once again swept up into Steve’s arms again – though, THIS time, it was a “married” Steve’s arms, yikes! And this “dishonest” and “ungodly” part of their relationship PREVENTED THEM from having the TRUE RELATIONSHIP that the Lord Jesus/Yeshua had initially intended between them! 

Satan lied to her, though and made her think her “affair” was OK! And BECAUSE Rachel was “lukewarm”, she actually BELIEVED it! Steve, being happy he had Rachel back, quit drinking for awhile. But, not having the heart to “come clean” to Zeva, he started drinking heavily once again. Rachel now felt “responsible” for Steve and Steve’s happiness and couldn’t stand the thought of leaving him a second time. So she just kept gently encouraging him that he needed to come clean to his wife Zeva and let the chips fall where they may, while also breaking up with Dan after confessing to him the truth


Now let us turn to the next set of examples, Kelly, “Guy X” & Isaac [Scenario A & Scenario B]:

[Scenario A:] Over the years, Kelly prayed to the Lord Jesus about rather or not and “whom” she was met to marry, though the Lord Jesus never really seemed to answer her question. So she grew to be disillusioned and as though the Lord “had forgotten about her, down on this Earth”. She grew despondent about relationships and even started to think that her “worth” was determined BY her relationships or rather or not she was in one or not. She grew to be BEYOND MISERABLE! (For it turned out that living OUTSIDE the Lord Jesus’s will HAD its “price” – but little did she know, just yet).

Anyways, one night, she asks the Lord Jesus a question (OUTLOUD). She asked: “Lord? What if I don’t LIKE the guy you have in store for me someday? Then what? Shalt thou condemn me forever?” and the “answer” she SEEMED to get back was THIS: “If I had THIS type of guy in store for you, (a guy your family wouldn’t be in a rush to be accepting of and/or the guy whom you turned away so long ago), would you ACCEPT IT?” the Lord Jesus asked. “No!” she defiantly stated. The “inner spiritual voice” then said: “Then you’re not ready what I have for you, then!” She put this out of her mind for several years and didn’t really think much of it.

She then thought back on her life and thought about if there were any guys she had ever really truly wanted to marry and she immediately thought of one; Isaac. Kelly & Isaac had gone to school together, back in the day. Both of them had had a crush on each other since grade school and were both very easily in love with the “idea” of marrying one another! But how could this ever be? It just seemed too good to be true! So she tossed the idea out the window and didn’t even think about it for a long time. “Most certainly the Lord has ANOTHER guy in store for me? Because the guy of my dreams is just, no way! No way in HECK the guy of my dreams could actually be the Lord’s will for me, NO WAY!”

Then one night, Kelly has a dream. It’s about a type of guy whom she KNOWS her family wouldn’t approve of, “Guy X”. Guy X was from a totally DIFFERENT culture than her and her family (which is WHY her family would never approve!) She and her family had had a tumultuous relationship while she was growing up and it was now – only NOW – that the Lord Jesus had begun to REPAIR the relationship between her and her family – therefore, why would He now demand that she date/marry someone she KNEW without a doubt that her family wouldn’t approve of and that would cause yet another “rift” of sorts? It just didn’t make any sense!

However, Satan was “crafty” and was DETERMINED to deceive not only HER but Isaac as well. He puts the idea into BOTH of their heads that it was “never meant to be” between them and they both go about their respective lives, constantly wondering about the other one and how they were “getting on” (or atleast that’s what they both tried to tell themselves, anyways!) They both go on to “date” other people but for SOME reason, it “just doesn’t feel right”, it NEVER feels quite right and neither of them can quite put their finger on WHY that is! Satan tries to convince the both of them (Kelly AND Issac) that their “thinking” and “obsessing” over each other over the years was “selfish sin” and that they’re also “sinning” by thinking about one another NOW!

Then one day, a guy that looks exactly like “Guy X” (the guy from Kelly’s dream) comes in to Kelly’s workplace. He asks her a random question about something in her place of work. The next day, he comes back again and tries to strike up a minor conversation with Kelly and Kelly’s other female coworker. Kelly is “almost” convinced that “guy X” is the Lord’s will for her life. But something feels a bit “off” but she’s not sure what it is. She feels anxiety in her spirit and the feeling of anxiety won’t quite shake. She can’t quite figure out what it is and decides to do a pray and fast about it for a week or so….

At the end of her fast, Kelly receives word that Isaac IS the Lord’s will for her life and that “Guy X” from her dream was just a mere distraction sent by Satan. The “You’re not ready yet then for what I have in store for you” WAS the Lord’s voice in her life from earlier, it’s just that Satan somehow twisted the Lord’s voice around with HIS false dream in order to try to distract Kelly from what the Lord Jesus had originally had in store for her. Kelly and Isaac eventually reconcile, court, get married and glorify the Lord with their marriage and live out the rest of their lives together. Satan tries over the years to throw many “obstacles” in their marriage’s path but both Kelly & Isaac trust the Lord Jesus Christ to see them through and He does (much to Satan’s chagrin).

[Scenario B]: Kelly and Shaun went to school together. They crushed on each other in school and always kept each other up on a pedestal of sorts. They even so-called dreamed about dating/marrying each other one day. But unbeknownst to the both of them, neither of them were the Lord Jesus’s will for each other’s lives, respectively. But Satan the deceiver comes in and makes them silently obsess over each other for years and years and years and years. The Lord originally intended for Isaac to be married to a girl named Shannon and for Kelly to be married to “Guy X”, the one from her dream; the guy whom Kelly knew her family would likely never approve of! However, both Kelly and Isaac were lukewarm in their spiritual walk with Jesus and eventually ended up together. Things went horribly wrong and after just a year, both her and Isaac not only broke up but grew to absolutely “hate” each other and bring out “the worst” in each other!

Post-breakup, they were both too damaged to move on and missed out on their initial blessings that the Lord Jesus had in store for them, marriage-wise! They eventually later met their respective spouses that the Lord Jesus “initially” intended for them since the start. However, their marriages weren’t as spiritually blessed and strong as they could’ve been, had they obeyed the Lord Jesus’s will IMMEDIATELY, instead of pittering and pattering around, in lukewarm land! Isaac’s confirmation to marry Shannon was: they both went to the same church together, both were involved with church activities together and both wanted the same exact things in life. Kelly’s confirmation from the Lord of “Guy X” came from the biblical dream the Lord Jesus showed her, from the various testimonials she saw online about successful inter-cultural relationships and her sudden attraction to inter-cultural guys.

Yet, in scenario B, both her AND Isaac overlooked what the Lord Jesus was telling them because they both wanted THE IDEA of each other SO BAD, that everything else in their spiritual life just seemed to go out the window! Their IDEA of each other became an “idol”, even! And we KNOW from the pages of Holy Writ that Jesus NEVER okays “idolatry” of ANY sort! Yet, Jesus specifically designed each of their respective spouses to help them GROW TOGETHER IN THE LORD AND IN RIGHTEOUSNESS! Together as ONE, Isaac and Kelly were no good since they brought out the spiritual WORST in each other (idolatry). But separately with OTHER God-fearing people? They were like SHINING BEACONS OF LIGHT/RIGHTEOUSNESS!

