One doesn’t have to look far to try to decipher the mindset of Satan. In fact, the bible gives us NUMEROUS descriptors to describe him. The bible says he is:

  • ETC.

Dear Mankind, it’s been SO easy for Satan the destroyer to trick and deceive you. Many humans today are SO BLIND! Just like the angels whom he got to rebel (before you)! You are all (as a whole) SO easily tricked and manipulated that it’s not even funny! And 90% of the time, you don’t even see him coming! SAD! All it takes is just a little “smidgen” of doubt/tough circumstances/questioning or a little “smidgen” about “another faith” and your faith in Jesus Christ is shaken! MY SOUL IS GRIEVED!  

Many an atheist and those that worship him are the most “easy pickins” of all! All he has to do is throw in a little bit of “science”, a little bit of “evolution”, and a little bit of false promised “freedom” and they’re immediately game! They (as a whole) never bother to check the facts for themselves or to dwelve TOO deeply into the “holes” in the “theory” of Evolution and for that, I am sure he, Satan, is very grateful!

True, he will be thrown into everlasting flame someday but again, SO WILL ALL OF YOU (that he successfully gets to ETERNALLY REJECT Jesus Christ and his “ways” in the bible, that is!) And my oh my how I GRIEVE for all of you! For all of you Christ-rejecters seem to have NO IDEA of the “eternal flames of torment” that you’re headed for, someday!

And it was SO easy for him, coming up with the total LIES of Islam, the Catholic and Mormon “churches” and abortion/the “war on women”! So easy, it could likely make him cry tears of GLEE, just thinking about it!

One of his demons posing as “Gabriel” (Muslims), another one of his demons posing as “apparition of Guadalupe” (Catholics) and yet ANOTHER set of his demons posing as “heavenly apparition(s) to Joseph Smith” (Mormons) and a WHOLE NEW SET of *false religions* were born! And neither of the 3 adherents to such religions (as a whole) are NONE THE WISER! And that personally couldn’t make him happier, more than likely! 

And those of them NOT deceived by those 3 religions, he was able to deceive through OTHER religions (such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Ultra-Orthodox/Orthodox Judaism, Shintoism, “PAGANIZED CHRISTIANITY”, Jehovah’s Witness, etc.). And furthermore, whoever wasn’t deceived by THOSE set 8 religions, he was able to trick through the power of DENOMINATIONS! “Christian” denominations that pick and choose what parts of the bible they want to believe in, as IF they are going to a fast-food drive-thru! And none of the “adherents” are none the wiser!

And to all you “Christian churches” out there today that follow the *false* SUN-DAY Sabbath and not the true, biblical SATURDAY Sabbath? Sadly, he’s done it again! His MASTERPIECE! Of that in which he is likely most pleased! Next to all you “Christian churches” out there that now accept the *abomination* of “gay marriage”!!!!!!! Man….just a little bit of pressure from the “pro-gay lobby” and you CAVED! That likely makes him very proud! And it was much easier than he, Satan, had originally thought! Too easy!

Many of you (as a whole) haven’t even read your bibles and don’t even know what’s in there in the first place, so his tricking you is quite easy. TOO EASY, in fact. As a matter of fact, he probably gets SO BORED sometimes BECAUSE tricking you is SO EASY. Plus some of you are SO naive, and SO blind, that he could probably come full-swing ahead by announcing to you in person or in a dream: “hi, I’m the devil and I’m here to deceive you” and some of you would just think that that *was the coolest thing in the world*, not knowing that after you die, you will be ETERNALLY CONDEMNED BY THE MOST HIGH! 

Many of you who “profess” to love and worship Satan NOW will someday come to RESENT HIM as you stand there, BURNING IN THE ETERNAL FLAMES OF TORMENT! But he won’t give a CARE about that! He’ll just likely be happy knowing that he was able to deceive you and take you AWAY from the one and only being in the universe (Jesus Christ Almighty) who COULD’VE saved you from the eternal flames of TORMENT (had you listened TO and obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ while you were yet still living and had chances to repent!) Though Satan himself will be tormented in the flames, watching some of YOU being tortured in the flames will be more than likely feel “worth it” to him! 

