Satan has been “at odds” with God the Heavenly Father & Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God since around the time of the creation of the Earth and the Garden of Eden. But getting 1/3 of the angels, Adam and Eve, and Cain to sin was just the beginning. Here in the year 2014, the Earth has become quite a godless place, thanks to Satan and his demons.

And some of you out there (even some Christians) might be wondering on some of these following headlines: “yeah? so what? what’s the big deal?”, but you need to look at the bigger picture. One small “legal” attack on true/biblical Christianity can become a very BIG one if not dealt with at the root! Think about it, folks!

During the time of WWII when Jewish people were in the “very beginning” stages of being harassed, I’m sure many of them thought “you guys just don’t like us because we’re Jewish, end of story” and many of them, though annoyed by the harassment, probably weren’t too overly concerned with it…..Most of them probably didn’t even imagine how BAD things would soon become for they and their people! And once they REALIZED what was going on, by many accounts, it was already “too late”.

So it is with the attack on true, biblical Christianity today. It all started out so “small” (people making fun of Christian people) and then, has slowly seeped into a BIG war on Christianity (now, they want openly gay clergy members, gay marriages, etc.) And while it’s likely too late to try to fight off the war on Christianity LEGALLY, it’s NOT yet too late to fight off the war on Christianity FROM WITHIN ONE’S VERY OWN SOUL!

{NOTE: Each “headline” more or less deals with bible prophecy either directly or INDIRECTLY}.  


1). NY farm fined for declining to book lesbian wedding

2). New Jersey Police Ticket Christian for Scripture Posted on Side of Vehicle

3). Lady Gaga mocks Passover by releasing Satan-glorifying music video

4). 100-year old Ohio church installs 1st openly gay pastor–Church-Gay-Pastor

5). China’s most popular music video for 2014 mocks bible, shows blatant homosexuality/transsexuality

6). Satanist vows to oppose pro-life laws against abortion & calls gay marriage a “sacrament”

7). Christian-owned bridal shop under fire for refusing lesbian gown fitting

8). Courts in Arizona, California recognize Transgender Marriages

9). 9-year old girl barred from school after shaving her head to show support with friend with cancer

10). Gay Activists War Against Christianity

11). Christian baker faces possible prison time for refusing to bake cake for a gay wedding

12). California schools get ready for “gender-neutral bathrooms and locker rooms, etc.”

13). Teacher tells student he can’t read the bible in elementary school classroom during “free reading time”

14). 1st grader told to stop talking about the bible in school during her 1-minute presentation

15). Female student told she can’t read bible during “free reading time” or even do so much as bring it to school with her

16). War on Christians: GLOBAL

17). Bibles removed from Navy rooms

18). New York “soft” on legal punishment for child molesters related to those they molest

19). Large hotel chain in Great Britain removes bibles from rooms

20). A 2007 article from Time Magazine “debates” rather incest should be legal or not,8599,1607322,00.html

while Switzerland (the most “liberal” of all European countries) in 2010 had “legally debated” rather to make it legal in their country or not. But what the “final outcome” of that was, I’m not even sure, nor do I even WANT to know! But this is JUST THE BEGINNING, FOLKS! Just wait until incest legalization spreads like wildfire across Europe and then eventually, across the globe. Imagine just how evil the world will become, THEN (as if the world today is not already evil ENOUGH as it is?) ;(

21). Atheists file lawsuit to remove Christian monument from Oklahoma State Capital Building

22). Student in Tennessee suspended for saying “Bless You” in the Classroom

23). Humanists/Atheists demand Georgia High School football staff stop praying at School

24). Former News Editor fired over his religious views on his “personal blog”

25). Professor accused of assaulting Pro-Lifer and stealing sign

26). Abortion doctor claims he conducts abortion BECAUSE he is “Christian” (BLASPHEMY TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE!)

27). Pro-choicers HARASS Pro-Lifers and are seen by many as “cute” (GROTESQUE!!!!!!)