The number “3” is a VERY prominent number in the bible. It is mentioned over 400+ times. In the Old Testament, there was a man by the name of Gideon. He was at battle with the fierce-fighting Midianites. And not surprisingly, he had MUCHO ANXIETY over it. He wanted to be 100% SURE that he’d have the victory over the Midianites BEFORE he proceeded to go to battle with them! This is in Judges 6:36-7:25! And the Lord responded in kind and gave Gideon 3+ signs!

Typically, God/Jesus will send 3 UNDENIABLE consecutive signs (or more) of biblical confirmation! The bible tells us NOT to rely on just one or two signs:

Now…..moving on with the Kyle & Zeva story:

In summary, Kyle’s biblical confirmation times 3+ was: 1). His unhappiness and unease in his job and relationships, 2). the feeling that “something was missing”, 3). His becoming “homesick” for his old hometown and friends, 4). His “major flashbacks” of Zeva and his true feelings for her, 5). The Holy Spirit’s revelation to Kyle on the very night he saw Zeva’s “married profile” on Facebook, 6). Seeing Zeva’s “unhappy look” in all of her Facebook pictures, 7). The bible sermon on the radio, and last not but least, 8). The Youtube video in his suggested Youtube feed. Now, 1 or 2 of those signs ALONE by themselves wouldn’t mean anything. But 3+ of those signs IN A ROW, all put together? That’s biblical confirmation for ya, folks!

On the other hand, Zeva’s biblical confirmation was the following: 1). The fact that her mind and heart briefly saw an “image” of Kyle standing there with her at the altar ON her wedding day, 2). The fact that she never, really got over Kyle in her heart & was still holding onto him/the memory of him, secretly comparing Kyle to her husband all the times 3). The fact that she was HIGHLY, secretly unhappy with husband Steve and just going through the motions, 4). The fact that Steve wasn’t happy, either & acted accordingly, 5). The fact that Kyle was single, 6). The Lord’s revelation to her about His ORIGINAL will for her life, 7). When Steve admitted neither of them were happy, that he was cheating and that they needed to get divorced, and last but not least 8). When “the other woman” was NOT ONLY revealed to be Steve’s ex but when Steve admitted he was guilty of the VERY same thing SHE, Zeva, was guilty of; still loving her ex but getting married to “someone else”, anyways! 1 or 2 of those signs wouldn’t mean anything but ALL of them put together? THAT is biblical confirmation, folks!

What then follows is that Zeva and Steve get amicably divorced, Zeva AND Rachel encourage Steve to stop drinking and get help (which he does – not wanting to lose Rachel a SECOND time), Zeva and Kyle then reunite, re-date, and get married (the way they were originally SUPPOSED to), while Steve and Rachel ALSO get married the way that THEY were originally supposed to and then BOTH marriages are then HIGHLY BLESSED, GODLY ORDAINED AND DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY, because NOW, BOTH marriages are WITHIN the parameters of Jesus’s WILL and are COMPLETE! 

But again, biblical confirmation applies NOT ONLY to dating and relationships but to ALL other areas of life, too! Perhaps a person is trying to decide which college to go to, which job to apply for, rather or not to take out a car loan/house loan, rather to stay where they are or move to another city, rather to attempt to write a novel or not to write a novel, rather or not to go back to school, what to major in during college, where to live during college, rather or not to go into full-time ministry or not, rather to have kids or not, rather to live in a house or apartment, rather or not to travel, rather or not to do missionary work, rather or not to buy that new flat screen TV for the whole family, rather or not to subscribe to Vidangel or Pureflix, you name it!

Most Christians will have a tendency to “only see the signs of biblical confirmation that they WANT to see”. But as I’ve stated, in all of the above scenarios (i.e. a person wondering rather or not they should move, go on a missionary trip, etc.), the Lord Jesus Christ will typically send them SEVERAL signs of biblical confirmation, not just 1 or 2! 

Oddly enough, in BOTH Zeva and Kyle’s case, they only got 1-2 signs of “so-called confirmation”. And that’s where they BOTH got tripped up! Kyle was SO focused on what he wanted, that he wasn’t able to see past his own lukewarm Christian “worldly desires”. And Zeva? She wanted Kyle SO BAD, that she put her basal desire for Kyle ABOVE the Lord (without even fully realizing it). And BOTH of them, saying their prayers outloud, gave Satan fodder for giving them BOTH false signs and DRIVING THEM APART and OUTSIDE OF THE LORD’S WILL FOR THEM!

And hey, even STEVE got “tripped up” in this scenario: Even though Steve did NOT pray to know Jesus’s will for his life during that time period right before/during the time he was married to Zeva, Satan was able to temporarily distract Steve from the Lord Jesus’s will by throwing ZEVA into his life! Steve was drawn in by Zeva’s beauty, essentially. And though Zeva was highly beautiful in Steve’s eyes, she was nothing compared to Steve’s ex, Rachel. And Steve always felt like something was “missing” with Zeva. But hey, Steve suffered from low self-esteem and was a “people pleaser”. Steve LOVED the fact that all his friends envied him for dating/marrying the ever-so-beautiful Zeva. And not only that, but Zeva seemed to love him, so Steve felt somehow “obligated” to try to love her back!

But almost as soon as Steve had put the engagement ring on Zeva’s finger, he saw a mental heart image of Rachel’s face! Rachel had broken it off with him due to his drinking problem! And figuring that Rachel would never take him back, he attempted to “move on” with his life and that’s when he met the beautiful, elusive Zeva at a local bar, who seemed to be there to “drown her sorrows” after getting dumped by her college sweetheart, Kyle, who “thought he could do better than her”. Him and Zeva bonded almost immediately.

A few months into him and Zeva’s relationship, Steve peeked online at Rachel’s profile and notices she’s dating a guy named Dan. Steve starts having MAJOR FLASHBACKS of him and Rachel and starts remembering what all he loved about her. Fearing his chances with Rachel are now ZERO, he starts drinking heavily and him and Zeva’s marriage hits a rough patch. Zeva secretly cries herself to sleep every night, wishing Steve was Kyle!

Steve gets a DUI and Rachel calls him up on the phone and DEMANDS to know what made Steve start drinking in the first place. So Steve, seeing that as a small opportunity, tells her to meet him at a local diner and he’ll tell her everything and that it’s better he do so in person. Steve FINALLY opens up to her and tells her what initially drove him to drinking and they have a TRUE heart to heart talk (with Rachel even admitting she’s not happy with Dan but just going through the motions) and one thing leads to another, and they start having an affair.

Steve stops drinking – atleast for the time being – so Rachel is now convinced he’s changed for the better (though he’s still married to Zeva). But after awhile, his still being married to Zeva and his not having the heart to fess up to Zeva about the affair with his ex, Rachel, takes it toll on him and he starts drinking again. But by this time, Rachel feels so “physically bonded” to Steve again that she can’t seem to find the strength to leave Steve AGAIN, especially since she feels guilty for “making Steve’s drinking problem worse after she left him the FIRST time”. Rachel feels happy to be back with Steve again but stuck. And confused. She wants to tell Zeva (and Dan) of the affair but how? It could seriously backfire!