Many “Christians” today aren’t even much of a “challenge” to Satan anymore, really. It’s SO easy for him to TRICK a person into getting addicted to alcohol and drugs, to convince someone to cheat on their spouse or significant other, to kill their unborn babies for “convenience”, to kill their own selves by committing suicide, to party party party till they drop and to “abandon the bible – KJV – altogether, for the sake of *modern day philosophy and modern day living*!”

And the most TERRIBLE thing? 98% of folks don’t even REALIZE just HOW MUCH he actually controls today’s “pop culture” and “mass media”. He OWNS it! He CONTROLS IT! It is HIS! (Atleast for the time being….) And those that “over-consume it” adhere to HIM – SATAN, and NOT Jesus Christ! People these days are FAR too busy watching the Grammy Awards, Desperate Housewives, etc., or listening to the latest music/watching the latest movie or TV shows that they “just don’t have TIME for Jesus in their lives”. And SADLY, **THAT** is the VERY thing that gives Satan and his demons a FOOTHOLD in a person’s life!

And when it all comes down to it, Satan doesn’t really care HOW he takes someone away from Jesus Christ and his eternal truth(s), just AS LONG **AS** he takes someone away from Jesus Christ. It’s absolutely ABOMINABLE what his demons of depression, hate, lust and despair are able to do in today’s world! 

They make his job of overtaking souls SO effortless and EASY! In fact, just look at all the “stars” and “famous people” today! Do you think they all got there just by chance? HA! They practically all made a blood contract with HIM – SATAN in exchange for THEIR VERY SOULS!

Not to  mention that his demons (working through Luciferian humans), collectively called “The Luciferian establishment”, controls their every move. So no, they’re really not FREE, afterall, as some might think, but are ENSLAVED to SATAN and his demons! Nothing makes Satan more satisfied! (And for HIM, the longer he can get them and KEEP them there in the “world of spiritual darkness/depravity”, the better…..but MY, OH MY how much the Lord Jesus Christ is GRIEVED at such things!!!!!!) 

Spreading wars and chaos and mass disorder around the world has no been NO difficult feat for him. Because once the 325A.D. Council of Nicea got things rolling for him, it was all pretty much a BREEZE after that. Most Christians don’t even know the history of their own “church” and thus, not knowing what the bible teaches, they’ll fall for almost ANY lie! In fact, they ALREADY HAVE! (The false Sun-Day Sabbath, for one. Gay marriage for another. Abortion for a third).

Oh and one of his most proudest “accomplishments” YET (or one of them, anyways) was to DO AWAY WITH THE LORD’S 7 **BIBLICAL** FEASTS outlined in Leviticus 23! It wasn’t very hard to convince some of the early “Christians” that they were “Jewish feasts ONLY” and to be “done away with!” Now today, hardly ANY Christians even knows what they even are, let alone celebrates them! Satan’s work on the Earth working towards mass destruction and destruction of all those who TRULY adhere to Jesus Christ/Yeshua and the bible is almost complete! 

He gots the Orthodox Jews in his pocket! Tricking them into believing that Jesus Christ was NOT the true prophesied Jewish Messiah was easy as pie! (They don’t even REALIZE that the Jews of old/Rabbinical “councils” (as a WHOLE), KNEW that Jesus Christ was the Messiah but did not WANT to publicly admit it for fear of the loss of power among the Jewish people! Therefore, they invented their own “writings” that deny Jesus Christ that furthered their OWN power and their OWN agendas over the people!) The fear of the loss of power over a people and a NATION was such a POWERFUL motivator for the Biblical Rabbis (Rabbinical Council) to deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, wasn’t it? 

[[[But again, it says in Matthew 28: 11-15 Now when they were going, behold, some of the watch came into the city, and shewed unto the chief priests all the things that were done. And when they were assembled with the elders, and had taken counsel, THEY GAVE LARGE MONEY UNTO THE SOLDIERS, Saying, SAY YE, ‘HIS DISCIPLES CAME BY NIGHT, AND STOLE HIM AWAY WHILE WE SLEPT’. And if this come to the governor’s ears, we will persuade him, and secure you. SO THEY TOOK THE MONEY AND DID AS THEY WERE TAUGHT: and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day”

Translation? The Rabbinical Council Jews (as a whole) payed off the Roman soldiers guarding outside the tomb of Jesus Christ to LIE and FALSELY CLAIM that Jesus’s disciples stole his RESURRECTED BODY, BY NIGHT!]]]

