During my VERY FIRST Near-Death Experience around 22+ months of age, I had had NO previous knowledge of Jesus Christ and witnessed him descending down out of the clouds of heaven that day! But as I got older, I had a few more N.D.E.’s that involved Jesus and each time was different. Let me describe them to you, here:

1). My 2nd N.D.E. – My family used to have a pinball machine in our basement. And I was a lonely, shy 14-year old with few friends so this pinball machine became my “refuge”, my “outlet”, if you will. One day, I made a REALLY, REALLY HIGH SCORE on the pinball machine and I was so excited! Only, the pinball became “stuck” on one of the sides of the machine, during the game.

So I knew I was gonna have to tilt the machine to get the pinball unstuck. (Which didn’t seem like it’d be a problem at the time, since there “appeared” to be plenty of space between the machine and the wall, in order for me to walk around the right side of the machine to slightly tilt it).

However, I failed to realize in time that there was a “live wire” sticking out from the side of the wall where the side of the pinball machine was. So when I walked around to the right side of the machine (that was slightly against the wall), and tried to “tilt it”, the “live wire” FULLY ELECTROCUTED ME (starting with my bare foot, then moving ALL UP THROUGHOUT MY BODY) and I immediately FELT pain and electricity jolt ALL THROUGHOUT MY BODY!

The next thing I remember, the “pain” suddenly grew dim and I saw these “flashes”. And each time I saw a “flash” from my life, there was this loud sound. Like a loud “snap” every time I saw a “flash”. So for example, I would see a “flash/mental snapshot” of my life and it would go “snap”. I would then immediately see another “snapshot” of my life and it would again go “snap”. And so on and so forth. I saw about 6?+ “flashes/snapshots” or so before the “flashes” stopped altogether. 

I was then in what appeared to be a tunnel of light. I saw my dead grandfather (who had died just a year earlier). He seem “quite surprised” to see me and told me: “Well, you’re quite young yet but I GUESS it’s your time?”, followed by “hold on, let me consult with Jesus on this one!” So he went to go fetch Jesus and Jesus came up from behind him. I asked him, “So is that it, then? Is it my time to go now? I mean, I’m only 14 years old but I guess I’ll go with you if you tell me to. To be honest, heaven sounds pretty cool right now, compared to my life on Earth right now”. 

But Jesus offered me a sort of “deal”. He said: “I could let you come with me NOW – BEFORE your intended time – but IF I do, I’d have to take some of your rewards away, in order to be fair to all the others who waited UNTIL it was their time to go! I have to be a fair and just God, ya know?” So I asked him, “What rewards? What rewards in particular will you have to take away?” And either he only named one or two or didn’t really tell me what they were at all, I can’t remember.

And then I asked him, “So if I stay on and DON’T go with you just yet, then I WON’T have any rewards taken away, in other words?” to which Jesus says, “Yes, that’s correct, you won’t have any rewards taken away, in fact, you’ll even GAIN a few rewards by coming back. Because I know your life is pretty rough sometimes and I know it’s not easy not having that many friends and the like. And YES, I’m NOT gonna lie, you will have some VERY challenging times ahead! In fact, I’ll probably see you sooner again than you think! But just trust me and cling to ME and ME ONLY and I will help you through those times”. And well, that was kind’ve hard for me to hear. “VERY challenging” times ahead? That didn’t sound too good. But again, the rewards gained DID sound good. So I decided to come back.

So I hesitantly said: “Okay Jesus, I’ll stay for now on the Earth and go back, then. I guess I AM kind’ve young. Afterall, I’m ONLY 14 and got my whole life ahead of me still, right?” to which my late grandfather smiles and goes: “THAT’S the spirit!” and to which Jesus more or less said: “I’m really proud of you. I know that wasn’t an easy decision to make. But I believe you made the right one. Besides, lets face it, I really didn’t WANT to have to be forced to take any of your rewards away, as you’ve practically been through enough already, for one lifetime, believe me, I know. But……like I said, there’s more coming. So brace yourself. Be prepared. Try to be brave. And like I said, I know it’s hard but just remember, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU! And I never will. SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT!