Oddly enough, EVEN THOUGH Steve had ALSO been wordly and lukewarm (just like Kyle was), Jesus had also lovingly given Steve signs of biblical confirmation, AS WELL: 1). Him never getting over Rachel, 2). Seeing a mental heart image of Rachel’s face as soon as he put the engagement ring on Zeva’s finger, 3). His “feeling” to look up Rachel’s profile on Facebook, 4). His “major flashbacks” of Rachel and what he loved about her, 5). The feeling that “something was missing” with Zeva, 6). The fact that Rachel suddenly called him up on the phone out of nowhere, 7). Rachel’s confession that she still loves him and isn’t happy with her current boyfriend Dan and last but not least, 8). Zeva’s confession that she was guilty of the same thing that HE was; still being in love with the ex while getting “married to another”. That’s biblical confirmation, folks!

Now do NOT get me wrong, the Lord Jesus Christ NEVER, EVER, EVER okays “adultery” or the like! But in Steve’s case, the VERY first sign of biblical confirmation was that he NEVER got over Rachel! How is that the very beginning of biblical confirmation he was meant to be with Rachel? Easy. Because when we have trouble getting over someone, the Lord is trying to tell us ONE of two things: to hold on for dear life because He DOES, in fact, have some divine plans concerning us & the person we can’t get over OR He’s telling us to LET GO & MOVE ON. So how do we KNOW which scenario it is? Simple. If the NEXT several signs we see are the following, the Lord is telling us to LET GO AND MOVE ON:

  1. The Lord Jesus reveals it was never meant to be between us and this person (and the Lord Jesus has an INFINITE amount of ways he can reveal this)
  2. We meet someone else we like and connect with and “can’t imagine life without”
  3. We end up seeing a Youtube video and/or hear a biblical sermon about “letting go of the past”
  4. A Christian friend/family member verbally tells us: “You need to move on with your life, that ship has sailed” (the Lord oftentimes moves people in our lives to speak on HIS behalf)
  5. Our “pain” from the past situation with the person is brought up fresh, made raw, then HEALED
  6. The Lord reveals to us that He wants us to “try something new” and not to be afraid to do so
  7. The Lord reveals all the PROBLEMS that would result in us getting with the person of our desire
  8. The person of our desire is happily married with kids or happily married 
  9. You have an UNEASY feeling in your spirit ABOUT the person/your feelings for this person/as if your “lingering feelings” for this person are WRONG, unhealthy, NOT God’s will, etc.

HOWEVER….if we see a SLEW of THESE following signs, The Lord Jesus could be telling us TO HOLD ON & NOT LET GO OF THE PERSON IN OUR HEART:

  1. The Lord Jesus reveals (through any number of circumstances) that you and the person WERE His will for your life ALL ALONG
  2. We NEVER meet anyone else we like and connect with, actually WANT to marry and “can’t imagine life without
  3. We end up seeing a Youtube video and/or hear a biblical sermon about “reconciliation” and/or “reunited lost loves” or the like
  4. A Christian friend/family member “encourages us” to seek/find/talk to the person, saying they “have a good feeling” about it
  5. Our “pain” from the past situation with the person is brought up fresh, made raw, then HEALED
  6. The Lord reveals to us that He wants us to “try something new” and not to be afraid to do so
  7. The Lord reveals all the BLESSINGS that would result in us getting together with the person of our desire
  8. (Note: A person being UNHAPPILY married doesn’t mean the Lord’s telling us to POUNCE on the person, but IF they’re unhappily married along with a SLEW of other signs…..the Lord might possibly be trying to tell us something? Like, NOT telling us to cheat with the person or anything like that – but might in fact be telling us that he “had a plan all along” with us and this person for LATER ON and that we need to wait on HIM to someday make it happen? Though those cases are VERY RARE, FOLKS! VERY, VERY RARE! So a word of precaution, there!)
  9. The person of our desire is SINGLE/WIDOWED/UNMARRIED, CHRISTIAN and SHARES SIMILAR VALUES AS US (Pro-Life, etc.)
  10. ****SATAN tries to do WHATEVER HE CAN to try to keep you and the person APART!**** (i.e. filling you/your spirit with DOUBT/ANXIETY about the person like YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE!) 
  11. You have a JOYFUL PEACE *IN* your spirit when you “think” of this person and are JOYFULLY EXCITED for what could be

Signs number 5 and 6 (two signs) can be seen in EITHER CASE. That’s why they must be viewed IN LIGHT of ALL OTHER SIGNS that accompany them (or don’t accompany them). And since Jesus KNOWS that Satan’s gonna try to do EVERYTHING in his power to “counteract” the “biblical confirmation of 3” rule, Jesus often graciously gives MANY MORE than *just* 3 signs on confirmation to PROVE it’s Him and NOT Satan talking! Okay, now THAT being said, what are some “false signs” that SATAN might send, to try to give us a sense of FALSE BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION? Lets examine:

  1. “Hey, this person you still love is unhappily married……so you should just GO FOR IT!”
  2. “You DESERVE to have this person back in your life!”
  3. “You’re thinking about the person AUTOMATICALLY proves they’re thinking about YOU!”
  4. “You’re wanting this person AUTOMATICALLY proves they’re likely wanting YOU, too!”
  5. “The fact this person is trying to get PHYSICAL with you right away (or again) is a VERY GOOD SIGN!”
  6. “What’s The Harm That Could Come From Getting Back With This Person?”
  7. “Follow Your Heart…..It NEVER Lies!”
  8. “If You’ve Always Desired To Marry This Person, That AUTOMATICALLY Means It’s Jesus’s Will!”

Yet, sometimes, as in the case of “Kyle”, “Zeva” and “Steve”, we see signs that aren’t truly there but are a product of our own wishful thinking, ESPECIALLY if we are spiritually “lukewarm” and “worldly” and care MORE about the world and the things OF the world, rather than the things of God! It’s been said ALL OVER CHRISTIAN CIRCLES that we MUST seek BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION! And while that’s very much TRUE, the TYPE of BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION that many Christians are seeking these days, is unfortunately and sadly, UNBIBLICAL! They ask the Lord for a sign. And another. And another. And another, lacking the FAITH that the Lord will answer them, or lacking the faith that the Lord could EVER, EVER bring the thing they want to come to pass. It’s sad, really. Whatever happened to FAITH THAT MOVES MOUNTAINS? 

Is it WRONG of us to have faith that the Lord Jesus Christ will bring someone back into our lives that we most desperately loved and cherished? Ofcourse not! But IF the Lord Jesus has ALREADY answered in the affirmative that He WANTS us to let go of the person and MOVE ON, and has given us SEVERAL signs of biblical confirmation FOR us to do so, then it’s time for us (with our tail between the legs) to SUBMIT to Jesus’s will, once and for all, and to actually DO what Jesus says! Because the LONGER we put it off, the MORE it’s gonna hurt in the long run and the MORE in spiritual danger we are of potentially LOSING OUR SOUL someday when we’re eternally judged for putting OUR own needs/wants above the Lord Jesus’s needs/wants/WILL in our lives! 

