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Proposed NY Law A416: “Detention Camps?”

Folks, we are now officially entered into “pre-Nazi” times in the modern century : 

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, a “law” was “pre-filed” in the NY Senate ( and this particular “law” gives the governor of NY and/or the NY state department – unilateral unchecked power to detain ANY NY citizenof ANY age – that they personally deem “a risk and/or a threat to the public”

Oddly enough, the law doesn’t make a SINGLE mention of Covid 19, but rather vaguely mentions “communicable diseases”. Something about that just doesn’t sit right with me, ESPECIALLY after I found out that is their 4TH ATTEMPT to get this through! Folks, they’ve been trying to pass this since 2015! 2015, folks! Long before “Corona” EVER hit the scene! Creepy? INDEED! 

If you read the legislation in between the lines, it pretty much gives the governor there the power to detain ANYONE (at ANY age) he considers a “risk and/or threat to the public” and place them in whatever “facility” he and/or the NY Department sees fit. Forget about checks and balances, forget about unlawful searches and seizures. A416 is the “desired detainment of Americans” here in America. But then again, IF it ever passes, you know it’s gonna eventually end up in other places in America – and then eventually all across America as a whole! WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Why? How? Because OTHER Democrat cities will “want in on the action”, that’s why! This is no longer the “America” we grew up in but is fastly turning into an “anti-America”. I bet many of those around the time of the “pre-right-before-the-Holocaust” times didn’t take the early warning signs seriously, either!

Nevertheless, I hope and pray that EVERY American – rather Democrat or Republican or other – will SERIOUSLY consider the LONG-TERM implications of such a “law” to begin with! The fact that they wanted this law all the way back in 2015 BEFORE Corona even came on the scene should send proverbial down anyone’s spine! Unless you like the idea of being unlawfully detained, that is! And sure – they make it try to SOUND “reasonable” in their wording. But folks, lets get real, here! A person or “group of people” it said. A GROUP of people. Gee, I wonder what type of “people” they have in mind for said legislation. Any guesses, folks?