28). New York City bullying Christians

29). YMCA kicked out Pro-Life Students

30). Wickenburg Christian Academy students told they couldn’t pray on steps of U.S. Supreme Court

31). Openly gay NFL player Michael Sam kisses “boyfriend” on Live TV (Notice how Michael Sam has been dealt alot of blows since doing this……’s part of the Lord’s Judgement against him, I suppose…….so we need to pray for him to get Saved in the name of Jesus before it’s too late!)

32). Christian music artist comes out as a “lesbian”, claims God is “just fine” with her LIVING as one (the scriptures condemn ALL homosexual activity, so she’s been lied to by Satan and his demons! We need to pray for this woman, folks!)

33). ISIS beheading CHILDREN in the Middle East


Pastor (originally ousted for performing gay son’s wedding is REINSTATED)

The Emergent Church EXPLAINED

The Emergent Church EXPOSED


36). Pro-choice proponents attempt to slam Pro-Life bill on late-term abortion

37). Pro-choice proponents chant “Hail Satan” at Pro-Life Protestors outside Texas State Capital building

38). Hobby Lobby threatened with fine if they don’t comply with Obamacare mandate for birth control for its employees (wins in Supreme Court), and then is later legally/personally attacked by its “opponents”

39). New 2014 TV show mocks Jesus Christ

40). 2014 Movies that MOCK Jesus Christ

41). Award-winning Christian Musicians MOCK Biblical Creationists (BLASPHEMY IN ONE OF **THE** HIGHEST FORMS!!!)

42). Kanye West mocks Jesus

43). Christian singer Natalie Grant walks out of Grammy’s after Katy Perry’s “Satanic Performance”

44). Hollywood mocks Christianity with UNBIBLICAL films like Noah, Son of God, etc.

45). Gay activists mock Christianity

46). Mother is forced to remove Cross Memorial she placed for her son killed as he crossed a street after fight with Atheist group

47). Teen exorcist says Harry Potter series full of blatant Satanism

48). Long list of ACTUAL spells in Harry Potter books

49). World of Warcraft is SATANIC!

Demonic Possession from World of Warcraft (demonic possession is REAL, folks!!!!!)


50). Ferguson, Missouri riots

51). A group of Atheists in Wisconsin want a “religious plaque” removed from an elementary school in TEXAS

52). Churches are turning Pro-Homosexuality

53). Satanic Temple fights for school children to “have right to pray to Satan at school”

54). Godless billboard reads: ‘GOOD work in non-mysterious ways’

55). Amazing Atheist on Youtube mocks God for MONEY! (He is a Youtube Partner! The more views he gets, the more money he gets!)

56). Bill Maher mocks God on TV

57). Oprah Winfrey & Joel Osteen place “New Age” teachings into Christianity

58). Speaking in Tongues & what appears to be “demonic possession/babbling” apparently “heals baby out of coma”


60). “Queen James Bible”

61). Jose Luiz Jesus De Miranda falsely proclaims himself THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST

62). Long list of False Prophets & Teachers EXPOSED

63). SEVERAL “Christian” Prophets on Youtube attempting to DECEIVE many, by mixing truth with lies! Their “LIES” are the following:

  • “We no longer NEED to celebrate the Sabbath”
  • “Bible study is of the Devil”
  • “We no longer need to READ the bible”
  • “Jesus Christ already died for our sins, therefore EVERYBODY will go to heaven when we die”
  • “Once saved, always saved”
  • “We don’t NEED to be baptized”
  • “Sunday is the biblical Sabbath”
  • “Jesus Christ HATES it when we study the Jewish roots of Christianity”
  • “You NEED to tithe in order to be financially blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ”
  • “The church building IS the House of God”
  • “It’s perfectly OKAY to celebrate PAGANIZED Christian holidays…….Jesus doesn’t mind”
  • “It’s OK to be gay or even to be gay and Christian……..Jesus don’t care”
  • “Hell is not a real place”
  • “Jesus will never send ANYONE to hell unless they’re Hitler or Stalin, etc.”
  • “Good works will get you into heaven”
  • “It’s OK to have multiple tatoos and piercings”