Basically, Satan took a 10-fold approach with humanity when it came to deceiving them and taking them AWAY from the eternal truth of Jesus Christ! One of his BEST kept secrets (as of late) is how he took all the MODERN DAY bible translations and claimed through his false representatives to create “more accurate translations”.

He (along with the help of his demonic representatives) changed and moved THOUSANDS of words around and even OMITTED several words, in violation of Revelation 22: 18-19! But yet, most humanoids haven’t even READ the book of Revelation and don’t EVEN know what’s in there, sadly speaking! And my how this GRIEVES Jesus’s spirit, for there is a specific blessing to those who read it AND obey its *righteous commands!* It also foretells the future and warns of the ETERNAL DANGER of taking THE MARK OF THE BEAST! Something that EVERY human should hear!

He also likes to spread the LIE that HE – SATAN, is NOT REAL! He just LOVES it when the humanoids blame THE MOST HIGH GOD for all the evil that’s in the world today instead of blaming HIM – SATAN, the master of chaos and destruction! In Hindu culture, he has a FEMALE component (Kali), as that makes him *appear* “more likeable”. 

In Mormon culture, he was able to MOST SUCCESSFULLY spread the lie that he and Jesus Christ were “brothers”! And can you believe that some of you humanoids out there actually buy it? How BLIND can some human beings BE? Obviously VERY, which is why his job is FAR TOO EASY, sometimes. Okay, ALOT of the time……..Most of the time………

Therefore, Satan is always trying to think of more logical and “creative” ways to fool people, where they’re not totally sure if something is “feasible” or not, like a dream or vision that one “can’t seem to figure out” and that they constantly focus on. And then, he can USE that dream or vision to try to take a person AWAY from the eternal truths of Jesus Christ, slowly and surely! (But IF not, he has several OTHER means at his disposal to try to “tempt” a person away from Jesus Christ Almighty!)

Another way in which Satan VEHEMENTLY ATTACKS is through what is called ***THE JUSTIFICATION OF SIN!*** When one says to themselves, “Oh, it’s not REALLY that bad……Jesus’ll understand”, there’s a SERIOUS SPIRITUAL PROBLEM! For Jesus does NOT “Okay” or “Justify” ANY SIN! Rather it’s a big sin or a small one! In Jesus’s eyes, sin is sin and there’s absolutely NO justification(s) for it! SO DON’T BE FOOLED, CHRISTIANS! 

And to those Christians out there who DO repent of your sins? He’s not that worried………he likely figures you’ll be back in his grasp again……..SOONER OR LATER. If he can’t get you with the sins of lust or suicide, he’ll get you with something else. And oftentimes, when you very LEAST expect it. Even some of you “elite” Christians are actually very easy for him to handle. You’re much too “lukewarm” these days (as a whole), WAY too focused on Facebook, Youtube, what’s on TV/at the movies, the “big football game”, your Twitter feed, etc.! 

For though you pray for forgiveness of your sins, and repent of them to the best of your ability, it’s obvious that you don’t HONOR and PRAISE the creator enough, and so using that against you is SO EASY! (I wonder how many of you actually REALIZE the total DEPTHS that Satan goes to, in order to try to deceive you? Question: Do you even CARE? He will go to the ends of the Earth and back, looking for ANY and ALL types of ways to deceive you!)

Many people think he stops at just ONE way to deceive a person. But he’s not stupid by ANY means. He takes a 10-pronged approach. He tries to attack a person not just with ONE thing in their lives but SEVERAL THINGS. Because when a humanoid is “overwhelmed” with sins in their life, it’s pretty darn easy to KEEP THEM DOWN and OUT OF THE COUNT for awhile, isn’t it?

