End Times/The 2015 War on True, BIBLICAL Christianity (PART ONE)

(NOTE: Within the first 2 months of 2015 ALONE, there’s already been a 70% INCREASE of attack on true, biblical-roots Christianity, as compared to the entire year of 2014! And it only continues to grow BY THE DAY! It’s just mind-boggling……to say the least! And it’s ONLY gonna get worse people, trust me on this!) {NOTE: Each “headline” more or less deals with bible prophecy either directly or INDIRECTLY}.  

1). Nepal to issue passports with THIRD GENDER


2). Belgian rapist requests right-to-die (Note: it’s the fact in and of itself that ANY person can now request the “right to die” that signifies we’re living in the End of Days!)


3). NINE measles cases linked to DISNEY THEME PARKS
(coincidence? hhhmmmm)


4). CSUN scientist FIRED after finding soft tissue on dinosaur bone


5). Homeschool family home raided by Sheriff: Parents Tasered and Pepper-Sprayed”


6). Self-proclaimed “god-man” in India probed over alleged castration of 400 followers


7). Egyptian men cleared of “debauchery” in Cairo “bath-house”


8). Judge rules S.D. same-sex marriage ban “unconstitutional”


9). Mayor of Philadelphia to wed Israeli diplomat in same-sex marriage ceremony



General Headlines/Health Hazards:

10). Disneyland measles outbreak spreads to 22 cases statewide
(or is it all just a “false flag” hoax? I’ll let YOU, the readers decide!)


11). Mandatory chicken pox vaccine INCREASES rate of disease (my, my, imagine THAT………)


11b). Climatologist claims “weird blob” off California coast for causing statewide drought in California and “BRUTAL coldfronts” on the East coast


12). Radioactive Tritium leak reported at TVA nuclear plant in Northern Alabama


12a). Flu shot only 23% effective (wow……..that somehow doesn’t surprise me AT ALL……big pharma “lobbies” for people to get the shot, and then BAD effects happen in many cases…)


12b). Students/Parents are highly encouraged to “get students vaccinated”, and then punished when they’re not (just goes to show ya the LENGTHS big pharma will go to to make sure EVERYONE receives their *vaccines*!)


12c). Measles outbreak spreads to 51 CASES – with more likely (again, is this another false flag hoax or are they PURPOSELY spreading the disease THROUGH the vaccines? I don’t know folks, something just doesn’t seem right with this whole “story”, or is it just me?)


12d). Utah oil town TURNS on local Mid-wife who’s questioning what the cause is of the town’s spiking infant mortality rate in 2013 (what’s even MORE shocking about this story is some of the residents’ comments about “what’s a few dead babies matter when it comes to our economy?”, etc. OUCH!)


12e). Brain-eating amoeba from tap water kills child


12f). Indiana HIV OUTBREAK linked to prescription drug abuse 


12g). Leprosy cases ON RISE in Florida (and again: I’m always highly suspicious when these things happen within a “clustered area” — I don’t think it’s coincidence, folks!) 



13). “America’s ‘Culture of Death’ Stems From a ‘Sinful, Godless Worldview That Rejects Christ”


14). Merkel says “Islam belongs to Germany” ahead of Dresden rally


15). Irish priest announces he’s gay during Mass, receives CHEERS


16). Europe passes 1st series of “child euthanasia laws” for terminally-ill children (and it’ll ONLY be a matter of time before this spreads to NON-terminally ill children in the “right to die/die with dignity” movement!)


17). Teacher accused of violating U.S. constitution for distributing “bible cookies” in class


18a). Atlanta Fire Chief loses job over faith, self-published booklet about homosexuality


18b) Atlanta mayor DENIES religious motivations were cause of the fire chief’s being canned


19). Miami judge rules against same-sex marriage ban, weds gay couples


20). Doctors euthanize 650 babies under assisted-suicide law in the Netherlands

(what they consider to be a more “humane” abortion of babies….as if killing unborn babies could ever be “humane”……may the Lord Jesus Christ open up their eyes and give these doctors a change of heart……and may they soon come to see that killing babies is WRONG, PERIOD….)


21). Two Catholic colleges are being forced to pay for abortions


22). Newsweek’s cover story on the bible is BIBLICALLY-INACCURATE, SCATHING


23). Black Feminist Tasha Fierce brags about having abortion, says she doesn’t regret it

[may the Lord Jesus forgive her, for she knows not what she does]


24). Residents find dead baby (27 weeks) in dumpster in California


25). “Euthanasia” movements roll across Netherlands


26). Doctors hasten death to harvest organs, according to Bobby Schindler


27). Michigan must recognize 300 same-sex marriages, judge says


28). State senators to introduce “Die With Dignity” legislation

(Note: “Euthanasia lobbyists” USED HER for THEIR gain!!!!! Sad!)