64). Matthew Vines authors a book called “God & the Gay Christian” that DISREGARDS more than 20 scriptures on homosexuality, thus “claiming” in book “it’s not a sin to be gay”

65). calls Kansas “religious liberty” bill AN ABOMINATION

66). Planned Parenthood uses “sex education” as a scheme to try to sell more abortions

67). Top 12 reasons Planned Parenthood is an evil, evil organization (and these are just the tip of the iceberg, folks! trust me!)

68). The Interfaith Movement


[[[**The quote around 1:57-1:59 is PARTICULARLY CREEPY……listen real closely to his WORDS……“This is the huge cauldron by which we’re gonna cook their souls”it’s almost as if SATAN HIMSELF is speaking through this guy……it’s NO JOKE….HELL IS REAL, FOLKS!!!**]]] Other creepy quotes from the trailer are: “if we do our job right, nobody will even know we’re here (does that NOT sound like a “fallen angel/demon” in the form of a human to YOU?), “it almost sounds like walking on a sea of water” (mocking Jesus walking on water), mockingly crying out “SAVE US!” as an effigy burns, etc. But this “festival” is NO GAME…….it is a WAR FOR YOUR SOUL!!!!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!

And much like the abortion industry, “Burning Man” is BIG BUSINESS for these Pagan folks in charge of it! They charge $400 a ticket and at 60,000-70,000 tickets, they’re making about 24-28 BILLION dollars a year just to “cook people’s souls in their dark spiritual cauldron”, with many attendees “unawares”.

One guy in particular was MARRIED to a woman, came to the Burning Man festival, and then seemed to transform into a feminine “gay man” overnight. There was no quotes of “I’ve been gay my whole life and finally decided to come out of the closet”. No, it was “what if you discover during the Burning Man festival that what you’ve been doing your whole life and the way you’ve been doing things — living a perfectly normal straight life — is WRONG?” In other words, Burning Man seemed to TURN this guy into a “gay man”.

And true, while this guy’s marriage was probably in trouble long before he ever CAME to the Burning Man festival, something about this “festival” and what goes on there seemed to further cement this poor man’s spiritual DEMISE! It seems the “demon spirits” were already calling for this man’s soul far and wide…….first, to seductively draw him INTO the “fest”, and then, to KEEP him there and to brainwash him and “change him”. He has now become someone COMPLETELY different than what he once was. And I’m sure even his ex-wife would say that he seemed to transform into a “feminine gay man” overnight.

The “Burning Man” itself, I suppose, is meant to be a mockery of the Lord Jesus Christ, just like the “10 principles” associated with the “Burning Man Fest” are quite possibly meant to be an open mockery of the “10 commandments”.

(Note: if the music is too distracting, watch the video without the sound on!)


Burning Man gains more affluent, educated following (and *special treatment for the wealthy*, which actually goes AGAINST their principle of INCLUSION!)

70). Fifty Shades of Grey (one of the most GODLESS movies in the year of 2014) mocks Christianity with its main character “Christian” and his mother’s name in the movie, “Grace”

71). Satan’s fight for today’s school children

On May 23, 1971, this sermon was delivered

But in the year 2014, it’s more like THIS:

72). James Foley seems to be  a faked/staged event?

73). Sandy Hook shooting fake?

Mom seems to be using “hand signals” to help 3rd grade remember lines?