The “proposed” January 6, 2021 NY Senate Assembly bill A416 is DANGEROUS for several reasons. One, it doesn’t give specifics on what exactly is considered a “risk and/or threat to the public”. It maybe “hints” at Covid 19 but yet, never mentions it specifically. Odd. It just vaguely defines “communicable diseases”. 
Now tell me, just what type of “communicable diseases” were swirling around the USA in 2015? Sure, they had a minor bout of Ebola or what have ya, but not any seriously “contagious diseases” that I’m aware of from back then. Interesting……The law says a person WITH a “communicable disease” or a CARRIER of said disease. Let that one sink in for a bit. A CARRIER of a disease. Okay, so how would they determine that? Would they do a forcible DNA of ALL citizens of NY? And then just so happen to pick out the citizens of NY randomly or that they didn’t like as “carriers” of “said communicable disease(s)?”
Also, another problem is that the detainment process itself is “vaguely defined”, as it were. So from the law’s wording, it sounds like they can do whatever the heck they want to a person (ANY person they consider a “risk” OR their contacts) while IN detainment. So lets say Joe Schmoe is declared a so-called “risk” by the governor of . Practically ANYONE Joe Schmoe comes in contact with (Or do they mean any or ALL of Joe Schmoe’s closest contacts such as friends, relatives, coworkers? The proposed law doesn’t specify) could ALSO potentially be detained under said law……IF said law passes.
And if it’s later determined that said contact of Joe Schmoe wasn’t even considered “contagious” to be begin with, nor a “carrier” of so-called said “communicable disease” to begin with, said contact, “with due diligence” can be released from detainment. (But yet, not a LICK of a mention of any compensation by the NY gov’t TO a person being FALSELY declared a “risk” and/or being detained AS a so-called “risk” under “FALSE PRETENSES!” Interesting……) Also, another thought comes to my mind just now. “ANY person declared a risk and/or their CONTACTS”. Hhhhmmm. Sounds like a GREAT WAY to shut down CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL MOVEMENTS/PROTESTS, CERTAIN RELIGIOUS GROUPS, huh? Just DETAIN THEM ALL, right? 
Also, detainment can’t last longer than 60 days in full (or 90 days? 90???? Are you freakin’ SERIOUS?) unless they have a court . (Though something tells me those NY court orders will come “easy as pie”). A person being detained has the so-called “right” to appeal their detainment but once they appeal, they will “so-called” not be detained for longer than a period of 5 business days (on top of the days they’ve ALREADY been detained?) UNLESS there’s a court granting the detainment for much longer of a period of time. (And again, something tells me those court orders will come quick, “in a NY minute!”)
Plus even AFTER a person is released from detainment, IF they are even released from detainment – IF being a key word here – they will have several ” -ups” (for the rest of their life?), even if they were found to NOT have been a “risk” at the end of detainment? So what, then…….? They’re allowed to be detained WITHOUT even being so much as being tested for “said communicable disease?” Is THAT it? What if they could totally get away with declaring a negative-testing person (if people WERE actually tested before detainment, that is) as a POSSIBLE CARRIER of “said disease” and thus STILL detain that person, indefinitely? That’s absolutely sobering to think about, isn’t it people?
Folks, this is some really, really creepy stuff we’re talking about here and shouldn’t even be so much as debated here in America. They’ve been at this type of “law” since 2015 or so! 2015! How creepy is that? And again, we didn’t even HAVE Corona back then! So it’s really making me start to wonder what the TRUE agenda of such a “” even is, to begin with! They’ve made THREE attempts so far to get it through. THREE, people! And they’re not kidding! Detainment at a “medical facility” of the governor’s choosing. (Quantamino? Leavenworth? Other torturous detainment centers around the world? Again, the doesn’t specify, creepily enough).  Vaccinations against a person’s will? boarding? Who knows what will go on behind the closed doors of “detainment”. The makes it sound like it’ll just be a “calm version” of the forced quarantine in the movie “Contagion”. But folks, lets get real here! The real-life version of such would be so much worse, I’m sure! They have clauses against what would be considered a detainee’s “disorderly conduct” and/or “escaping from said quarantine”. But what about the detainer him/herself? Are there any clauses about THEIR behavior? No? Gee, I wonder why! 