29). “Big brother” wants to push top U.S. court to legalize “gay marriage” NATIONWIDE


30). Thailand to recognize THIRD GENDER in constitution panel


31). Kelsey Grammar, star of “Killing Jesus” mini-series, claims Herod “wasn’t necessarily evil”

(may the Lord Jesus open up Kelsey’s eyes someday and make him realize just HOW “evil” King Herod truly WAS!!!!)


32). Pastor wants to overturn law that punishes pastors for performing same-sex AND polygamous weddings


 33). “Breastaurant Restaurants” are booming, while other non-Breastaurants struggle


34). Young 18-year old woman plans to “MARRY” her estranged dad, after dating him for TWO YEARS
(This guy is a predator and should be IN PRISON!!!)


35). A user asks on Yahoo answers if “incest between brothers” is wrong and nearly ALL answerers “SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH IT”!!!!!


36). Pair tries to smuggle “heroin-laced bible” into jail {this story just broke my heart! ;( I pray that someday the couple involved will actually READ the bible, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and become “saved”!!!}


37). Catholic priest says “homosexuality is a gift from God” and that the bible “is not the Word of God”


38). Administration lawyers argue “Hobby lobby” case doesn’t apply to OTHER non-profit religious groups


39a). Abortion clinic security guard wears “JESUS” wristband


39b). Planned Parenthood security guard mockingly sings “God is Pro-Choice”


40). Muslim “convention” won’t let any non-Muslims in, except a few minor media for the first 20 minutes


41). North Carolina city removes sculpture of soldier kneeling before cross (okay, statues and “sculptures” are IDOLS at best and yes, the bible condemns idols, but to me, this article represents an attack on Christianity, IN GENERAL!)


42). Army commanders order removal of “God and Country” recruiting sign


43). The Pope will address a joint session of the U.S. Congress (what?????? what is going on here, people of America? this is WEIRD!!!!!????)


44). NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws) plans to shut down Crises Pregnancy Centers (e.g. Birthright centers, etc.)


45). “Designer babies” could soon be on their way


46). Mexican cartel recruits eat “human hearts” during cannibalistic ritual


47). Same-sex couple married in “so-called” 1st legal Pagan ceremony in Europe


48). 2nd Pastor shot and killed in Florida in just 2 months


49). Transgender student wins $75k in legal fight over school restroom


50). Why Can’t Doctors Say “It’s a Boy” Anymore?


51). Petition to Ban Conversion Therapy Gains Almost 290,000 Signatures after Transgender Teen Commits Suicide

52). Canada Schools Propose Xe, Xem, and Xyr in Place of Gender Specific Pronouns

53). California Transgender Students can pick which restrooms and locker rooms to use


[Nevermind the fact that the chance for “sexual assaults” greatly increases with such dangerous “legislation”: for example, a boy who “pretends” or “claims” to identify as a “girl” can now go into the girls’ bathroom or locker room without any problems whatsoever and sexually assault a girl, for instance…? Think about that, folks! The implications! OR…….a boy sneaks into the girls locker room or bathroom or vice versa to have sex on school property………not good……..Do we REALLY truly want our opposite-sex kids today here in America, using the same restrooms and locker rooms? What is this world COMING TO?]

54). Nebraska public school system now has to call boys and girls “purple penguins” [this is just BEYOND RETARDED!!!!!]


55). UCLA Broadcasting Muslim Call to Prayer Declaring ‘Allah is Great’ on Campus (note: Allah Al-akbar actually means “Allah is GREATER“!!)


56). ‘Darkness’ of Sexual Culture ‘Gone Mad’ Threatens America’s Future, Says Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins


57). Feds Spent $432,000 Studying Gay Hookup Apps (see? TOLD YOU there was a “Gay Agenda”!!!!!!!)


58). French court convicts three over homophobic tweets, in case hailed as a ‘significant victory’ by LGBT rights campaigners


59). Liberals: Same-Sex Marriage is ‘America at Its Best’


60). Liberals hope Supreme Court rules in favor of gay marriage


61). School halts bible study course for blind kids


62). Anti-early-sex-ed protesters clash with police and counter protesters in Germany [what’s disturbing is that the counter-protestors outnumbered them 4-to-1, what is our world coming to?]