74). Islam’s war on Christianity


76). 4 Troops told not to refrain from eating or drinking in front of Muslim colleagues during Ramadan and “encouraged to learn more about Islamic religion” from brigade commander

77). Prayer for injured teen sparks Atheist Outrage

78). Florida school district replaces football chaplains with “life coaches”

79). California school banned “God” from valedictorian graduation speech

80). Soldier forced out of Army for serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches, reading conservative book

81). New Hampshire school defends sexually graphic novel assigned to 14-year olds

82). HGTV hosts have show canceled over “religious views” on homosexuality & marriage

83). Student denied entrance into radiation therapy program due to his Christian faith

84). Jesus not welcome on Valentine’s Day cards at Pennsylvania school

85). X-rated sex ed poster at middle school

86). “Praise Darwin”: University of Connecticut professor’s rant against creationism goes VIRAL

87). Despite Evolution being proven as “false”

many schools and universities today still pass it off as DOCTRINE

88). Professor threatens to lower grade for any student saying “bless you” or for any major “egregarious behavior” during his class

89). “Black Mass” will still go on at Oklahoma City Civic Center, despite surrender of “wafer” to local Diocese [what’s ironic here is that essentially, you have ONE group of “Jewish Christ mockers” (biblically-speaking) mocking another group of “Christ mockers”. So yeah, Satan WILL and CAN mock himself amongst his own, ESPECIALLY if he thinks he can use that “mocking” to CONFUSE people about just WHO the true “Satanists” really ARE!]

90). Christian pastor faces 10 years in prison for protesting cross removals

91). 7th Day Adventist Church faces lawsuit for appointing “known pedophile” to be youth group leader

91). California Catholic Colleges Forced to Provide Abortion Healthcare Coverages [Note: while I don’t agree with Catholic Church theology/practice, this story is definitely not the outlier. What starts in California usually spreads to other states. It will probably only be a matter of time before all OTHER “Christian colleges” — specifically non-Catholic ones — will ALSO be forced to provide Abortion coverage!]

92). Christian woman kidnapped, beaten up by homeless man but says that won’t deter her from feeding the poor

93). Victoria Osteen of Lakewood, Texas church says obedience/worship is for self, not for God (BLASPHEMY!!!!)

94). Alabama megachurch attempts to use “entertainment” to draw people to gospel (UNBIBLICAL!!!!)

95). NARAL Pro-Choice America website attempts to speak out against the so-called “evils” of CPC’s (Crises Pregnancy Centers), claim they have “secret reports” about what goes on inside CPC’s, etc.

96). Federal judge halts key part of Texas abortion law

97). Fox news article attempts to talk about the “positives” of a Microchip implant (ARE YOU SERIOUS????)

98). “International Bacon Day Holiday” (I just find this a bit odd, considering the number of Jews/Muslims/Jewish-roots Christians whom DON’T eat pork/bacon…..and remember what the bible says….what’s popular with mankind is NOT popular with God/Jesus Christ….there seems to be this “aggressive drive” lately, almost a “Satanic-like drive” to try to get people to eat/like bacon/pork or to throw images of bacon/pork and bacon/pork-eating in front of the faces of non-bacon/pork eaters in today’s world……ESPECIALLY in fast food ads, TV programs such as where that guy tries or eats all different types of bacon, etc, or is it just me?? Has anyone else noticed this, lately?)

99). Arizona man arrested for burning and urinating on bible in front of Christian-oriented homeless shelter

100). Couple in NY has decided to close their wedding venue rather than be forced to violate their religious beliefs on “gay marriage”

101). Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival in Colorado (this is Paganistic and UNBIBLICAL….akin to WORSHIP OF THE DEAD!)

102). NCCL claims “we can’t prove sex with children does them harm” (SICKENING!!!!!!!)


 104). Judge finalizes order finding polygamy law unconstitutional

105). “Catholic Church” must now welcome unconventional couples says Italian bishop

106). Political Correctness about Muslims lead UK officials to Ignore Reports of Sex Abuse

107). Croatia church DENIES permission for filming of Nude Scene for Game of Thrones TV series (it’s nice & refreshing to see a church stand up for the faith! Go Croatia!)