Too many times, Christians these days get lazy with it. They pray for a sign or two of biblical confirmation and then think they have it made when the “signs” seem to work in their favor! But hopefully what my above post has done is break it down about WHY we need to seek TRUE BIBLICAL CONFIRMATION. On EVERYTHING. EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. THING. Because WITHOUT true biblical confirmation, it’s NO GOOD! NO BUENO! You HEAR me, folks? MARK MY WORDS! 

I myself have made the mistake before of “pre-maturely” receiving what *I* thought were signs of biblical confirmation in the past and so I just don’t want anyone else here to have to go through the pain “I” did! Lesson learned on my part! 

On the other hand, I’ve ALSO made the mistake of “pre-assuming” certain things were NOT the Lord Jesus’s will when they CLEARLY WERE/ARE! So PLEASE, do NOT make the same mistakes I did, people! I love you all very, very much and pray that ya’ll will NEVER make the same mistakes concerning true biblical confirmation (and/or lack of biblical confirmation) that *I* have! God Bless You All and Have a Good Evening!

“What Is The Lord’s Will For My Love Life?”

Many of us have struggled with this question at one time or another in our lives. And when the Lord’s answer does NOT seem so apparent, it’s very easy to get frustrated and disillusioned: “Doesn’t the Lord care about me at all? WHY is he not answering my inquiry? Have I not made it clear enough to Him that I’m more than willing and ready to accept whatever His will for my life is? Why is the Lord holding out on me, for? I don’t get it!” 

Yet, many times in our lives, we operate on what WE want in life, and NOT what the Lord wants! We have this ungodly human tendency to “think” that what WE want in life is ALSO what the Lord wants. It’s a form of wishful thinking. Though sometimes, what WE want IS also what the Lord wants (if we are so lucky). I’m CONSTANTLY in prayer myself on this, praying the prayer: “Lord, it IS my will for you to mess with my will and to MAKE your will BECOME my will so that what YOU want will ALSO become what I want and vice versa!” Cause you see, I NEVER want to act outside of the Lord’s will in my life ever, ever again! I did that once with a relationship in college and another relationship post-college and it turned out DISASTROUSLY!

So…..what was the exact situation in college where I went against the Lord’s will, you may ask? It was during a time in my life when I was single and desperate for someone in my life – anyone, really. (Looking back, that’s bad, I know). But at the same, I SO wanted to be loved, cherished and adored that I didn’t even care WHO filled those shoes – just as long as SOMEONE did! There was a person in one of my classes who sat at my lab table whom I took an immediate liking to! And I naively thought at the time that BECAUSE I was able to take such an immediate liking to the person and because they “appeared” (key word, “appeared”) to take an immediate liking to ME, that that must mean the Lord approved and that it was “meant to be”.

Not so! I keep getting this strong inclination from the Lord that I could be “friends” with this person if I wanted to but NOT to go anywhere beyond that and that EVEN being “friends” with this person was somewhat “iffy” but that the CHOICE was up to me, rather I wanted to comply with the Lord’s “direction” or not. In the end, I ended up liking this person as way more than a friend. (I was desperate for just about ANYONE at that stage in my life though, right?) And I wasn’t seeing any of the RED FLAGS about the person at the time, that looking back at NOW, I can CLEARLY see:

  • They were constantly “checking out” other people in the class (i.e. a “roaming eye”) or on campus in front of my presence. Note: YES, people look around occasionally at attractive people and that’s perfectly fine. But there’s a DIFFERENCE between an occasional “stolen look” and full-out checking out every person’s “bod” that walks by! 
  • They rebuffed my trying to set up a time/date to hang out with them (even as “just friends”)
  • They demanded I give them a ride home everyday after class but gave me nothing in return
  • They made me “feel” as though I wasn’t allowed to look at or talk to any other member of the opposite sex, acting like they “owned me” or something
  • If ever I DID talk to/look at members of the opposite sex, this person would get VERY JEALOUS and act like I was a “traitor” or “cheater” (even BEFORE we started dating and ESPECIALLY after we started dating!) 
  • They acted all flirty with me in class and around campus, (as if to make it appear to ALL members of the opposite sex that me and them were “dating” and “must be an item”, yet, NEVER took it to the next level, even the summer right after the class ended 
  • They constantly made me second-guess my self and my value
  • They were NOT a born-again Christian
  • They were not a Christian, PERIOD and made “fun” of my Christian faith OFTEN, while trying to claim they themself were “Christian!” Ha! 
  • It was always about “them”, how the relationship/friendship could benefit “them”
  • I wasn’t allowed to have a true “voice” on anything; I was constantly being verbally abused and blamed for everything
  • Their friends were into some ungodly, illegal-type activities (enough said!)

CLEARLY, this person was definitely NOT the Lord’s will for me BY A LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG SHOT! And clearly, looking back, I now know this person WAS CLEARLY NOT INTO ME AT ALL!!!!! (Notwithstanding the fact that I was really into this person!) But I just didn’t want to see that at the time! I wanted what I wanted when “I” wanted it! Cause after all, couldn’t the Lord understand that I was lonely and that I really WANTED and NEEDED to be loved, above all else?

Above ALL ELSE. Examine those words in retrospect and what’s the common denominator, here? Above ALL else. Meaning, ABOVE EVERYTHING….more specifically, ABOVE GOD/THE LORD HIMSELF! That’s why my “relationship” with that person was DOOMED SINCE DAY 1! And trust, it was one of THE MOST God-awful, tumultuous relationships of my LIFE! I was lied to, cheated on, put aside, emotionally and psychologically abused, put on the back burner, treated like a rag doll that could be picked up and put down whenever the person wanted.

And not only that, but they still carried on a so-called relationship with their EX at the same time they were carrying on with me and so, as far as I know, their ex might not’ve actually been an ex! In fact, they would mention their ex SO many times to me, that one day, I just got tired of it. I started taking actual TALLY MARKS on a sheet of paper every time the so-called ex’s name was mentioned! And guess what! It went up to EIGHT tally marks for that day! When I brought it to this person, they acted defensively, saying they had a “right” to bring up their ex as much as they wanted to and I had no say in the matter! 

Whenever I wanted to spend time with this person (which was only 3-4 days a week), I was seen as “possessive” and had “no right” to question this person about any of their words/actions (especially if those words/actions disrespected me) and whenever I DID stick up for myself, I was just “being an A-hole” and the like. It also finally got to the point where they were CONSTANTLY pointing out other people to me that THEY thought were “hot!” Like, WOW! Looking back, how did I EVER put up with that for SO LONG? An off and on again relationship that lasted nearly 6 years! And what a HELLACIOUS PAIN it was!

I knew they were cheating on me repeatedly. So….at the very END of our relationship, I was determined to “get my revenge”. This is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION from Deuteronomy 32:35 which states: “To me belongeth vengeance, and recompense; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come upon them make haste”. In other words, the Lord is telling us there in that scripture to NOT “sink to their level” but to TAKE THE HIGHER ROAD because HE, THE LORD ABOVE, will swiftly deliver JUST VENGEANCE to the person in due time! Man-made vengeance is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like Godly vengeance!