63). Canada May Legalize Abortion Pill That Has Killed Dozens of Women, Injured Thousands


64).Patricia Todd, gay Alabama lawmaker, threatens to expose adulterous colleagues opposed to gay marriage


65).Google Fixes Homophobic “Bug” in its Translator


66).Judge puts Alabama same-sex marriages on hold after striking down ban


67).Mormon Church backs legal protections for gays; advocates say they fall short


68). Pope Francis’s Meeting With Transsexual Gives ‘Powerful’ Hope to LGBT Catholics


69). Spanish judge charges 10 Catholic priests with child sexual abuse


70). Utah parents who killed selves, children feared apocalypse (This story was just so sad on SO many different levels. But the saddest thing is that the family didn’t trust in Jesus Christ, the only one who CAN save them from “such doom”, should anything happen!)


71). Residents: Police Shortage Is a Security Risk for Mardi Gras
(Note: Mardi Gras are SATANIC in origin — so rather or not there’s a huge police force there or not is a mute point — http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20America/mardi_gras.htm)


72). Stray bullets raise security concerns in Olympic host city Rio

(Note: Olympic games actually stem from the Pagan/Roman origin of gladiators in colloseums and there’s not really anything overly Christian about them per say. Still, it’s kind’ve scary to think about stray bullets flying everywhere! If you were a person considering going to the games, I’d advice you not to, for your own safety and your family’s safety!)


73). Women bare their breasts in Rio to lobby for right to go topless on beach


74). Georgia Deputy says he was fired for holding a bible study for former inmates


75). New York college bans “Mr.” and “Mrs./Ms.” Salutations
(This is getting ABSOLUTELY ridiculous, folks!!!!! How much longer before the politically correctors will also “ban gender terms” OUTRIGHT? “You can’t call them boys or girls anymore!”, “Human anatomy books should be outlawed!”, “Just ignore the male or female private parts and call them humanparts, instead!” Nevermind the fact that though there are a few hermaphrodites out there, 98% of people have CLEAR male or female anatomy when they’re born!)


76). “Pastor Zondo” wants congregation to keep naked video of him(is secretly initiated into Satanism in a “Satanic ritual” — being humiliated by a “woman in a red dress” — with his “congregation” none the wiser!)


77). Texas rally by Muslims seeking tolerance BANS MEDIA past 20 minutes & some of the few Muslims interviewed claim they “see nothing wrong with jihad!” [interesting, considering recent suicide bombings and what have ya). Anyways, as you can imagine, it was interrupted by protestors (as it SHOULD be — proud/patriotic Americans have every RIGHT to protest the “secret meeting” of Muslims who “see nothing wrong with jihad”, here in America] and sorry to say folks but these poor Muslims are raised to believe in jihad from cradle to grave. That’s WHY you never see any Muslims speaking out against “radical Islamists” and the like. Because ALL of Islam is “radical” and calls for “jihad”. Those that DON’T engage in jihad aren’t even true Muslims, even according to their OWN holy book, the Qu’ran!

[Although I’ve done much thinking on this and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that the “seeming” Muslim/LGBT takeover of the U.S. is OUR punishment for 1). what we did to the Indians/Native Americans long ago 2). this nation turning its back on God/Jesus Christ Almighty (in general) and 3. this nation turning its back on Israel! Cause all throughout the bible (Old AND New Testaments), there were consequences for denying God/denying the nation of Israel.  Then again, it doesn’t make the LGBT/Muslim takeover thing anymore right, I’m just saying….Jesus Christ is punishing this here American nation for all our promotion of sin and our popular culture’s blatant disregard for HIM!]


78). Swedish office puts chip underneath skin
(Note: it’ll ONLY be a matter of time before this concept spreads all over the globe, people…ESPECIALLY in the workplace! You’ve been warned! And as soon as my place of work requires this, I’m quitting my job OUTRIGHT, no 2 weeks notice or nothing! I take “the mark of the beast” stuff from Revelation very, VERY seriously! And so should YOU!)

79). Erupting volcanoes blamed on “climate change”

(Climate change is FALSE, folks! They admitted they “cooked the books”! Don’t believe the media’s LIES!)


80). Once again, they want to make sin seem “cute and cuddly” [ENOUGH with the “Transgender assault” in the media, already! This is NUTS!]


81). Super Bowl billboard campaign seeks acceptance for gay players


82). Mexican opium farmers expand plots to supply US heroin boom [headlines like these just break my heart! When’s it all gonna STOP? ;( ]


83). MPs say yes to three-person babies


84). Budget Includes Social Security Benefits for LGBT Couples

[YES! “Gay people” are people too and are JUST as much in need of Salvation in Jesus Christ as anyone else….BUT…..when we’re living in a time of history where people are *rewarded* for their sin — be it homosexuality/bisexuality and/or abortion, etc., what lesson does that teach them? Think about it, folks!] 