And the next thing I know, I came to. I was slumped over the front of the machine, face down on the machine. I felt a strong “burning sensation” on my foot and the room smelt like “burnt wiring”. My younger sister (who had apparently witnessed part of the thing) was sitting at the bottom of the basement steps. She said, “I’M SURPRISED YOU’RE STILL ALIVE! YOUR EYES WENT BLACK AND ROLLED TO THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD! I’M TELLING MOM!” and then IMMEDIATELY ran upstairs to tell mom.

[And folks, that was just from a “slight jolt” from a “small, live wire”. Imagine what the full-fledged, full-powered electric chair can do to someone. That’s PRECISELY why I’m against the death penalty! I can’t imagine the “lethal injection” being any better! While the electric chair courses electricity all throughout somebody’s body, the lethal injection pushes “lethal chemicals” all throughout somebody’s body! And yes, it MIGHT only take 5 to 10 minutes……….but just WHAT does that poor soul FEEL during that 5 to 10 minutes? No-one knows! But I can imagine they’d feel INTENSE PAIN as their body is being FORCEFULLY SHUT DOWN!]

2). My 3rd N.D.E.? – I’m honestly not sure if this 3rd experience was an N.D.E. or some sort of “demonic attack” or BOTH? But while getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom when I was 18, I accidentally hit the top of my forehead very, very, very hard on my dresser to the point where it drew blood (only, I didn’t know it drew blood, until later). My head hurt INCREDIBLY and I couldn’t think straight. So I layed back down in bed and tried to massage the sore area of my forehead with my hand, hoping I could make some of the pain go away. But the next thing I remember, I was levitating….“Am I dying?”, I thought. “Strange”. 

I levitated up to the ceiling (just like Michael does in the movie “The Lost Boys”) and when I tried to stop levitating by hitting the ceiling, it stopped. “What’s going on?” I asked outloud. “Jesus, help me!” I cried. The next thing I know, I was in a tunnel of light. But it didn’t really seem like an “ordinary” tunnel of light. Something seemed “off” about it. I can’t explain. I felt uneasy and nervous. I looked around and I immediately saw about 4-6 dead loved loves, hovering over me.

They were telling me it was my time to go and were trying to DRAG me into the tunnel with them. I asked to see Jesus but Jesus was nowhere in site. I accused them of being demons and told them I wasn’t going ANYWHERE with them. One of them cried out: “GET HER!” So then, they all tried to GRAB ME AND PULL ME IN, all at once, and I had to physically fight with everything I had to get OUT of their grasp! I then got OUT of their grasp and was on top of the ceiling again. “PUT ME DOWN!” I angrily commanded. So then I was dropped back down on my bed REALLY, REALLY HARD & VIOLENTLY! That experience SHOOK ME TO THE CORE!

3). My 4th-plus N.D.E. – I’m embarrassed and ashamed to admit this, but just ONE year later, beginning at age 19, I had this period in my life between the ages of 19-20 where I tried to kill myself about 3+? times. And EACH individual time, JESUS SAVED ME! I wrote about my suicide attempts on another blog post (and believe me, that was one of THE most hardest blog posts for me to have to write!)

But looking back on that whole entire time period, I guess in retrospect that one of the ONLY reasons I was under SEVERE DEMONIC OPPRESSION at that time was BECAUSE the demons were SO ANGRY that I was able to get OUT of their “grasp” in the FALSE TUNNEL OF LIGHT at age 18! Cause they really must’ve thought they had me there, huh? I just remember one of them saying, “GET HER!” And I KNOW beyond ALL reasonable doubt that NO angel of the Lord or NO true “Christian saint” would SAY such things!!!!!!!

4). My 7th N.D.E. – I had gotten in a head-on collision on my way to college class just two days before my 21st birthday. I had been driving my uncle’s car that he had loaned me, even though the collision was the other person’s fault, not mine. Both cars were totaled. I hadn’t had my seat-belt on and bruised my ribs, gashed my knee, had my head thrown back a bit and chipped off 3 of my teeth on the steering wheel and was bleeding profusely through my mouth.

I was in shock, just sitting there behind the steering wheel, with shattered glass from the windshield all around me and deep inside my lips, as the car kept “dinging” after the driver side door became ajar somehow in the crash. Someone promptly called an ambulance (which was only 2 blocks or less away) and they quickly hauled me away by ambulance and were doing all sorts of tests on me to make sure I didn’t have any head or neck trauma.