108). Topless dancers picket outside a church

109). Support of same-sex marriage (among Christians) seems to increase support for OTHER “immoral behaviors”, such as adultery, study finds

110). Catholic coaches had sex with students over a long period of time, administrators did NOTHING

 111). Fantasy Football Fox MOCKS 10 commandments!

112). Lord’s Prayer in Venezuela turns “BLASPHEMOUS”

113). South Carolina transgendered teen sues local DMV for not being allowed to wear “make-up” for driver’s liscense photo

114). “The Age of Entitlement”: City spends about $7,000 to appeal $37.50 fine levied against mayoral candidate

115). Pastor shot & wounded in Wyoming church after intercepting burglary

117). Family has “husband/father” come out as “gay”, then…..”woman marries a man…..then a woman” (proving sexuality is “flexible” and a “choice”)

118). Brother and sister have sex in church parking lot

119). Youtube yanked pastor’s sermon on ISIS

120). Magazine article attempts to paint being an “active homosexual” with HIV+ as a “GOOD THING”

121). Hindu extremists pass laws restricting Christianity

123). State of California says all health insurance must cover abortions

124). Award-winning “Christian” music artist Gungor proclaims that Jesus “lied” about Genesis (BLASPHEMY TO THE MOST ABSOLUTE HIGHEST DEGREE!!!!!!)

125). The “Blasphemy Challenge” tempts teens to curse God, but forces them to be responsible for their own actions “if there IS actually a God” (and there IS a God, the God of the bible is REAL, folks!)

126). Celebrities, etc. claim they have had “sex with ghosts”

127). LEGO Movie Paints God as “The Bad Guy” (BLASPHEMOUS!!!!)

128). Transgenders should serve OPENLY in the military, claim former generals

129). Women bare chests for “topless equality”

 130). Gay marriage bans over-turned


132). SECOND crime associated with “Slender man” (Satan): Demonstration of Matthew 24:12

 133). 1/3 of Americans want God out of Pledge

134). Presbyterian church, places “gargoyle” by its bell tower, has “history of code violations” (a woman killed, as a result):

135). Members of a Catholic Cult nearly starve 9-year old girl to death!!!

136). Football players force to remove “crosses” from helmets that were attempting to memorialize 2 dead members

137). Public nudity on TV shows now seems to be the “current theme” in 2014:

138). Pope Francis says all those “Christians” out there who do not feel as though Mary is their “mother” are “spiritual orphans”

*Note: This goes back to the Ecumenical thing where the Catholic Church calls itself “the Mother church” and all the rest of Christian churches “Protestant Churches”

139). Gay Parade In Jerusalem Brings DISASTER to Israel

140). NJ court upholds ban on Gay Conversion Therapy

141). Cardinal says U.S. ‘Creed’ on Gay Marriage Like Sharia Law

*Note: While I don’t agree with ANYTHING the Catholic Church believes or practices, I DO agree with the guy’s point that gay marriage is being AGGRESSIVELY shoved down Christian’s/Americans’ throats, today

142). Gay Rights Groups Heads to the “Bible Belt” South

143). Chinese ‘censors’ watch around 700 pornographic films a week

144). Supreme Court to discuss Gay Marriage

145). New TV show entitled “The New Normal” mocks Jesus Christ, the bible and Christianity

146). Virginia Congregation Worships IN THE NUDE

147). Man says people should BURN images of “Cracker Jesus”

148). Store in UK bars Jewish students from entering,7340,L-4571937,00.html

Note: Anti-semitism is ON THE RISE in Europe and the UK. Even here in America in New York, there’s most recently been a PRO-PALESTINIAN march through the streets. It is no doubt the beginning of the End. It’s almost like we’re revisiting Nazi Germany all over again in its very beginning stages. If this doesn’t concern you at all, it SHOULD!