85). ICE: Transgender Illegals Guaranteed ‘Right to Hormone Therapy’ in Detention


86). ‘Inside Edition’ Hires First Transgender Television Reporter


87). Portland strippers head to Salem to lobby for better work conditions


88). Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age (normally this wouldn’t be newsworthy — people build churches and temples, etc. all the time — but I guess the fact that Atheism is highly INCREASING on the island IS because it’s a sign of the times/bible prophecy)


89). Super Bowl: Scientology Ad Promises “The Age of Answers” (Video)
here we go again with the New Age/Aquarius philosophy spiel!!!!!]


90). What’s behind a rise in HIV? Craigslist hookups, University professor finds


91). Evangelical Grace-pointe Church Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage; Reactions Are Mixed and Giving Drops In Attendance


92). Bruce Jenner to “document” journey from male to female on TV, will be interviewed by Diane Sawyer (and even though this is yet another one of the liberal/progs attempts to bring about the transgender assault of the media upon the Christian American people, I DO know that Bruce is under SEVERE DEMONIC OPPRESSION by Satan and the left. Please pray for Bruce Jenner, people! Pray for Bruce Jenner to have a REVERSE SEX-CHANGE SURGERY and to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ Almighty/Yeshua before it’s too late for him and before his soul is lost for eternity!)


93). Christians in Mexico Deprived of Homes for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith (Catholic bullying, plain and simple)


94). California lawmakers seek to end ‘personal belief’ vaccine exemptions[note: IF “measles” were YET ANOTHER *theoretical* “false flag” in this country — and I truly don’t know if it is or not — it makes perfect sense that the END GOAL of such *theoretical* “propaganda” would be to take away EVEN MORE religious liberty for Christians in this country! And hey, go out and get the “vaccine” folks, it’s for your “own good”! OR SO THEY CLAIM, ANYWAYS!!!!!!

When we’re living in a time where even news reporters themselves admitted they lied about certain things — think Brian Williams’ admitted big whooper over plane in Iraq — it’s really hard to know WHAT to believe in the media these days, anymore….But one thing is for certain….they are trying to take all our religious liberties away, folks! Bit by bit and little by little!

Why? Because they’re working towards the One World system: One “unified” religion/worldview for all………aren’t we so “lucky?” Remember Revelation 13:6, folks! Trust me, the news article down below is ONLY the beginning……..more eroding of “religious liberty” is yet to come……please remember that “the mark” will someday become MANDATORY…….and that whoever doesn’t take it will die/be imprisoned.

But Jesus also said in Revelation 2:10 “Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer: behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life”.


95). Pastor arrested after woman sexually assaulted during exorcisms [there’s actually been an increase lately of “pastors” being arrested for this or that — and either the good Lord’s using this as a wake-up call to Christians about just how FALLIBLE man is and just how INFALLIBLE HE HIMSELF/GOD THE HEAVENLY FATHER/JESUS CHRIST is AND/OR some these guys/women were set up/demonically possessed by the dark side — but this several-pastors-being-arrested-for-this-or-that-lately thing is truly troubling]. 

a) http://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2015/02/04/pastor-arrested-after-woman-sexually-assaulted-during-exorcisms.html

b) http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/maryland-episcopal-bishop-heather-cook-indicted-on-homicide-and-drunk-driving-charges.html

c) http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/maryland-episcopal-bishop-heather-cook-indicted-on-homicide-and-drunk-driving-charges.html

d) http://www.awkwardmomentsbible.com/shocking-pastors-on-the-prowl/

96). National sex trafficking sting nets nearly 600 arrests before Super Bowl


97). UK Judge Rules Mother of 6 with Learning Disability Can Be Sterilized Against Her Will (note: this is only the beginning, folks! Just wait until this concept of “forced sterilization” spreads across the globe and even enters here into the U.S. under the “guise” of “adequate population control” and what not).


98). Home Owner’s Association Sues Congregation for Holding Synagogue in Home (This headline troubles me……why? Because of its illustration of just how far the HOA will go to try to *outlaw* “house churches” in any form! Then again, am I really that surprised? This is the same organization that tried to say a man could not park his truck in his OWN driveway & tried to SUE him as a result — yes, SUE HIM — http://www.newser.com/story/201504/guy-told-he-cant-park-truck-in-own-driveway.html).