Folks, it would be ONE thing if the were VERY SPECIFICALLY WORDED, as if to say: “IF you hold a covid party and/or knowingly go out in public without a mask (knowing for sure you’re a positive case or possible positive case), you will de detained” or “IF you develop a contagious virus similar to the plague, you will be contained until death or no longer contagious” or whatever. But that’s not what these people are going after. They want the legal right to detain ANY NY citizen (for now, only in NY, but again – only a matter of time before bills like this sprout up across the nation to be “debated” on and what not) they deem a “risk”.
That’s just SO loosely worded and vaguely defined that a “risk” could be just about ANYTHING. For example, Joe Schmoe writes a public post about how “depressed” he’s felt lately, etc. Will HE suddenly be declared a “risk” and “a risk to public and welfare” and be detained? Will a NY resident who does NOT agree with a certain liberal movement (I won’t name it here, but you know what I’m talking about) be declared a “risk” and “a risk to the public” and be detained? Worse yet, will normal, everyday average citizens start to turn on and “report” EACH OTHER to the NY governor as a possible “risk?”
Even MORE unimaginable and HORRIFYING: What if a pregnant woman (either before baby is born – or right after baby is born – is declared a RISK and is detained? Could her baby then by taken away from her by the gov’t for said time, times and half a time? Worse still – what if they declare that her BABY is a “carrier” of a “communicable disease” and take her baby away from her and put her baby in containment and give the baby all sorts of “shots” and “vaccines” that the mother and father wouldn’t approve of? What if “children” are falsely declared “risks” and taken away and detained and given shots and vaccines the parents don’t approve of? Worse still, what if babies and children are kidnapped, physically/emotionally/psychologically/sexually abused and/or sex trafficked/put on the black market/adopted out of the country WHILE in U.S./N.Y. “detainment?” WHAT IF PEOPLE ARE FORCIBLY CLONED/GENETICALLY MODIFIED WHILE IN DETAINMENT? (Sorry folks, but you REALLY got to think about all the possible worse case scenarios, here….) 
I can somehow foresee the NY gov’t offering to pay money to people and/or ‘s offices/hospitals who “report other people as a risk“). So then will people start reporting other people they “don’t like” as a “possible /public safety risk” to the governor (if this law is passed?) Will neighbors and/or friends/family turn on each other and start “reporting” each other after a major argument/falling out? Will ‘s offices and hospitals go stir-crazy reporting people as “risks” left, right and center, in to get more money and funding? If a person just merely sees someone do so much as sneeze or slightly /clear their throat in a grocery (even while wearing their mask), will that observer of such also be so bold as to try to report THAT person as a “risk” to the governor? Would any NY politicians seize on this law to try to “detain” their political enemies?
Will a NY Democrat who spray paints anti-Cuomo stuff on his OWN property – such as on/near their driveway and/or on his/her OWN vehicle – in clear public view of others – (Not that I’m personally advocating for that or anything – but you get my point, right?) be declared a “risk” and be detained? Will children who go to the in NY showing “possible” but unconfirmed symptoms of Corona virus/Ebola/flu/etc. be reported to the NY governor as a “risk” by the and/or staff and then detained and thus, taken away from their parents for a time? Worst yet, what if someone suffered from COPD and did NOT have Corona AT ALL? Would THAT classify as a “risk” (as per THIS particular A416 law) and/or would some “paranoid” fellow New Yorker then “report” that COPD sufferer to the NY Governor as a possible “risk” (perhaps after seeing that person “” a couple of times – thus, resulting in COPD sufferer being detained?) Folks, really creepy stuff, here! “risk” isn’t specifically defined.
But again, this is a bipartisan issue! It affects ALL New Yorkers alike (rather Democrat or Republican). They might start for the Conservative New Yorkers first. But after awhile, I think they’d start going after the Democrat New Yorkers, too! All a Democrat, Republican, or other New Yorker would have to do is say ONE critical thing on social media about policy and bam, they could “technically” be declared a “risk” and possibly be detained! That’s scary to think about, folks! It makes me wonder: Before/during/after they “detain” an individual, do they also do a “complete search” of the person’s home and ? Oh, but they’re a “risk” to public , right? So now, the unreasonable search and seizure clause would no longer technically appear to apply in this case, right?