149). U.S. Airforce removes “So help me God” from Oath

150). Transgender books latest publishing boom

151). Rise of “False Christs” around the world who claim they are “2nd Coming of Jesus Christ”

152). Climate change scientists (climate change has been PROVEN to be a lie) turn to Catholic Church/Pope Francis (another false religious system) in order to “further their agenda”

153). 13-year old California boy gets suspended for sharing lunch with another student

154). California study “claims” lifting ban on blood donations from homosexual men will “save many lives” [[Yet, no word on how the blood will be safely tested and re-tested…….plus think about it…….ANY gay man could LIE on the form and CLAIM they’ve had no sexual partners in a year…… does the blood donation clinic know they’re telling the truth? Answer: They don’t!! Plus who’s to say that someone high up in power isn’t somehow secretly using this technique to SPREAD the AIDS virus? Yes……SPREAD it…….Think about the Ebola virus and all these “mystery viruses” cropping up…….WAKE UP!!! For these “skyrocketing virus rates” ARE. NO. ACCIDENT.]]

155). “Disgraced televangelist” now sells “apocalypse food”

156). Federal Judge encourages “rape licenses” (yes, you read that correctly……..rape LICENSES)

157). First transgender news anchor claims “he has ridden himself of his demons” (I refuse to call him a HER……he is simply a HE….)

158). Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court performs her 1st “Same sex wedding”

159). Westfield, New Jersey home-school parents are told their “curriculum” must be “common core” standards (and it just goes to show you why we should NEVER bow down to “peer pressure” but instead, hold true to our OWN christian principles!)

160). Egyptian writer wants to “sue Israel” over the biblical 10 plagues

161). “Climate change” marchers “bow down” to STATUE in New York City

162). Two Lesbians commit “biological fraud” in order to “marry”

163). “Big Gay” wants “gay history” mandate in ALL schools across America

164). “Forced abortions” in China

165). Beautification brings out “Opus Dei”

166). Reverend, Imam and Rabbi join faiths for “House of One”

167). Stephen Hawking prefers “science” over “God”, not fully realizing that God IS science and that God CREATED science

168). DAMAGING, misleading “5th Gospel”


170). Yoga and Meditation is DEMONIC!!!

171). High school teachers have “group sex” with student

172). Students/Parents/Teachers PROTEST the teaching of “Patriotism” in today’s schools (what a sad, sad day in America, INDEED! According to today’s “liberal pro-Muslim/pro-Satanic view” becoming more and more prominent among today’s “Americans”, it should be in no time at all that “the darkness” overtakes our U.S. American country!)

173). The spread of “Ebola” is likely a “conspiracy” (deadly “viruses” are created in laboratories every single day……and the CDC funds it…….big pharma, people…….big pharma….and big pharma is BIG MONEY for these folks……WAKE UP, PEOPLE!)

174). Christian body-builder couple starts “Christian swingers club”

175). Target commercial features “lesbian couple” that are *expecting baby*

176). Satanic commercials GALORE

177). An article states “facts about Emma Watson that give us life” (ONLY JESUS GIVES LIFE!!!!!)

178). A New York Times Op-ed says that pedophiles should have “civil rights” (note: first, it was gay rights, then it was “tranny rights”, and now, the liberal Satanists are gunning for pedophile rights)

 179). Nebraska school wants “gender-neutral classrooms”

180). “Gay marriage” has now come to “CONSERVATIVE” Kansas! 😦

181). Pastor admits he has AIDS, slept with flock, etc.

182). College University to offer first free “abortion class” (SICKENING!!!!!!!)

183). California Churches (big surprise) now forced to provide “abortion coverage” in their insurance

184). Catholic Church (not surprisingly) now accepts “civil union”, etc.

185). 10-year old has “temper tantrum”, brutally beats 90 year old woman

186). City of Houston demands pastors hand over sermons (and this is only the beginning, folks! It will get much, much worse! MARK MY WORDS!)

 187). Vatican “astronomer” says “bible not to be taken literally” (BLASPHEMY!!!!)