But anyways, on with the story. So I took my “man-made vengeance” upon MYSELF and left “cheater” for someone much younger than me. I was really, really into this person as well! In fact, I had had a HUGE crush on this 2nd person prior to dating them! And while I could never fully bring myself to cheat all the way on “cheater” with “younger person”, just being in the younger person’s presence made me feel much younger and seemed like an ultimate statement against “cheater”, such as “see, I AM desirable to others” and “see, I CAN find a person who wants to spend lots of time with me”. But just WHO ended up getting ultimately “punished” in the end? “Cheater” or ME? Sadly, ME! Why? Because young, immature “drinking age” was EXTREMELY immature. They ALSO cheated on me and lied to me and treated me EVEN WORSE than how “cheater” ever dreamed of treating me! OUCH!

Now….what were the specifics of how “drinking age” treated me, for those of you that may be wondering? Lets see. They “claimed” they were a Christian (just like “cheater” did) but clearly were not a Christian. They ONLY texted me, NEVER called me. And one time I called them and they absolutely RAGED at me for CALLING THEM! They got mad at me saying they had to save up their cell phone minutes for friends and family! OUCH! They pushed my physical boundaries and made me do things I didn’t really want to do (just like “cheater” did, initially). And though I met their best-friend, they were constantly bad-mouthing me to their other friends and coworkers, secretly recorded me taking a shower/etc. and showed the video to others, would NOT let me go home to see my family/feed my cats/etc., you name it! And that was THE WORST RELATIONSHIP ****OF MY LIFE!**** In fact, even several years later, I STILL have SEVERE post-traumatic stress from that time (i.e. those two relationships) in my life!

Though a lot of my problems likely came from low self-esteem, a big part of that came from LUKEWARMNESS on my part towards Jesus Christ and His gospel! In fact, at THAT certain point in my life, I tended to BLAME JESUS for all of my problems and low self-esteem issues, instead of placing the blame where it TRULY needed to be: on Satan/demons/myself! Because maybe if I had actually READ the scriptures and TRUSTED JESUS at that time in my life, NEITHER of those “wrong-for-me-type people” would’ve EVER stood a true chance in HECK with me!

We’re all human, we all “want things” in life, am I right? But DO those “things” line up with what JESUS wants in our lives? The problem is that we’re SO busy with the hustle and bustle of today’s world that we hardly have any time for “prayer” or “meditating” on God’s Written Word (The scriptures/the bible). Or atleast that’s what we try to tell ourselves, anyways! Like, we’ll GLADLY read through our favorite novel, watch our favorite TV show, listen to our favorite music, play our favorite video game, make our favorite dinner, etc. But just WHEN’S the last time we actually took the time to sit down and READ the bible, LISTEN to Spirit-filled music, WATCH Spirit-filled movies/TV, and SAY GRACE BEFORE MEALS? My point, EXACTLY!

However, that being said, whenever we DESPERATELY want to know God’s Will, Satan knows it (unfortunately). And he will go to EXTRA GROUNDS to try to DETRACT US FROM GOD’S WILL. He doesn’t really care HOW he does it, just so long AS he does it. Still with me, folks? For example, lets say that Jesus is preparing someone for a season of dating and/or marriage. Satan’s gonna throw every rock in the road that he possibly can (fear, doubt, anxiety, etc.) He’ll even try to go so far as to get a born-again Christian to DOUBT that it’s even the Lord’s will TO BEGIN WITH, even sending some “naysayer” people to you to try to “solidify” your doubt(s)!

But listen to what JESUS is telling you! If Jesus is saying things to you IN THE DEPTHS OF YOUR SPIRIT like “Trust Me”, “Have Faith” and “Is Anything Too Hard For Me?”, then you need to listen to that voice. Because that voice is CONFIRMED by the scriptures! Because when it’s Satan’s spiritual voice and he’s trying to SOUND biblical, it will sound biblical but have an odd twist and turn to it. When it’s Satan’s spiritual voice, it will more so sound like:

  • “YOU Are Worthy To Have Love In YOUR Life”
  • “YOU Need To Have Love In Your Life”
  • “Why CAN’T You Have Romantic Love In Your Life?”
  • I Want YOU To Have Love In Your Life’
  • I Am Not The Enemy”
  • “Believe That I Can Change Things For YOU”
  • “Am I NOT Full of Power, Authority & Ability?”

Do you see the difference there, folks? The Holy Spirit’s voice, like I said, will more so sound like THIS:

  • “Trust me”
  • “Have Faith”
  • “Is Anything Too Hard For Me?”
  • “If I Asked You To Move, Would You?”
  • “You Know I Only Want What’s Best For You, Right?”
  • “You DO Realize It’s Pointless To Make Your Life’s Plans WITHOUT ME, Right?”

Okay, you and I both know that Satan might possibly use the last 2 of 3 lines mentioned up above: (“If I asked you to move, would you?” and “You know I only want what’s best for you, right?”) but typically, he won’t. Satan typically begins his spiritual voice of reasoning with the words “YOU DESERVE”, as in, ENTITLEMENT. “Why SHOULDN’T You Have This?” and/or “You DESERVE this” and/or “You EARNED this”, etc.

While Satan’s spiritual voice is I-centered and/or YOU-centered, the Holy Spirit’s spiritual voice is CHRIST-CENTERED, that’s the difference. But that being said, can Satan ever falsely put the idea in our minds that the Lord Jesus Christ is prepping us for dating and/or marriage when that might NOT actually be the case? Sure. So what are the signs for that, you may be wondering? Well, to the best of my knowledge and ability, they are the following:

  • “YOU Always Wanted To Be Married, Right?”
  • I Really Don’t See How YOU’RE Not Married By Now”
  • “Only GOOD Christians Are Blessed With Marriage!”
  • “YOU should go on dating apps in order to speed up the process a bit”
  • “Forget About Reading The Bible, You Could Just As Soon Go On Dating Apps To Meet Fellow Christians To Help Bring You Closer to Christ”
  • “Time’s Wasting & You’re Not Getting Any Younger – Better Get Married NOW While You Still Can”
  • “Marriage Will Change A Person For The Better”
  • “Marriage Is The Ultimate End All, Be All In Christianity”
  • “You’re Not Worthy If You’re Not Married/Dating Someone”
  • “Jesus Doesn’t Want You To Put Off Dating/Marriage Any Longer”
  • “If You Want To Date/Marry Someone, It’s Automatically God’s Will For Your Life”
  • ETC.

Okay folks, notice where the focus is being placed at, here. It’s being placed on “image”, “vanity”, “self”, and “self-will”. NONE of those statements reflect GOD’S WILL! But that being said, what sorts of spiritual statements might Jesus and/or The Holy Spirit ask us if He IS truly prepping you for dating/marriage? Lets examine.