Oftentimes, when a Christian is focused on ONE area of life, it’s really, really easy for him and his demonoids to just slip in there and SIDESWIPE them on ANOTHER thing! And before they know it, that person is down and out for the count! Sad! So sad! It grieves the Lord Jesus Christ (the BIBLICAL JESUS CHRIST – not the the False, Catholic-leaning Paganized Christ taught in the churches today) at his VERY HEART

And though Satan and his demonoids try to project Satan’s “image” in the best light possible, the crux of the matter is that Satan (as well as demons, even) HATES humans! That’s right, ALL HUMANS! From the time of Adam and Eve, up until now! EVEN those humans who profess to “worship him, Satan”! They’re nothing but robots and he has ZERO RESPECT for them, quite honestly!

The Lord God Heavenly Father decided to cast him and his demons out of heaven but for SOME reason, he wants mankind to have the green light for forgiveness through Jesus Christ! Satan thinks it’s not fair! (Plus the demons think it’s not fair!) Satan and his demons want ALL humans to ROAST IN THE ETERNAL FLAMES like they will! Because, in HIS mind, if he Satan (and his demons) has to eternally suffer, then SO DO all others!

He’s not TOO concerned about the Lord’s “little flock” that will rejoice with him within the city of New Jerusalem, someday! For he figures they will be few and far between, anyhow! He, Satan, will no doubt get to have the MAJORITY of souls sent to the ETERNAL FLAMES OF TORMENT! He knows he wasn’t able to win the “war in heaven” but he (UNFORTUNATELY), WILL win over the ETERNAL FATE of the souls of MANY men, women and children! They are HIS (sadly).

For every “soul” that’s snatched outta his hands (PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!), he will likely gain 33+ more! So the Lord’s people MUST come together and start witnessing for the Lord Jesus Christ/Salvation LIKE CRAZY! There’s NOT much time left, beloved! 

He will battle Jesus Christ and his heavenly army at the Battle of Armageddon…….and he STILL thinks (within his own mind) that he’ll actually be able to pull it off……and defeat the Lord of hosts. 

Many children are molested and women raped in Satan’s ungodly name EVERY SINGLE DAY and Satan couldn’t be happier! Satan’s also ELATED (more like ECSTATIC) when people kill and murder each other for MONEY! Because as they say “money is the root of all evil!” But what they REALLY mean is “money is the root of Satan!” Promise people a life of money and luxury and some’ll sign over their very SOULS to him! They don’t realize how long an ETERNITY is, do they? (Oh how the BIBLICAL LORD JESUS CHRIST is GRIEVED at such things!) 

And people that WORSHIP musicians and celebrities? That’s Satan’s groundwork right there! In fact, Satan DESIGNED the “entertainment industry” from the ground up, and OF it, he is extremely proud! He also designed sodomy as well! And with all the modern gay pride parades, etc., sodomy is a “much celebrated RIGHT” in this world, today! And VERY, VERY FEW people realize that He, Satan, is behind it all! 

While the most of YOU are saying “Satan doesn’t exist” or that “Satan is so great/just misunderstood”, blah blah blah, Satan’s secretly LAUGHING BEHIND THE SCENES, giddy with GLEE, knowing that IF he is ABLE to keep you away from Jesus Christ until the day you die, that you’ll SOMEDAY TORTUOUSLY BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY IN THE FLAMES! You will VERY LOUDLY and MOST TORTUOUSLY cry out for the Lord Jesus Christ to save you from the flames but he WON’T heed your cries and Satan will be laughing!

There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and unquenchable thirst and hunger and desire for companionship but you will NOT be satisfied, however Satan WILL BE (atleast to a small certain extent!) For he will no doubt get GREAT SATISFACTION out of KNOWING that YOU all are NOT satisfied and that HE (in his dreadful ungodly name and schemes) was able to eternally take you away from Jesus Christ!

Which is and which will no doubt, be remembered by Satan as one of his most greatest accomplishments! It will be SO SAD! The MOST PAINFUL realization in the flames will be that YOU COULD’VE PREVENTED IT! You could’ve SPARED YOURSELF FROM THE FLAMES **if only** you had listened to the bible, Jesus Christ himself, and/or the Lord’s people during the End Times! 