188). Federal Judge strikes down Alaska gay marriage ban

189). Witchcraft-related child abuse on the rise in London

190). World Health Organization (WHO) says Ebola is “airbourne”, while CDC claims it’s only through “bodily fluids” (why the disconnect? why the disagreement? Suspicious….)

191). Mosque of Oklahoma BEHEADER, PRAISED by Obama official

192). Article talks about “harassment” felt by “gay employees” at Chic fila-A (If you’re “gay” and work at a chic-fil-a, to begin with, what did you EXPECT? That would be like ME trying to get a job at a MUSLIM-run company and then whining and bitching that I had to wear a “head covering” while on the job!!! But again, there’s a whole bigger AGENDA going on here……the LGBT is PURPOSELY placing gay people at Chickfila to INFILTRATE it and to try to change ITS view on gay marriage, etc. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!)

193). City of Houston goes after pastors AGAIN, for the 2ND TIME, now demanding to have “all speeches and presentations” regarding LGBT topics turned over (wow….speech…sermon…same thing, isn’t it?)

194). The “cancer” of “gay marriage” continues in SEVEN more states [what is this world coming to!!!?? ;( And TRUST ME, it’s NOT about “equality” so much as it is about “OPEN PROMOTION OF SIN”!!! The bible is very clear! Homosexual sex is SODOMY and those who continually partake in it are SODOMITES and will be ETERNALLY CONDEMNED someday by Jesus Christ Almighty if they continue in that lifestyle, sad but true!]

 195). Once again, they proudly display “God’s rainbow” for THEIR sin and call that “pride”

196). Medical students can now partake of a FREE ABORTION CLASS (BEYOND SICKENING!)

197). Article “whines” about the decline of women wanting to become nuns (and all I can say on this one is PRAISE GOD! For the Catholic Church is FALSE!)

198). Abortion SUPPORTER says that abortion (the killing of one’s own baby) SHOULD BE CELEBRATED (SICKENING!!!!)

199). Megachurch preacher FORCES abortions, masectomies, looks at little boys naked (GROTESQUE!!!)

200). Supreme Court HALTS Texas law requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges (and abortion, as we know, is child sacrifice to the devil on the “altar” of “abortion procedures”)


201). Russian website launches “Miss Hitler” beauty pageant

(The main source of the article’s quote is QUITE CHILLING……perhaps she doesn’t REALLY believe/feel like that and is just trying to “fit in” to win a “beauty contest”, in and of itself, but it’s as if she’s talking about her latest favorite movie or something! WAKE UP PEOPLE! For this is the “new generation” of young people across the world today who are full of hate, prejudice, and WITHOUT GOD! See parents! This is what happens when you raise your kids WITHOUT GOD! They become moral-less and godless! God help us ALL!) 😦,7340,L-4581508,00.html

 202). City threatens to arrest ministers who refuse to perform same-sex weddings, as per their biblical beliefs

203). Houston pastors might now face JAIL TIME for preaching against “homosexuality”

204). Incest “possibly” about to become legal in Germany (and trust me, this is ONLY the beginning. Soon, OTHER countries will “want in on all the fun” and start legalizing incest TOO, just watch!!!!!!)

205). The niece of Dr. Luther King speaks out against “a nation and government that has turned its back on God” (it’s nice and refreshing to finally see SOMEBODY publicly addressing this issue!!!!!)

206). “Schism” in Catholic Church over treatment of “gays” and “divorced people” (and this just proves my point that we can’t decide HOW to interpret the bible and then roll with it, we must let the bible ITSELF speak for the bible and leave our own “human traditions” OUT of it!)