During one of those tests, I was SO stressed about worrying about my uncle getting mad at me about his totaled car that I went into cardiac arrest! The next thing I remember, I felt really, really “light”, no pain. I saw outside of my body and was looking down at my body. It was starting to turn purple and they starting to put the shock things on my chest, trying to revive me. Finally, after awhile, I decided to lay back down into my body and prayed that Jesus would revive my body and let me live and he did! 

5). My 8th N.D.E. – I was driving home from my local community college at age 25. And I was SO, SO STRESSED about my grades! I knew I might’ve flunked a class and I knew how upset my parents were gonna be! I was hyperventilating all the way to my truck! And then, as soon as I started out on the highway, I knew that something was wrong. I felt these terrible chest-pains!

But it was about 9:30p.m.? or so at night. And I really DIDN’T want to stop on the side of the pitch-black highway at night. I had these terrifying mental images in my head that some weird person might try to come along and mug/rob me and I didn’t want that. A “spiritual presence” sitting on the passenger side kept yelling at me to pull over, lest I go straight into traffic and consequently kill myself or someone else.

But something else told me to not to pull over and to keep driving. But the further I drove, the more INTENSE the pain in my left arm was becoming. FINALLY, I pulled over in a well-lit supermarket parking lot and that “presence” YELLED at me for not pulling over sooner, reminding me that I could’ve theoretically killed other people or myself in the “process” of my “stubbornness”. I then cried & cried & cried (due to the stress of it all and also how GUILTY I felt for not pulling over sooner!!!!)

The “presence” then calmed down a bit and said: “well, atleast you pulled over NOW, I guess that’s the important thing. Now….let me get to work”. I also prayed in the name of Jesus NOT to take me in death just yet, for it was right before Thanksgiving, and just what type of Thanksgiving would my family have to endure if I were “dead”, ya know? I felt my life shifting away from me and as though my internal organs were beginning to shut down. I was really, really scared and prayed outloud for Jesus to SAVE ME!

And it wasn’t long before I felt the ENTIRE massive heart-attack leave me. And just then, I found myself saying outloud (for I was STILL in denial of it all): “it must be because I’ve hardly eaten all day and need to eat something” and went to grab a half-eaten snack-bag of Gardettos sitting in the truck’s cup-holder)…..


So I promised “the presence” (to THIS very day, I STILL don’t know if it was Jesus or an Archangel/Angel??……) that I would atleast seriously TRY to eat more healthy from there on out. And knock on wood. Several years later, I’m still here……….Although it wasn’t really until the age of 33 or so that I REALLY started TRULY caring about my health! (I know, that’s bad in a way, but better later than never, right?) 

And more specifically, in the last year or so, I’ve REALLY tried to eat more healthier. For example, I hardly EVER drink soda, now…..only occasionally…….I try to severely limit alcohol consumption….I make a SERIOUS attempt to limit fried foods (though I’ll admit, I’m not ALWAYS successful but I try…..) and also try (notice the key word is try, haha) to stay away from all the “junk food” and “refined sugars”. And YES, it’s STILL somewhat of a struggle (EVEN TODAY) but with Jesus’s help, I know I can conquer ALL THINGS (INCLUDING DIET!) 🙂

Now, if I person has gone through 6+ Near-Death experiences, you’d think they wouldn’t fear death at all, right? But yet, sometimes I do. But NOT for the reasons people might think. It’s more of when I die, I will no longer be able to preach the gospel onto others. So MY fear of death has more to do with my fear of not having done ENOUGH for the gospel of Jesus Christ while on the Earth than with anything else.

And sure, I’ll maybe occasionally get the fear of: “What if MY idea of following Jesus’s gospel and JESUS’S idea of my following his gospel are two totally separate things? Am I REALLY doing what all Jesus wants me to do in this life?” But then I just have to remember Jesus’s words, during pretty much ALL my N.D.E.’s which is more or less: “TRUST ME, AND I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOU!” 

I tell about THE REST of my Near-Death Experiences on this page to provide people with HOPE & ENCOURAGEMENT in Jesus! And to remind people that as long as we REMEMBER Jesus, and TRUST JESUS (THE TRUE BIBLICAL JESUS, not the “false Paganized Jesus” taught in churches today), he will NEVER leave us and NEVER forsake us! Amen. 🙂