99). “Fifty Shades of Grey” book series and movie MOCKS CHRISTIANITY, glorifies sexual/domestic violence against women

a) http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/02/05/domestic-violence-and-anti-porn-activists-call-for-boycott-of-fifty-shades-movie/

b) http://www.buzzfeed.com/annanorth/the-christian-backlash-against-50-shades-of-grey#.rp45VqVly

c) http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/groups-call-boycott-fifty-shades-grey/story?id=28773426

100). “New Gospel” discovered: promotes WITCHCRAFT/DIVINATION (something that’s CLEARLY forbidden in the bible! Plus I’m ALWAYS SUSPICIOUS whenever the media states “a NEW gospel has been found” – the King James Bible is the Lord’s Written Word, PERIOD and anything else is SUSPECT!)


101). U.S. to appoint Gay Rights Envoy


102). DePaul University holds fundraiser for convicted terrorist


103). The campaign for same-sex marriage/families in Israel


104). Canada top court now allows doctor-assisted suicide


105). **Rising Skepticism Towards the Bible**


106). Climatologist says global warming proponents “cooked the books” 


107). Katy Perry claims “God” spoke to her before Super Bowl performance(The only “god” that spoke to Katy was SATAN! For Jesus would NEVER advocate a “fire costume” and “riding a beast”, sort’ve speak — think about it, folks! But in fact, these things are references to THE BOOK OF REVELATION in the bible! WAKE UP, FOLKS! And please pray for Katy Perry to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it’s too late!)


108). Alabama has begun issuing gay marriage licenses


109). Conservative High-School students singled out by LGBT Activists during school hours


110). Truth about ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’: Movie glamorizes sexual violence, domestic abuse


111). Supreme Court wants to pave way for “gay marriage” all across the nation


112). 2015 Grammys: Satan’s playground


113). Pennsylvania Parents “See Red” over 50 Shades of Grey Crossword Puzzles in local Middle School


114). Stars who “strip for a cause” (PETA, etc. — what’s the difference between these images and ones found in Playboy magazine? Honestly?)


115). Student reprimanded for saying “God Bless America”


116). World Press Photo Awards Intimate Image of Gay Couple in Russia (even though the younger one actually looks like a short-haired WOMAN…….weird……..)


117). Public school teaches Shahada (Islamic prayer of conversion, etc.)


118). Muslims gather in front of White House to hold “public prayer” (When’s the last time America got to hold a public-held CHRISTIAN PRAYER RALLY? Oh right. We’re apparently not allowed to do that anymore in this country, are we?)


119). From Auschwitz to Gay Pride Parade [this is just one broader spectrum in the “gay travel industry

120). New York City’s Streak of Days Without a Killing Ends at 12


121). ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Hits $240 Million Globally and Shatters Overseas Record (Signs of the Times, people! Signs of the Times!)


122). Cincinnati Archbishop warns Christians against ‘destructive message’ of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’


123). Megachurch Pastor Prayerfully Allows Gays Into Leadership


124). Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress: Homosexuality ‘Will Pave the Way for Antichrist to Persecute, Martyr Christians’


125). D.C. Going to Pot, Quite Literally 


126). Super strong cannabis responsible for quarter of new psychosis cases


127). End-of-life dispute re-emerges as 2016 issue for Bush


128). UK Scientists Speculate Aliens Seeded Our Planet With Life, Theory Originates From Nobel Prize Winner Francis Crick (Note: trying to “reason God/divine creation away” WON’T WORK! Next, they will try saying that “God is an alien” and the like. I’ve had just about enough of all these new “theories” that try to diminish God! As if they can make God and his divine creation disappear by mere “thought” and “theories”. HA!) 


129). Why would scientists want to create a hybrid human-cow embryo?


130). 100 Teens And Preteens Get Kicked Out Of ‘SpongeBob Movie’ And Start A Riot (Note: this is the “new generation”, folks! So brace yourself! It’s ONLY gonna get worst over time, BELIEVE ME!) 


131). Blasphemous TV program toys with the idea that Jesus and Buddha/etc. were ALIENS (the string of anti-Jesus attacks CONTINUE…….)


132). City of Charlotte, North Carolina set to pass “anti-conservatism law”


133). Gay Catholic group gets VIP treatment at Vatican for first time


134). ‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules 


135). Atheist group threatens suit over memorial to beloved teachers, sees nothing wrong with red devil mascot


136. Abortion: it’s a God issue, not a POLITICAL issue 


137). Grandmother Who Refused to Make Gay Wedding Floral Arrangements Could Lose House, Life Savings After Guilty Verdict 


138). The Benham Brothers Decry Growing Threat to Religious Freedoms: If Christians Don’t Stand Up, It Will Turn Into Persecution for Our Children




140). German nurse apologises for killing more than 30 patients in ‘lethal game’: (this is the “new face” of today’s young people, folks! The 16-35 crowd that does hellish things on the job/etc. “just because they are bored” or what not! I’m starting to see more and more stories like this in the media where people kill “for fun” and what not. Lord help us ALL!)