  • “Is this person an active, fellow born-again Christian believer?”
  • “Can you imagine a life someday with this person?”
  • “Would there be any obstacles to your dating/marrying this person? If so, can they be reasonably worked through?”
  • “Do you FEEL ready to be dating, etc.?”
  • [If dating someone for awhile]: “Do you FEEL ready to be married?”
  • “ARE you the type of person that this beloved individual would want and need you to be in a dating/marital relationship?”
  • “Is the person themselves the type of person that YOU would want and need in a dating/marital relationship?”
  • “Do your values align?” (Or, in other words, “Are you and this person aligned on values such as finances, child-rearing (if applicable), etc?”)
  • “Does this person draw you CLOSER to me in any way?”
  • “Does this person bring out THE BEST in you?”
  • “Does this person support, love and encourage you?”
  • “Does this person place ME, THE LORD, before you?” (Or, in other words, “Does this person place me FIRST before everything else in their life?”)
  • [If male]: “Is this person the head of the relationship and/or marriage?” [If female]: “Is the female willing to fully submit herself to her male partner’s lead/direction?”
  • “Do you and this person truly, genuinely love each other?”
  • “Can you see yourself with this person 5, 10, 50 years from now?” and/or “Do you desire to grow old with this person?”
  • “Does this person help you to grow, spiritually?”

Basically, that’s all the type of questions the Holy Spirit will ask the single Christian when He is ready for them to start thinking about dating and/or marriage. If the answer to all of the questions is YES, then that’s definitely a clear-cut sign that the Lord Jesus may be prepping a single Christian person for dating (and possibly marriage, someday). BUT…..If the answer to the majority of those questions is NO, then you need to TAKE HEED, for the Lord Jesus Christ, in the most firmest yet gentlest way possible, is trying to tell you that the person you fancy is NOT the one He has intended for you, dating wise OR marriage wise!

Now, the problem with many single Christian people today is that many of us are “idealistic dreamers”. We have this tendency to think that ANY other fellow single Christian that we’re attracted to or remotely interested in must be “the one” but folks, it’s not so clear-cut like that, we have to do some further spiritual digging! Take “Kalli” for theoretical example. She likes fashion, knitting, working with dolphins at Sea World and the like. But she absolutely HATES fishing, camping, hiking, surfing, going boating, etc.

And she has her eye on a guy named “Steve”. And Steve HATES fashion, doesn’t like Sea World at all, and LOVES fishing, camping, hiking, going boating, etc. But BOTH Steve and Kalli (who BOTH happen to be “single Christians”) are “attracted” to each other and “like” each other and think that JUST BECAUSE they’re both single AND Christians that that must mean God wants them together! And all of us know in this theoretical example that that would be a resounding NO on God’s part! Being “evenly yoked” does NOT just apply to believer vs. non-believer, it actually goes MUCH, MUCH DEEPER THAN THAT, as I’ve discovered most recently in the last few years or so!

And oddly and SURPRISINGLY enough, it was actually an ATHEIST friend of mine that the Lord used to point that one factoid out to me! My friend’s statement was the following: “Just because two people are single and Christian does NOT automatically mean that they are 100% right for each other. You have to search more deeper than that. Do their personalities align? Do their values align? Do their career goals align with one another? Are they agreed on where they both want to live someday? Are they agreed on how finances and how house chores are gonna be done someday, if they end up getting married someday? Etc?” The fact that my friend who pointed that out to me was Atheist SHOULD NOT MATTER for one can CLEARLY see the Lord talking in those very words, can you not? I most definitely can!

And no, you don’t have to worry, I don’t typically turn firsthand to this Atheist friend for spiritual advice at all (He used to be a Christian several years earlier, oddly enough). It’s just that every so often, the Lord will “speak” through said friend when He makes biblical statements through him from time to time! And oftentimes, it’s when I LEAST expect him to! (I guess that’s how the Lord manages to grab my attention….when He catches me off-guard like that, giving me His heavenly divine messages in THE MOST unexpected places and people!) Another time, my friend casually asked me how my here blog was going and I admitted that I hadn’t written anything in awhile and probably needed to write some more stuff, and he stopped, looked at me and gently but firmly said with his left pointer finger: “Remember….QUALITY over quantity!” In other words, the Lord was telling me (through my former Christian-now-turned-Atheist friend) that HE, the Lord, was FAR more concerned with the QUALITY of my posts on here rather than the QUANTITY! Wow! What insight!

But going back to the list of questions that Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit will ask when a single Christian is possibly being “prepped” for dating and/or marriage. Many a single Christian is an “idealistic dreamer” that can oftentimes kid themselves that the answer to all of those questions would be yes when in fact, the “yes” might NOT be so clear cut! Also as well: JUST BECAUSE the answers to all of those questions are “yes” doesn’t NECESSARILY mean the Lord is prepping one for marriage but can definitely point to the Lord’s openness about two single Christian people starting to date one another.

Also please remember that IN a Christian dating relationship, (rather you’ve known a person for years or not), there’s still supposed to be a “courtship” going on. A “courtship” is not only how two single, Christian people get to know each other better on a more deeper spiritual level, but it’s also how the Lord weeds out the ones He does NOT want us to marry! I know that might seem a bit harsh. For why would the Lord allow us to date someone if HE, THE LORD never actually intended for us to marry someone? Sometimes it’s for a life lesson, to better arm us with the experience and the knowledge of exactly what it IS we want and need in a fellow Christian partner!

Okay, take “Megan” and “Brad”, for example. “Megan” and “Brad” are both co-dependents who are desperate to date someone, anyone who’s of the single Christian variety. They don’t truly vet one another in the pre-dating and/or pre-marriage question and answer process. They try to “convince” themselves that the answers to all of the questions are “yes” (even when they’re NOT!) They end up dating in an unhealthy, unevenly yoked co-dependent relationship, which, if turned into a marriage someday, becomes a COMPLETE DISASTER!

Now imagine “Tom” for example. He’s just found a person he really likes named “Susan”. And while both of them initially answered “yes” to all the questions the Lord was asking them right before they started dating, after dating for about 1 year, “Susan” found out some things about “Tom” that she didn’t really like and vice versa. “Susan” wasn’t thrilled that “Tom” eventually wanted to move to ALASKA and “Tom” wasn’t too thrilled that “Susan” was “less than enthused” about his life-long dream to move to Alaska. That’s when the Lord had to make it clear to both of them – THROUGH dating circumstances and courtship that perhaps they weren’t as compatible as they had both initially thought and needed to break up so that each of them could find a more compatible partner (“Tom” finding a pro-Alaska chick, while “Susan” finding a more continental U.S.-desiring dude).

On other hand, take “Ashley” for example. She somehow manages to get reunited with a former classmate, “Jake”. “Ashley” and “Jake” find the answers to all of those pre-dating questions from the Lord to be a “yes”. They have a 1-year courtship and at the very end of that courtship, the answers are STILL a solid “yes”, nothing has changed! They get married and their marriage is highly blessed by God!

Obviously, we ALL want scenario #3 in our lives, am I right? 🙂 But IN ORDER to get there, we have to do all the HARD WORK that’s required! We got to ask ourselves the HARD QUESTIONS and be willing to ACCEPT the Lord’s answers and guidance, whatever those answers/guidance might be! And one very effective way of doing this is PRAYER & FASTING! (As I’ve lightly touched upon in my previous post about The Daniel Fast!)