Sure, the uses such language such as: “If there is conceivable evidence – IF being the key word here – that said person is a risk to the public ” but who’s to say such evidence can’t be faked/manufactured? Folks, it’s really time to start asking ourselves the hard questions! And not only that, but they won’t even let the detainee contact their own friends and family while they’re being detained. The says the DETAINER (“when reasonable”) will make the notification phone calls FOR them. WHAT??!!! Is this Venezuela or Cuba, now? The person can’t even make ONE phone call? What IS this? (Even normal “prisons” here in the U.S. let inmates make their ONE phone call – right?) Instead, the detainee will have to supply THE ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBERS of close family and friends TO the detainer! HA! Probably so the detainer can detain that person’s friends and family, too!
Guys, I’m not gonna lie to ya. When I very first saw the news story about this “proposed law”, I thought it was fake news! I WANTED it to be fake news! I wanted SO VERY BADLY for it to be fake news! But alas, it’s NOT fake news, it’s REAL! I read the entirety of the and it’s CHILLING, folks! Very, very chilling! Also: It shouldn’t even matter the matter of time someone is detained, rather 3 days, 5 days, 10 days or whatever. What matters is if and when a person is detained ILLEGALLY with an UNREASONABLE search and seizure.
But again: this proposed law aims to TAKE what is now ILLEGAL and make it LEGAL. That is the LONG-TERM GOAL of said “”. Believe me, what we’re seeing now in this proposed IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! And again, like I said earlier, Covid isn’t mentioned by name in this . Not EVEN once. Instead, it’s just a vague “communicable diseases”. So does flu apply to “communicable diseases?” Even some people who get the flu shot STILL get the flu. So I wonder. If a Democrat, flu-shot-receiving New Yorker gets the flu (even in spite of the flu shot), will THAT be defined under “communicable diseases” by law? I’m just as scared for the Democrats in as I am for the Republicans. This law – if passed – will affect ALL of you in NY! What about strep throat, mono, stomach flu or the common cold? Would those be considered “communicable diseases” under NY law?
People of NY: I beg you, I urge you, I implore you. THOROUGLY RESEARCH ALL BILLS CURRENTLY BEING DEBATED IN THE SENATE – **ESPECIALLY THIS ONE – A416 – And OPPOSE all the Orwellian bills LIKE this one! Because if you DON’T oppose this in LARGE NUMBERS, (and by oppose, I do NOT mean take to violence. I mean, peacefully protest outside the NY Senate building and/or SIGN LOTS OF PETITIONS, etc.) that means the will pass through the NY Senate! And if it passes through the NY Senate, that would put NY and this country on a very slippery slope, INDEED! Because hey, if it passes in NY, guess what? Other liberal states will soon want in on the action, too! And before ya know it – this great, American country will turn into something like you’ve never seen in your LIFE!
Many folks got their heads in the sand these days. “No, stuff like that will NEVER happen here in America”. Be careful. The Jews around the time of pre-Holocaust likely thought that nothing could ever happen to THEM, either! And look what happened. And just like today, I’m sure it started off small. Extra high taxes on Jewish businesses. IRS-like auditing of Jewish businesses. And then, it just went downhill from there. What was once likely extra high taxes on Jewish businesses LATER became Jews themselves being “detained”, then burned alive in ovens and gas chambers during the Holocaust! Therefore, look NOT at what the CURRENT A416 is aiming to do. Look at what the POTENTIALLY IN THE PRESENT and/or FUTURE could do!
So again, in summary: (IF said law A416 passes in the NY Senate), here’s all the things that could theoretically happen:
  • Any ONE person of ANY age – from pre-born (“as soon as this baby is born, we’re detaining him/her”) to newborn to 80+ years old could be declared a “risk” and/or a “risk to public ” and be illegally detained legally WITHOUT A COURT
  • Detainment can “legally” last anywhere from 3 days to 90 days+
  • “Communicable diseases” could be “legally” theoretically declared as anything from covid to ebola to flu to mono, etc.
  • Test results of such diseases could theoretically be FAKED/MANUFACTORED
  • ANY theoretical contact of “said risk person” could ALSO be illegally detained legally
  • Detainees must NOT exhibit any “form” of “disorderly conduct” or “try to escape” from “said detainment”
  • “Disorderly conduct” could theoretically be anything from “asking questions about said detainment” to “speaking out against said detainment”, etc.
  • ‘s offices and hospitals will likely be PAYED/FUNDED for “reporting” people as “possible risks” to the state of NY
  • Citizens of NY themselves will likely be payed to “turn people in as a possible risk”
  • Any people/children detained could theoretically be -boarded, torchured/abused, starved, vaccinated against their will, brainwashed, be administered *nerve agents*, CLONED/genetically modified, sent away to other countries, sex-trafficked, etc.
  • While IN detainment, detainees could theoretically be forced to work/do hard labor while in detainment
  • This “law” will LEAD to “legal detention camp” type laws until detention camps BECOME THE NORM IN THIS COUNTRY!