141). Atlanta libs trying to open gay-only school for kids as young as pre-K


142). Will 3-parent IVF be approved someday in the United States?


143). Guy Fieri marries 101 Gay Couples at Florida Hotel


144). Former Sunday-school teacher vows to obey man’s laws and NOT God’s Law


145). Alaska becomes 3rd state to legalize recreational marijuana use as ballot takes effect


146). Two father babies could become a reality (note: the selfishness of man knows no bounds!)


147). Ontario schools to start sex ed in 1st grade, LGBT issues in 3rd grade 


148). CNN to air “Finding Jesus: Faith — Fact — Forgery”, starting March 1 (and it’ll probably be “scholarly” and not so much “biblical” in context but guess we’ll just have to watch to find out…….?)


[And sure enough: they have Peter and another disciple coming to Jesus’s tomb the next day instead of Mary Magdalene (which is unbiblical, according to the bible) and they liberally write off the “Shroud of Turin” as “fake” with no real conclusive evidence that it’s a “fake” on their parts, other than “pure conjecture” on ONE person’s “theory”. It’s also been highly debated between scholars rather or not Jesus Christ TRULY cried out in physical pain when they flogged him/etc. or if he just took it all in stride, knowing that it had a divine purpose. HOWEVER, one thing they DO get right is the AGONY that Jesus Christ felt on the cross before, during and after the Crucifixion. I was moved to tears at the before, during and after crucifixion scene, quite honestly!] 


149). Hitler’s Mein Kampf Will Be Reprinted In GERMANY for First Time Since WWII


150). Adultery “against the law” in Japan (if ONLY we had “adultery laws” here in the U.S., maybe people would think twice before cheating on their spouses!) 


151). Jewish Students Under Attack on College Campuses (not surprising, considering the latest trends of Anti-Semitism)


152). At Westleyan University, they’re attempting to combat rape at frat house parties by……..placing women IN fraternities! 


153). Indiana Bill Would Allow “Baby Boxes” — (and while this might actually HELP otherwise-would-be-illegally-abandoned-newborns, I can see how this might actually *encourage* mothers to abandon their babies…..)


154). Facebook adds “Fill-in-the-blank gender” (in addition to 55 “gender categories” already available)


155). Comic character comes out as “bisexual” (there we go AGAIN with the “gay assault through the media”……)


156). Condom sales SOAR among the decriminalization of adultery in South Korea (because, hey, cheating on your spouse should now be a “right”, according to all the adulterers out there in the world today)


157). Rising number of children partaking in Yoga & Alternative Medecines (Yoga is SATANIC…..its poses invoke “foreign gods”)


158). South Carolina promotes a “pro-bible” viewpoint and not surprisingly, the “LGBT mafia” is up in arms about it


159). Homeless man’s shack destroyed after shown in local newspaper (how sad for that poor man! where is the HUMANITY today, people?)


160). Homeless man dies amid frigid temperatures (if we Americans — as a whole — spent more of our time donating to/providing for the homeless/needy, there wouldn’t even BE hardly any homeless people, more than likely!)


161). Bakery that refused to serve for gay wedding goes out of business 


162). Muslim teacher (previously arrested for ties with Al Queda) denies influencing teens to join ISIS/ISIL (and as foreign as this may seem to some, all Christians should say a prayer for this man, that he may soon come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ Almighty and be FREED from the “false religion” of Islam, before it’s too late and before his soul is lost for all eternity!)


163). Pastor’s wife is fined for “praying too loudly”


164). Christian Musician’s Song Used in ‘Fifty Shades,’ Thought it Was a Rom-Com [think NOT about money, people! Think ONLY about Yeshua/Jesus Christ Almighty. Because if your focus is on MONEY, you will fall! It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN]


165). Pastor claims God told her to appear on the TV show “Sex Box” (From my understanding, the show will also feature gay couples as well. And so UNLESS she goes on the show with a sort’ve “Phil Robertson type sermon” lovingly CONDEMNING homosexuality and the sinful lifestyle, I just don’t think the God of the bible would ask her to do such a thing; to appear on a type of show like this. However, Satan would, more than likely and we know from the bible that Satan can “masquerade as an angel of light”. Please pray that Satan will lose his grip on this woman and that instead, Almighty Yeshua/Jesus Christ will use her to speak OUT against this ungodly TV show). 