Those of you out there who have decided to 100% adhere to Jesus Christ and his teachings and of whom silently “declared war” on Satan? Look out! Your time is coming! And his attacks WON’T be pretty! In fact, they will even ESCALATE, as time goes on! Non-believing friends, family and coworkers will likely TURN on you, when you least expected it! They will make fun of you due to your faith in Jesus etc., but don’t let that distract you from serving the one and only TRUE God (the Lord of hosts! Jesus Christ Almighty!) 

In fact, get ready for an ALL OUT SPIRITUAL WAR! Are you ready to face the master of destruction? For he is like a ROARING LION, waiting about, seeking whom he can devour. And he will STOP AT NOTHING to spiritually devour you COMPLETELY, if he is able! I pray in the Lord’s heavenly name that ALL of the Lord’s people will hold fast to truth/the bible and be able to withstand his attacks! Many of his attacks are silent but SPIRITUALLY DEADLY.

Furthermore, are you ready to meet THE LORD OF HOSTS on the Day of Judgement? What will YOU say before a holy, righteous God? “I’m sorry Lord, my sin was much too important to me while living”. That’s not gonna fly with the Lord Jesus of all creation! For on the Day of Judgement, his wrath will be poured out IN FULL against ALL unrighteousness!

Ever seen a VIOLENT thunderstorm? That’s just a VERY small taste of the Lord Jesus’s Wrath! Imagine his wrath IN FULL!!!!!!!!!!! He has the ability to shake the Earth & the waters with just the mere sound of his voice! He SPOKE the universe into existence!!!! Therefore, is the Lord of all creation REALLY a being you want to get ETERNALLY on the wrong side of? I think not!!!!! Think about it, folks!

P.S.: I pray that ALL souls that read this will be saved in the heavenly Lord’s name and that they will DEFY Satan and his demons and his false doctrines with everything they GOT within their spirit and also that they will help bring many OTHER souls to Salvation in Jesus Christ before it’s too late! Amen.

— Sincerely, Someone Who Cares


I WILL say this, in closing. If you are NOT being attacked or ridiculed for your faith or dealing with some “major temptations” of some sort, then you’re doing something wrong in your spiritual walk with Christ. While it’s true that Satan tempts ALL humans (rather they’re “righteous/humble” Christians or not), his DEGREE of attack signifies how STRONG your walk with the Lord Jesus is…..

The MORE STRONGLY Satan and his demons attack, the MORE in good standing you are with the Lord Jesus Christ. And the LESS Satan and his demons attack you, the MORE WEAK you’re standing with the Lord Jesus Christ is. Also pay close attention to the people around you. Know someone who’s a practicing Satanist or Wiccan? Study their behavior CLOSELY. If they seem mad at you for no reason, that means you’re strong in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. But if they seem HAPPY or “OK” with you, that means there’s something WRONG; something that’s holding you BACK from the Lord Jesus Christ and Salvation.

Have you most recently bought or displayed anything that could be considered an “idol”? If so, that could be one of the many “spiritual doorways” that are attracting demons to enter your home, your mind, your heart and/or your life. Make sure to get rid of ALL IDOLS from your home: dream catchers, crystal balls, black candles, ouija boards, Illuminati cards, playing cards, abstract art, Catholic “statues”, Buddha/Krishna/Kali statues, pentagrams or pentagram jewelry, rock n’ roll albums or posters, posters of any people (INCLUDING Jesus), books about the Occult, Occultic items/movies/posters, etc.

Also try to make sure that there’s no unrepentant sin that you need to take care of in your life……..a sin that’s holding you back from Jesus…….as that’s ANOTHER way for demonic spirits and/or Satan to try to “legally spiritually declare” that they “got dibs on you”, sort’ve speak. Atleast for the time being until you GET that unrepentant sin REPENTED OF and DEALT WITH, in the name of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! And repent of that sin A.S.A.P.! Because tomorrow is never guaranteed and if you DIE in that sin, you will be ETERNALLY JUDGED for any and ALL unrepentant sin! ;( 

Also as well: The bible says that TRUE, bible-believing, bible-adhering Christians who have 100% FAITH in Jesus Christ (the BIBLICAL JESUS CHRIST, not the false, Catholic Paganized one taught in churches today) have the power to CAST OUT DEMONS! So never forget that, folks! But please remember that Jesus said in the bible that SOME demons can ONLY be cast out through fasting & prayer!