But folks: This is JUST THE BEGINNING! They’re using THIS law to get their Nazi-type foot in the door! Because once they get THIS law passed through the NY Senate, then OFFICIAL DETENTION CAMP LAWS will soon become THE NORM and in the next AFTER this , they won’t need ANY type of official reason to detain someone! Do you see where all this is going now, folks? WAKE UP! 


The New York RHA Abortion Law: Democratic Liberals Now “Redefining” What’s *HUMAN*

On November 1, 2014, Britney Maynard (surrounded by friends and family) took her own life in Oregon. In fact, her whole entire family had moved there to Oregon just to accommodate her “right to die”. The progressive euthanasia proponents “used” her as the poster girl for euthanasia much the way that the progressive proponents of abortion used Norma J. McCorvey [“the Roe girl” in Roe Vs. Wade] to get what they wanted. (Which, by the way, Norma later became a born-again Christian and REGRETTED the Roe Vs. Wade decision and tried to undo it! She became a STAUNCH Pro-Life advocate!) 

But yet, here’s what’s so strange about the Britney Maynard case. It appears that she automatically accepted the doctor’s diagnosis right away and didn’t even bother seeking a 2nd or 3rd opinion. That right there strikes me as odd. She was so YOUNG! And beautiful! Why give up so SOON? Also as well: Britney herself campaigned for what she called “death with dignity”. What a strange word for “suicide”; dignity. (I’m sure many families of those who committed suicide would call their loved one’s suicide ANYTHING but *dignified*!)

I believe the progressive euthanasia lobby took advantage of Ms. Maynard’s emotional vulernability & PUSHED her into Euthanasia and PUSHED her to think that suicide was somehow “dignified”. For I DON’T truly believe that Ms. Maynard come to this conclusion on her own!  

Another interesting faucet is that a marine by the name of JJ Hanson was ALSO diagnosed with the same exact cancer that Britney Maynard had. But rather than give up, JJ Hanson decided to FIGHT IT (by seeking out a 2nd and 3rd opinion) and now he’s in REMISSION, folks! And he’s really offended by the fact that terminal patients who decide to FIGHT their cancer and get 2nd or 3rd opinions are somehow seen by the euthanasia lobby as “less dignified” and “not worthy of life”.

But going back to the Britney Maynard case. They put her on this medication that made her gain lots of weight. That no doubt further played a role in her depression over her “illness”. Plus I also found it strange that Britney was so “gung ho” for “assisted suicide” and advocated for it ALL ACROSS THE U.S.! But yet, I HAVE to ask this question (sorry folks, I just have to): WAS Britney Maynard BRAINWASHED by the euthanasia lobby? I believe she was

And over the years, the “arguments” for both things (euthanasia and abortion) have been “muddled”. Most people on a basic human level KNOW that these two things are inherently WRONG! But yet……for some reason……the progs keep trying to use their “reasoning skills” on us conservatives in order to get us to “cave in” to them: “Yeah well, what if a person has a terminal illness?” and/or “What if a woman’s raped or the woman’s life is in danger?”

And sadly, throughout the years, we conservatives (as a collective whole) HAVE caved in to the progressives (as a whole) and so now, we, as a world, as a society and as a nation, have got innocent blood on our hands! WE, as a NATION, will no doubtedly be held RESPONSIBLE for the senseless killing of fellow “innocent” human beings! But yet, that brings me to my next case in point: the progs are now officially (and legally) “redefining” what it even MEANS to be *human!* (Can you BELIEVE IT!!???) They keep taking the “goal posts” and dragging them further and further down the field of abominations!

The pro-abortion progressives are NOW saying that a baby is NOT fully human UNTIL it is born! But here’s the thing: late-term abortion works pretty much the same way that partial-birth abortion works: They poison the baby within the womb, the baby is IN AGONY within the womb for a couple of days as the baby is slowly dying inside the womb and then, in BOTH cases, THE MOTHER DELIVERS A *DEAD BABY!* There’s NO sugar-coating it, NO getting around it! The mother HAS to give birth to the baby EITHER way! SO WHY KILL IT???? Makes no logical sense, does it?

Also as well: if they have to try to kill the baby THAT LATE into the pregnancy (up until the 9th month) to “preserve the mother’s life”, then there’s PLENTY of ways to save both the mother AND the baby’s life WITHOUT killing the baby (ever heard of a C-section, anyone?) And just like the Progs were LYING about the “conveniences” of Euthanasia (believe me, there ARE none), they are also now LYING to the American and global public about the “conveniences” of late-term abortion!