Why prayer & fasting, you may ask? Answer: Prayer & fasting shows the Lord Jesus Christ just how SERIOUS you are about wanting to FULLY SUBMIT to Him AND His will for your LIFE! But DO please remember that Jesus does NOT always answer us in the way we’re hoping or expecting! For sometimes the answer IS “NO”, “Not Right Now” or “Perhaps Later…..But Focus On Your Spiritual Calling For Right Now”. Now, don’t get me wrong, “Not Right Now” or “Perhaps Later” is a HECK of alot better than a flat-out “NO” but IF Jesus gives you a flat-out “NO” on something, you need to LISTEN! Note: If you’re not 100% sure if the “NO” is coming from Jesus or Satan (for remember that Satan will FOREVER be trying to “trip you up” and “trick you” AS you’re seeking the Lord Jesus’s will like never before), you can ALWAYS ask for confirmation. But NEVER pray for confirmation OUTLOUD, folks! Satan can hear your prayers and will easily turn them on the head if you do that! So close your eyes – cover your head while you pray if a woman – and PRAY SILENTLY! 

But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head: for that is even all one as if she were shaven. For if the woman be not covered, let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven, let her be covered. For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man. For the man is not of the woman: but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. For this cause ought the woman to have power [a covering[ on her head because of the angels“. [1 Corinthians 11:5-10]

And with that being said, you have to be ready and willing to accept the Lord’s answer to your inquiry NO. MATTER. WHAT. So maybe YOU want to start dating or get married to someone you’re already currently dating…..But does JESUS want that? Why or why not? Do you EVEN truly know if Jesus TRULY wants that or that? Or ARE you just assuming He does? Because trust me, if JESUS HIMSELF doesn’t want it, the thing’s NOT GONNA LAST, no matter WHAT you do! Living outside the Lord Jesus’s will (ESPECIALLY in dating and marital relationships) is A VERY DANGEROUS THING! 

But to try to sum it all up, most people already know deep, deep down if something is “right” or not in their lives; they just get this gut feeling. And trust me, your gut doesn’t lie! But typically, if you’re dating and/or married to the right person, you will feel a great sense of “peace” about the relationship, like nothing’s missing! BUT…..if you feel “unsure” of the potential dating relationship, that could be Jesus’s way of telling you that the person you have your eye on may not be “the one” for YOU! 

Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit of God strongly urged me to write this post today so I pray it helps inform, enlighten and uplift someone in prayer today:

“Abba, I pray in your mighty heavenly name that whomever reads this post receives the deep, spiritual insight that you were wanting and hoping for them to receive and that ALL single Christians out there who read this will take my words to heart and not rush into things without asking for your MAJOR spiritual revelations, insight and heavenly wisdom, first. I thank you in Jesus’s name. Amen”. 

What Does The Bible Say About “The Heart?” Let Us Examine!

There’s many a song or saying today that says, “follow your heart” and/or “let your heart be your guide”. In fact, one of THE MOST POPULAR American pop songs of all time is called “Listen to Your Heart”. But again, if you counted ALL the American songs that sung about “following one’s heart” or that talked about “the heart”, there’d be FAR TOO MANY TO NAME! People also talk about “following their heart” and doing what’s right “in their heart”. And it pretty much goes without saying that what’s right in person A’s heart isn’t always what’s right in person B’s heart & so on and & so forth.

However, the bible has a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT thing to say about “the heart”:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

– Jeremiah 17:9

But exactly what does the bible mean by this? Let us examine a few more bible passages about the heart to get a much clearer picture, here:

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” – Luke 12:34

In other words, lets say a person has an “obsessive” collection of records, cars, international coins, etc. Or that they’re CONSTANTLY obsessing over food, money, movies/TV shows, etc. Jesus considers that “idolatry”. Because, in a sense, a person is putting their “treasure” (read: their “hope”, “TRUST”, and “livelihood”) in material/fleshly things.

Matthew 6:20-23 states: “But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” 

Here, we get a slight variation from the Luke 12:34 passage but goes into MUCH greater detail, with the same message. Here, Jesus is speaking DIRECTLY during His Sermon on the Mount/Oliviet Discourse (New Testament, Matthew, Chapters 5 to 7).

And IN the Matthew 6:20-23 passage, Jesus is saying that it does NO GOOD to put our “hope” and “trust” (and consequently, HEARTS) into/towards fleshly/material things since those things will cause a person to SPIRITUALLY STUMBLE! Not to mention that Jesus ALSO mentions in the Parable of the Good Servant in Matthew 13:12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath“. 

In other words, IF your “treasure” (read: your heart) is set ON fleshly/material things, your heart is FULL of darkness SINCE the LOVE OF fleshly/material things is nothing BUT SPIRITUAL DARKNESS! And so therefore, if that’s pretty much ALL your heart “desires” and “lusts after”, instead of chasing after Jesus/”righteousness”, then HOW GREAT IS THAT DARKNESS, in other words!

Plus Jesus is also saying that those that perpetually AND UNREPENTANTLY “lust” after nothing BUT darkness (fleshly/material things) in their hearts WILL someday RECEIVE the AWARD OF DARKNESS (Eternal separation from God in the LAKE OF FIRE!) Because even what LITTLE righteousness that person has WILL be someday eternally stripped from them! (Wow folks, that’s quite a sobering thought right there!)

“This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from meBut in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men” – Matthew 15:8-9

THIS particular passage kind’ve makes me think of Christmas & Easter. During BOTH of these days, Christians THINK they’re “honoring the name of Jesus”. Yet, SADLY, BOTH of those holidays are fake/Catholic/Paganized/man-made holidays that are based on ancient, Pagan sex festivals! In other words, those two holidays actually serve to MOCK JESUS by “forcing him to share the day with painted Easter eggs, bunny rabbits, fictional elves, fictional flying reindeer and fictional Santa Claus”. Wow!

“For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies” – Matthew 15:19

In other words, sin starts **IN THE HEART!** Married people having affairs claim they are just “following their heart“. Sexually-perverted sodomites say they shouldn’t be judged “for what’s in their heart“. Genesis 6:5 in the Old Testament states: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil, continually“.

[In fact, I’ll even take it a step furtherThe Satanic Bible itself (I’m told), in verse 4:3 says, “Say unto thine own heart, I am my own redeemer”. THAT’S VERY CHILLING, FOLKS!!!!!! But again, should we really be all that surprised? Satan WANTS us to worship our own HEARTS, and to FOLLOW OUR HEARTS, instead of FOLLOWING JESUS/THE BIBLE!]

Okay, now lets go back to the “Listen To Your Heart” song and examine it in much broader detail (from a spiritual standpoint):

Here’s some of the lyrics to the song:

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile.
I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.
You’ve built a love but that love falls apart.
Your little piece of heaven turns too dark. (Not sure if she’s singing “too” dark or “TO” dark…….Nevertheless, this sounds like something referencing Satan up in heaven, during the time of the fall.)

Listen to your heart when he’s calling for you. (Who’s calling? SATAN?)
Listen to your heart…there’s nothing else you can do. (Nothing else you can do? REALLY?)