207). Former Nazis that came to America before later getting kicked out of America collected millions in U.S. Social Security Benefits

208). This is actually from 2 years ago but is a PRIME EXAMPLE of the type of “society” and “world” we live in, today! ;(

209). Satan (through Satanic-like doctors) SO desperately wanted this one couple’s baby ABORTED but they REFUSED to abort and their baby, Joshua, was born COMPLETELY NORMAL! [And I personally think that God must have a really awesome plan and purpose for this precious little tyke, which is WHY Satan wanted him aborted so badly! Just goes to show ya! Many doctors that speak of “fetal abnormalities” LIE and ALL abortion comes from Satan, I’m telling ya!!!! If this story doesn’t prove that fact to you, then I don’t know what does!!!!!!!]

210). 100,000 Atheists are “Unbaptized”

211). Northern Ireland sex workers protest against anti-prostitution bill

212). Satan “told him to do it”

213). J Mic says she feels “trans” inside and would LOVE to have a “gay son” (yup, that’s right, she’s “confused” & pressuring her son TO become gay….)

214). American Atheists launch provocative BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN in deep South

 215). Satanic Temple has Holiday display APPROVED for Capital rotunda display

216). An evangelist claims America is making war on Christmas, but the truth is that the celebration of Christmas (in and of itself) is NOT EVEN BIBLICAL!!!!!

217). The spirit of Fred Phelps is alive and well today

218). Maine District to pay $75,000 in Transgender Restroom Suit

219). Rick Warren claims Catholics and Christians are “on the same team” (BLASPHEMY!)

220). Transgender Documentary series coming to (of all places) ABC FAMILY!

221). NY tells insurers to cover transgender treatment

223). 10-year old boy in adult county lock-up after beating and punching a 90-year old woman to death

224). One conversation can change minds on same-sex marriage, “study finds”

225). Abortion is REALLY secretly about EUGENICS OF MINORITIES (yup, you heard me right!)

226). “Christian” claims that the bible does NOT condemn astrology (BLASPHEMY!!!!!!)

227). Student told to drop class if he “doesn’t support gay marriage”

228). Colorado High School tells student(s) to stop praying during “free time”


December 2014:

229). Bill Nye “claims” that teaching creationism makes kids less intelligent; “whines” about people who don’t believe the proven-to-be-false-*theory* about Evolution

230). Amidst the controversy of Neil Degrasse not including a God-centric explanation for his series “Cosmos”, another group of non-believers decided to create a short “mockumentary” on the “Christian contribution to science”

231). French parliament readies law for end-of-life legislation–business.html

232). Islamic vocab lesson part of “Common Core” (NO OTHER RELIGIONS WERE ADDED FOR *VOCAB LESSONS*….INTERESTING!)

233). Ban on gay men “donating blood” has now ended (Thing is, they can always “lie” about when they had their last sexual contact. How can you trust that ALL of them are even “honest” on the donation forms???)

234). Death penalty for “bible smugglers” in Saudi Arabia

235). Ultrasound law a “free speech violation”

236). Pope claims MARY was “immaculately conceived” like Jesus (BLASPHEMY!!!!)

237). Controversial author Rob Bell turns “self-help guru” on Oprah Winfrey’s network

238). Homosexuals file complaint against minister who refused to “marry them”

239). Muslims to offer “Muslim prayer” at Washington CATHEDRAL

240). Prominent pastor claimed “Jesus is not the gospel”, died in plane crash

241). Rick Warren claims ALL Christians should “join forces” with the pope and the Catholic Church

242). Pope claims “the Christian who doesn’t feel that Mary is his or her mother is an orphan” (BLASPHEMY!!!)

243). Egypt bans “Exodus” film due to HISTORICAL INACCURACIES! (Go Egypt!)

244). Australian judge says “incest” may no longer be taboo due to abortion and contraceptives

245). (Did I just READ THIS correctly?) Pro-abortion reverend calls pro-lifers “wolves” and “false prophets” (WHAT….?????)

246). IDF to support “transitioning” transgender recruits,7340,L-4608141,00.html

247).  Same-sex marriage is the “SPIRITUAL CANCER” of the 21st century–that-wont-go-away/20925663/