Basically, what it all boils down to is THIS: Abortion is about a deadbeat father’s “right” to abandon his child and/or the mother of his child, about a woman’s “right” to place her sexuality above her unborn child and about an ungodly doctor’s right to make lots of $$$$$$$ off a DEAD-TORN APART TO PIECESBABY! And believe me, there’s nothing too “convenient” about ANY of THAT! Cause lets face it, abortion does NOT make a woman “unpregnant”: it just makes her the mother of a DEAD BABY!

Abortion proponents claim that abortion ENLIGHTENS women! But ya want to know what, folks? It actually manages to DISENFRANCHISE them, much the same way that the “Sexual Revolution” did! Because NOW, as a whole, men typically don’t WANT to marry women anymore, in general! Young men today would rather “shag it, then abandon it” instead! In fact, most young men today DON’T EVEN WANT TO BE in relationships anymore – let alone “commit” to a woman or get married to her! (I even sometimes wonder if some of the young men of today get married because they feel like they have to – rather than purely wanting to (as a whole) – but maybe that’s just me?)

But going back to the story. On the 46th anniversary of Roe Vs. Wade, (January 22, 2019), New York governor Andrew Cuomo has now signed a bill into law, called The Reproductive Health Act (and what SHOULD be called the Re-enacting Hitler Act – since Hitler – just like Margaret Sanger- was ALL ABOUT *eugenics*) or RHA for short. And what this bill essentially does is give women the “right” to kill off their baby during ANY point in pregnancy – EVEN until RIGHT BEFORE BIRTH!

But folks, it gets WORSE – much, much worse! Right after the bill was signed into law, there was TONS OF PEOPLE **CHEERING** and celebrating IT, as if it were the Super Bowl or something! And not only that, but Cuomo directed the VERY TOP of the World Trade Center to be lit PINK, afterwards! (FOLKS, THIS IS BARBARIC!!!!)

The PPNYC (Planned Parenthood New York City) Action Fund even posted a 7 second video on Twitter of a “standing ovation” on the New York Senate chamber floor after Cuomo signed the bill! (FOLKS, THAT’S HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!)



The “faucets” of the late-term abortion bill:

  • Allows for a woman to get an abortion at ANY point in her pregnancy, even until RIGHT BEFORE BIRTH (i.e. during CONTRACTIONS)
  • It REMOVES abortion from the PENAL (LEGAL) CODE of New York/becomes uncriminal (Remember Kermit Gosnell, anyone?)
  • It PLACES abortion INTO the state of New York’s constitution as an “unalienable right”
  • It declares that a baby IS **NOT HUMAN** UNTIL after it’s born!
  • It kills off the baby in the womb and then forces the mother to deliver A DEAD BABY! (Note: A baby can feel “pain” as early as 8 weeks or earlier, and during late-term abortions, a baby is in agony for TWO DAYS before being “extracted” from the womb! HORRIFYING!)
  • It gives the right for a NON-DOCTOR to PERFORM the late-term abortion! (So much for PREVENTING “back alley abortions”, eh?)
  • It gives the father of the baby ZERO RIGHTS to preserve their baby’s life!
  • If a baby is BORN ALIVE during an abortion, New York medical practitioners are NOT required by law to SAVE THE BABY! In other words, they can LEGALLY MURDER THE BABY OR LEAVE IT TO DIE!
  • It declares that a baby is NOT a baby UNTIL it is born!
  • ETC.

But if you were still wondering what it IS that they’re supporting, it’s the following….In other words, THIS is what their STANDING OVATION on the New York Senate floor was for:

abortedlatetermbaby abortedbaby8



But folks, it still doesn’t even end THERE, it goes much, much further! OTHER STATES now want to EMULATE THE NEW YORK LAW! Late-term abortion bills have now been introduced in Virginia, Rhode Island, & Massachusetts (just to name a few). SEVEN U.S. States (including Washington D.C.) ALREADY have late-term abortion bills on the books: Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont! Just like “gay marriage”, late-term abortion is SPREADING LIKE CONTAGIOUS SPIRITUAL CANCER! A CANCER OF THE MOST DEADLY SPIRITUAL KIND! 