I don’t know where you’re going and I don’t know why,
But listen to your heart before you tell him goodbye. (Hear Satan’s propositions before permanently turning him away?)
Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile.
The precious moments are all lost in the tide, yea.
They’re swept away and nothing is what it seems,
The feeling of belonging TO your dreams. (This verse says it all. Belonging TO your dreams. Some people sell their souls to Satan in order to “fulfill” their dreams of being famous. So is this verse PROOF of that, folks? Think about it!)

And there are VOICES that want to be heard. (VOICES? As in….DEMONIC SPIRITS? Just what VOICES are we talking about here, folks?)
So much to mention but you can’t find the words.
The sense of magic, the beauty that’s been. (This seems like a clear reference to Satan, here! “The beautiful angel that once was” sort’ve thing…..Plus the word MAGIC really gets me, here……the word MAGIC is never a good thing in the bible, correct?)
When love was wilder than the wind. (Love, according to the bible, is NOT supposed to be “wild” and “unrestrained!)

Okay, so just from looking at the LYRICS, we know that the song has some possible “dark connotations”. That right there ALONE, should make us take pause! This should also encourage us to start critically examining the lyrics to ALL SONGS that we listen to!

But going back to my main point. The BIBLE says the “heart” is EVIL and DESPERATELY WICKED! But the WORLD/POP CULTURE says that the “heart” should be a person’s GUIDE, a person’s EVERYTHING! The WORLD says that a person’s HEART should be “above all else” while the BIBLE says that the heart should be HUMBLED before all else! See, folks? Notice the DIFFERENCE, there?

What’s interesting to note is that in the Old Testament, The Lord God called David “a man after his (God’s) own heart”. In a nutshell, that basically means that the Lord’s PAIN and GRIEVANCES became DAVID’S pain & grievances……In other words, the Lord’s PAIN became ONE with David’s pain, just like the Lord’s joy became one with David’s joy.

In other words, David seemed to be very in-tune with the Lord’s very thoughts & emotions. He even wrote MANY, MANY glorifying Psalms TO and about the Lord. (I myself have only written THREE!) He was considered VERY CLOSE with the Lord and always wanted to do what was pleasing to the Lord.

Yes, David had a couple of sinful shortcomings (but again, don’t we ALL? Romans 3:23 states, “For all have sinned & fallen short of the glory of God”). But once David realized the weight of his sin with Bathsheba (& that of having Uriah killed in battle) through the prophet Nathan, he repented of it IMMEDIATELY! He didn’t hesitate on the repenting part. 

Scholars can’t seem to agree if David wrote the Psalms before or after becoming King. But if I had to take a best spiritual guess, I’d say he likely wrote them before becoming King or shortly thereafter. Because as the Old Testament wears on, and the longer & longer David is King, (if you read between the lines), it kind’ve seemed like his heart kind’ve strayed a LITTLE bit from the Lord (read: when he took the census of his people, when TAKING a “census” was strictly forbidden by the Lord, etc.)

But then again, couldn’t that happen to just about anyone in his position? That sort of thing (being given a SUPER HIGH position in the name of the Lord) likely WOULD go to a person’s head after awhile, (atleast a TINY bit), am I right? So we must all remember that before “casting stones” at King David for his “great sins”. And that even goes for ALL of bible characters as well. Jesus was exactly right when he said in John 8:7bHe that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her (i.e. the woman caught in adultery). 

We’re SO quick to judge biblical characters as well as each other. But we must FIRST remember: We did NOT live back during the times of the bible. Therefore, we have NO IDEA what all those biblical characters went through (BEHIND THE SCENES). Just like we ALSO have NO IDEA what the people around us today are going through (BEHIND THE SCENES).

So now and only now do I have a much clearer understanding of what Jesus meant when he said in Matthew 7:1-3Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

However, there’s a fine difference between not judging someone and calling out sin/warning someone about sin. Cause truth be told, the “tolerance” movement has gotten us absolutely NOWHERE! In fact, the “tolerance movement” now has American JUSTIFYING sin (think “gay marriage” and “abortion”, for instance). Why do we TOLERATE such spiritual filth in our nation? Answer: Because we (as a society) didn’t want to seem “judgmental” at all. 

So what then, is the difference between the two? Let me give an illustrated example of EACH (both non-judgmental and judgmental, alike):

NON-JUDGMENTAL: “I know that the word homosexual isn’t directly in the bible. However, back then, the biblical word for homosexual was sodomite. Why? Because since two women or two men can’t naturally have sex, they have to have UN-NATURAL sex, which is WHY it’s called sodomy. And there’s over 27+ passages that CONDEMN SODOMY in the Old AND New Testament. I tell you the truth because I love you and don’t want you to be eternally condemned by Jesus, someday. Jesus Christ can set you FREE from a life of sin and sodomy. Romans 3:23 says that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, nobody’s perfect, not only me. Truth is, EVERYONE needs a Savior, including ME. Furthermore, Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Salvation and the ONLY way to Eternal Life”

JUDGMENTAL: “Atleast I’m not as sinful as those ungodly sodomites, that stick it in every which place. Atleast I don’t get drunk in the gay clubs every weekend. Atleast I’m not sodomizing my body in any type of un-natural way. Hahaha, those sodomites are gonna burn in hell/the lake of fire when they die. WHO CARES if unrepentant sodomites are gonna burn in hell/the lake of fire, someday? It’s not MY fault they choose to live that way! hahaha, I’m saved in the name of Jesus, atleast **I** won’t be thrown into hell/the lake of fire someday – it’s all good, who in their RIGHT MIND would choose to live the homosexual lifestyle and/or abort their own child, KNOWING that it’s gonna lead them to hell/the lake of fire someday if they don’t repent – that’s just plain idiocy, etc.”

Do you notice the difference there, folks? One way provides firm, yet gentle biblical truth (AND hope & encouragement) while the other way CONDEMNS and JUDGES without cause. Believe me, there IS a way to warn people about their sin without “judging” them for it, for ONLY Jesus Christ is the judge; The ETERNAL JUDGE! And he’s NOT an eternal judge that someone wants to fall into the hands of, someday (TRUST ME ON THIS, FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But in closing, I just want to say this: GUARD YOUR HEARTS! For like the bible says, the heart is DESPERATELY WICKED. 

However, if we HUMBLE OUR HEARTS (like the bible says), we can make our hearts more “in-tune” with JESUS’S HEART (and will, for that matter).

I hope this post has given you all something to think about and seriously mull over. WHERE IS YOUR HEART TODAY, FOLKS? 

What’s the VERY first thing you think of the morning, and the very LAST thing you think about before you close your eyes for the night and go to sleep? What’s the most PERVASIVE thought of yours DURING the day? What do you think about and wish for THE MOST?

If it’s not Jesus Christ HIMSELF and that of righteousness, then your HEART is NOT RIGHT WITH THE LORD! (And IF that be the case, you need to QUICKLY REPENT and do what King David did in the bible – pray for Jesus to give you a RENEWED HEART AND A RENEWED MIND). David, like Solomon, was very wise and KNEW that only JESUS could change him (for the better!) 

I pray that this post has both informed & enlightened you. And…..“May Jesus Christ give us ALL a renewed heart, a renewed mind and a renewed spirit; A renewal and spiritual revival that can ONLY happen by JESUS and JESUS, ALONE! Amen”.