Several millions of people in today’s world struggle with depression every day. Many more struggle with SEVERE depression and thoughts of suicide. In fact, many of us or someone we know has either struggled with depression themselves or knows of someone who’s family has been affected by suicide.

And looking around the net, there seems to be several suicide “myths” out there and they are the following:

1. If a person talks about suicide, they won’t actually do it.

2. If a person appears to be fine after talking about suicide, they are fine and there’s no need to worry.

3. Suicidal thoughts only happen to people who come from broken homes or with a criminal or drug history.

4. Suicidal thoughts don’t occur to people who live within affluent, stable homes.

5. If a person is hell-bent on dying, there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

6. Suicidal people don’t leave any signs beforehand.

7. There’s no successful way to pre-screen for suicidal thoughts/tendencies.

8. Severe depression can be “snapped out of”.

9. People that talk about suicide have already made up their minds and don’t want to be helped to overcome their thoughts of depression.

10. Depression (specifically severe depression) is not treatable.

Now, please keep in mind that the following 10 things are a MYTH! Severe depression IS treatable, there ARE successful ways to pre-screen a person for suicidal thoughts and depression itself does NOT discriminate among age, race, religion, class, color, nationality or gender.

If you or anyone you know starts exhibiting the following signs, PAY ATTENTION! And then tell someone IMMEDIATELY! Don’t take it sitting down….

1. A person loses interest in life and previously enjoyable hobbies and activities (such as playing music, reading, etc.)

2. A person starts giving away all of their possessions.

3. A person has most recently gone through a major life change (divorce, break-up, death in the family, etc.)

4. A person (specifically a Christian person) starts to lose their faith in God and/or talks about their major frustrations with God and/or themselves. THIS IS A RED FLAG, people!

5. A person starts talking about how much you mean to them or looking at you like they are never gonna see you again. (It is their way of trying to say goodbye).

6. A person talks or jokes about death, depression and/or suicide, how much better their life would be if they weren’t around. They also might possibly talk about how they plan to do it. (Take all such words SERIOUSLY, people!)

7. A person becomes lonely and isolated and is currently unemployed AND doesn’t go out of the house much anymore. A huge red flag!

8. A person talks about how much they hate their life and/or how worthless they feel and/or how “bad” life is treating them and how they see no way out.

9. A person refuses to let you help them overcome their feelings of pain, depression and hopelessness. (Note: if you don’t know their first & last name & city, get this information IMMEDIATELY and then call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-TALK & report the person as possibly suicidal {{the hotline is a FREE 24-hour service & is staffed by professional people who care}} and/or call the local police department of whatever city they live in. Or, if you’re able to, get the phone-number of their friends or parents and let them know IMMEDIATELY what’s going on).

10. A person becomes extra happy all of a sudden in their lives or extra sad (depending on the what the “norm” is). Extreme feelings of happiness after a long period of isolation/sadness suggest that they’re happy that they’ve finally made up their mind to end it all. And extra sadness after a long period of happiness would ALSO suggest that a person may be going through a really rough, rough time in their lives. So pay attention. There are always subtle hints & clues.

But no matter WHAT, don’t give up on the person. Keep talking to them and trying to find out what’s wrong, keep positively encouraging them to overcome their feelings of depression……KEEP PRAYING FOR THEM NON-STOP and having others pray for the person…….Strongly encourage them to talk to friends and family members and/or a therapist about what’s going on in their lives. Call their family/friends and/or local police department once you have their first and last name & city info….

Do NOT give up on them, no matter what. People that talk about feeling depressed are SERIOUS, people! They do NOT make it up for attention! BELIEVE ME ON THIS!!!!!!!

This post is dedicated to all those who even have been affected by depression and/or suicide in one way or another. I pray that the Lord will heal you & watch over you and guide you and protect you, always. Amen.