But in fact, KILLING CHILDREN has been their goal ALL ALONG: it has been their long-term END GAME. But they knew they had to play this “game” SLOWLY…..over time…..over MANY YEARS……and through many “court cases”, etc. But NOW….in the year 2019, their “game” has now reached its hellish climax!

But let me take this EVEN one step further. Their ULTIMATE END GOAL is euthanasia for ALL those they deen unfit (including the elderly). In other words, they eventually want to kill off EVERYONE that doesn’t “agree” with them and/or people that they deem “unworthy of life”. And folks, WITHIN the grouping includes BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS!

Why? Because Christians do NOT agree with “The Hive Mind Liberal Narrative” and so that makes them “spiritual and political liabilities”. In fact, Revelation 13:15 [New Testament, book of Revelation, Chapter 13, verse 15] goes into VERY GREAT DETAIL about just what happens to ALL those (specifically, born-again Christians/Messianic Jews) whom REFUSE to go along with The Antichrist’s “New Global Economy”. But more on that, later…….


Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them

“Gay marriage” attacks the traditional family. The “gay/trans movement” attacks the traditional family. “Abortion” attacks the traditional family. “The Women’s Movement” and “The Sexual Revolution” ALSO attacks the traditional family. But at its VERY core, the attack on the traditional family and traditional marriage is actually an ATTACK on the God-created WOMAN! In other words, tearing away the traditional family and traditional marriage actually TEARS away at THE WOMAN! In other words, all these leftists movements do is DISENFRANCHISE women!

So many liberals falsely claim that God “hates women”. But if you peel back all the layers of the spiritual onion, you will see that God LOVES women and treasures them and VALUES them! That’s WHY he created traditional families and traditional marriages! He did that to FRANCHISE women and made them TREASURED AND VALUED! But all the left wants to do is DISENFRANCHISE women (and children!)

Many young men today won’t commit to a relationship or a marriage. Women (as a whole – especially many young millennial women) are seen by most millennial men as “whores” and are oftentimes abandoned by them (the old “bait and switch” tactic). Women today (as a whole) are “lost”, spiritually, mentally and emotionally (as well as most of the men out there today). We have LOST our way, as a country and as a nation! For we now live in a nation where soon, NOBODY will have “rights” and I do mean NOBODY!

Yet, that’s what it all coming down to, folks. If babies don’t have any rights to life in the womb, then who DOES have rights? And what’s next? FORCED ABORTIONS? (Perhaps it’ll only be forced abortions for Conservatives but still). Folks, they want to very likely eventually make us like countries that have FORCED ABORTIONS! (You think I’m kidding there but I’m really, truly NOT!)

A big part of why the liberals are doing this is ofcourse to rub it in the face of ALL conservatives EVERYWHERE across the world (and not just here in America). But even the most NON-religious out there would somehow HAVE to ask themselves this fateful question: what are they (the liberals) hoping to actually GAIN from this? What type of a world are they really, truly WANTING? And what’s the driving force BEHIND their quest for power against the conservatives – very specifically Christians?

I’ll tell ya what it is: It’s the DEMONIC SPIRITS living INSIDE their hearts, souls and minds that absolutely can not STAND Jesus Christ, the gospel or ANYTHING of American patriotism and/or conservative/biblical values! Why? Because American patriotism and the Christian gospel of Jesus Christ are SO closely entwined together! The nation of America was FOUNDED UPON JESUS CHRIST AND HIS GOSPEL! In fact, THE BIBLE used to be THE ONLY school curriculum back in the late 1800’s and earlier! Did you know that, folks? It wasn’t until “Darwin” and the Evolutionists came along that things started to change!

I’ve been saying for a really long time now that THIS (the type of stuff that we’re all seeing today) is all part of the “EPHESIANS 6:12/ISAIAH 5:20 WAR!” And folks……it’s ONLY gonna get worse! And one of the MANY reasons why this is, is because there’s practically NO major push-back from Christians/Conservatives ON these issues! As a matter of fact, JUST LOOK at how many Christian “churches” support abortion, gay “adoption”, gay “marriage”, and “gay/trans rights” these days! Too many to name! And the non-believing liberals are looking at us Christians (as a whole) and LAUGHING at us:

Well, well, if the holy God of the bible accepts homosexuality and abortion, then I guess he’s not really much of a “God” afterall and I don’t need to change my ways! For EVERYONE will go to heaven, unless they were, like, Hitler or something!

Folks, that’s the THINKING of many non-believing liberals these days! In fact, Lady Gaga just came out and said this several days ago:

Their “end goal” towards Jesus Christ, the bible, the TRUE, natural biological SIGNATURE of God, as well as ALL born-AGAIN Christians is to DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY and MOCK, MOCK, MOCK!

Many Christians these days (as a whole) do a TINY bit of defense FOR Christ/the bible/biblical principles (which is good – don’t me wrong, here) but there’s practically NO OFFENSE! In other words, there’s practically (as a whole) NO MAJOR PUSH-BACK from Christians and that’s WHY evil is starting to get more and more in today’s world.

In closing, I’d just like to say that the very TOP of the World Trade Center lit up in pink? How ironic. It looks just like the tip of a needle – the tip of the potassium chloride killing needle used to kill THE MOST INNOCENT AND HELPLESS OF HUMAN BEINGS – BABIES IN THE WOMB!


Proverbs 6: 16-19These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto himA proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent bloodAn heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren”

And last but not least: A C-section is how you can safely deliver a baby without risking the life of the mother and babies of rape/incest were NOT the one who raped the mother! (P.S.: there is ALWAYS the emergency contraceptive pill a woman can take in the E.R. right after being raped to prevent pregnancy).

Adoption however, is ALWAYS the best option if a raped women does become pregnant and does not want to keep the baby of a rape/incest! By the way, many women who were raped have admitted that KEEPING their rape babies was more “healing” to them in the long run than an abortion would’ve been! Lila Rose HERSELF is a “rape baby” and she’s now the PRESIDENT of Live Action, a PRO-LIFE organization! Lila is a modern-day success story!

That being said, I DO believe that rapists should be punished TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW! Rape is NOT OK! But the babies of rape should be spared as those babies did not ASK to be conceived and can’t help how they were conceived! Two wrongs don’t make a right!

Nevertheless, the MAJORITY of abortions today are NOT done for reasons of rape/incest. They are done for “convenience” of the mother (and possibly father of the baby). But what this new abortion law in New York DOES – is de-criminalize any penalties for killing a pre-born child at ANY stage – up until birth! (Note: The law that the Democratic liberals are now trying to pass in Virginia is EVEN WORSE…….if a baby is born alive during an abortion, the baby will be kept alive for a time and then a “doctor” will immediately discuss with the parents afterwards rather or not to then KILL the baby – HOW HORRIFYING! Now “murder” of a BORN baby – rather premature or not – is OK in this Virginia guy’s eyes? HOW UNREAL!) 

So, in other words, if a father of the baby (or a total complete stranger – or a group of people – or heck, even the mother of the baby HERSELF) decided to PUNCH the pregnant stomach as hard as he/she could right as she was having contractions or shortly thereafter, he/she/they could NOT be found criminally liable FOR the death of that baby (IF the baby died from the physical trauma) in the state of New York! That’s essentially what this new “law” DOES!

Post about this on Facebook, express outrage on Reddit, Youtube, WordPress, Twitter and other social media. And then…….KEEP PROTESTING the new abortion law in New York! Don’t let up! EVER! Make the push-back from this hellacious bill SWIFT & SEVERE! Because the left must learn really fast that their “hellacious antics” are NOT to be tolerated in a civilized, HUMAN society!