166). Christians can no longer wear cross necklaces, talk about their faith in most U.S. Workplaces these days but NOW, the Supreme Court is (once again), thinking of catering to Muslims 

[Question: Why do we NEVER see “peace-loving Muslims” condemning the “jihadi ones”? Answer: Because they secretly agree/sympathize with Islam’s “radical theology”. Hint: the Qu’ran tells ALL Muslims, not just SOME, to “actively engage in jihad” and “behead the infidel” (Jews and Christians, mostly). It also says if a Muslim does NOT engage in “jihad”, that they’re going to hell/eternal condemnation and aren’t considered “true Muslims!”  Quite LITERALLY!

Read the Koran/Qu’ran for yourselves! Therefore, ALL of Islam is “radical”. There is no such thing as a “radical Islamist” for ALL of Islam is radical. Repeat: ALL of Islam is radical. I’ve seen the Qu’ran verses for myself, already! Have YOU? Those of you that falsely believe that Islam is “peaceful”? Five words: 2o beheaded Christians in Syria. Enough said.

**Also, this needs to be said as well. Please pray for Muslims! Pray for Muslims to FORSAKE Islam and come to a saving knowledge of Almighty Yeshua/Jesus Christ before it’s too late & before their souls are lost for eternity! Because remember: they’re people just like you and I and they’re just as much in need of Eternal Salvation as WE are! Romans 3:23, folks!!!!!]**  


167). “Muslim Day” at Oklahoma City Capital Interrupted by Anti-Islamic Protestors (and why is there not a “Christian Day” or “Jewish Day” here in this country? Think about that, folks! I wonder what would happen if a large group of Americans emigrated to Iran or Turkey and DEMANDED that they change their laws JUST TO cater to Christianity! I wonder if the Iranians or Turks would be willing to do that………seriously doubt it……….)


168). Google scraps plan to block porn on Blogger site (what’s even MORE disturbing is that Blogger users were even THAT MUCH up in arms about it TO BEGIN WITH……the signs of the times we’re living in, people!) 


169). Michigan couple’s Supreme Court brief in gay marriage case focuses on ‘injury to children’ (The sad truth is, if gay couples, in general, had any real care for children/injury to children, they would NOT deny the children the opposite sex parent and they would NOT treat them like a mere ‘political statement’. Many children THEMSELVES who grew up in gay households are now DENOUNCING gay marriage by speaking out about it EN MASSE!)


170). Alabama court recognizes adoption by same-sex parent


171). Armond Budish urges U.S. Supreme Court to strike down same-sex marriage bans, including Ohio’s 


172). Gay marriage proponents claim ‘right side of history’


173). Coldest temps on record — yet, some scientists now claim they’ve found the answer as to WHY “global warming” seems to be….er…..paused.  (yup, it’s that darned “global warming”,  isn’t it? Let me tell you something, folks! Global warming is FALSE! They admitted they “cooked the books” and that it was all part of some small scheme of “play” for a “one world government” system! Wake up, people! Don’t believe the LIES that the media tells you!) 


174). Louisiana teen accused of knocking school bus driver UNCONSCIOUS (see folks? this is what happens when you raise your kids without the fear of the Lord in them!) 


175). Presbyterian Church will “change church constitution” to accommodate “gay marriage” 


============================ MARCH 2015 & BEYOND ======================

176). Girl, 18, ENCOURAGED her 18-year old friend to COMMIT SUICIDE! ;( [At one point, he even got up out of the truck and texted her that he didn’t think he could through with it; that he didn’t think he could do that to his family. She texted him back: “GET BACK IN!”]


177). Head Transplants Are Coming Soon, At Least If This Doctor Gets His Way


178). Discovery Life Will Feature First Transgender TV Reality Series Called “New Girls On The Block” (based in Kansas City) [NOTE: they’re NOT truly confused individuals, they are DEMONICALLY OPPRESSED SOULS UNDER SATAN’S SPELL!!!!!!]


179). Girl Scouts Honor Pro-Abortion Congresswoman


180). MMR vaccines contain cells from aborted babies (GROSS!!!!!)


181). CDC refuses to turn over documents linking vaccines to Autism over to Congress


182). Primitive “Mark of the Beast” system already on its way (DISTURBING!!!!)


183). Frustrated Students Walk Out Over New Common Core Testing


184). Federal Judge blocks Nebraska’s Gay Marriage Ban


185). Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes may now face death penalty


186). Sara Gilbert (“married” lesbian) gives birth to baby boy (please pray for this woman to be delivered from the gay/lesbian lifestyle before it’s too late and her soul is lost for eternity!)


187). Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches


188). Home Office tells Nigerian asylum seeker: ‘You can’t be a lesbian, you’ve got biological children from a previous heterosexual marriage’ [And the H.O. gots a good point……..]




190).  We Must Not “Bow” or “Apologize” In ANY WAY for our BIBLICAL stance on HOMOSEXUALITY (because once you “apologize” once, they have you……and they can make you do THEIR political/social bidding). 


191). Aborted baby organs to be used to grow transplants for medical patients


192). Homeowners association denies playhouse for girl with leukemia


193). YET MORE “deadly bacteria” escapes from a biotech lab — in more “strings” of such “activity” (COINCIDENCE? hhhmmmmm) 


194). Public Health Officials Know: Recently Vaccinated Individuals Spread Disease (TOLD YA NOT TO GET THE VACCINES, FOLKS! THIS IS WHY!!!!!)


**http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/ebola-virus-outbreak/vaccine-not-ebola-made-doc-sick-n318131 (THIS IS **PRECISELY** WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YA FOLKS ALL ALONG! EBOLA VACCINE IS NOTHING BUT **PROPADANDA** AND THIS STORY PROVES IT!)  

195). This Microchip Will Deliver Drugs in Your Body by Remote Control


196). Some Republicans (Sell-Outs) Call on Supreme Court To Recognize Gay Marriage NATIONALLY 


197). Michigan gym reportedly bans woman over gender identity complaint

(And sadly, many “sexual predators” will no doubt use the “gender identity” excuse to gain access to womens’ and girls’ locker rooms! So this needs to stop, people! Because at the rate this country is going, gendered bathrooms will soon cease to exist and it’ll someday soon be “one-gender-fits-all” bathrooms! Plus it makes me mad that they’re demonizing this woman…..she’s ONLY trying to warn other women to be on their guard IN CASE “said guy” in question is actually a “sexual predator in disguise” and not a “gender-confused” person!) 


198). Students at UC Irvine vote to ban American flag


199). Students vote for communism-themed prom


200). Michigan City Fined $100K for Barring Atheist Exhibition from City Hall


201). Though there are lots of Muslims converting to Christianity in these last days, it’s liberal articles like THESE that trouble my mind, heart, body and spirit: when “lost/wayward Christians” convert to ISLAM!

(She was 100% sure of her Christian faith before going to uni: she goes to uni and then it all changed! Please pray for this woman to come back to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it’s too late! She “thinks” Jesus Christ will accept her back into his “fold” on the Day of Judgement (even WITH her being a MUSLIM — if she’s still a Muslim by that time, that is) — but she’s sadly mistaken! For IF she doesn’t turn back to Jesus Christ Almighty and worship the one true LIVING God [which is Jesus Christ Almighty] before she dies in this life, instead of the FALSE “god” Allah, the bible says she will be eternally condemned!)

a) http://www.christiantoday.com/article/i.used.to.be.a.christian.but.converted.to.islam/39001.htm

202). “Year Without God” Pastor No Longer Believes, Encourages Others To Abandon The Faith (much like women who’ve had abortions that encourage other women to get abortions……it seems he doesn’t want to be alone in his “unbelief”…….Nevertheless, we need to pray for ALL pro-choice women AND this man to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ/Yeshua before it’s too late!)


203). College conservatives branded ‘hate group’ for refusing LGBT sensitivity training


204). Female to play God in adaptation of novel (much like the blasphemous movie Dogma and blasphemous novel Sati by Christopher Pike)


205). 370+ companies now support “gay marriage”


206). VA administrator used doll photos to mock veterans’ mental problems in email


 207). Former SEALs chaplain could be kicked out of Navy for Christian beliefs


208). Egyptian actor calls for more nudity on TV to combat sexual harassment  




209). New memories implanted in mice while they sleep (the hellish implications this could have on humans someday is mind-boggling)


210). Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality


210b). Fascist sperm busts DNA frontier (what’s next? cloning Hitler?) 


210c). Bill Gates thinks super machines could eventually become smarter than humans and take our jobs


210d). After Terminator Arm, DARPA Wants Implantable Hard Drive for the Brain


210e). Google developing ‘near-perfect’ face recognition



211). NJ cops bust teens shoveling snow without a permit


212). UC Irving Student: U.S. flag banned to avoid ‘triggering’ hurt feelings among illegals (Note: this is AMERICA, folks! If the American flag offends you, then too bad! This is AMERICA, not another country! Should we now demand that NO country in the WORLD has a right to “hang their flag” in a publicly-funded area of their country? Where does it all END, folks? Politically correct has now gone OUT OF CONTROL IN THIS COUNTRY!) 


213). Christian American Baptist College Defends Decision to Invite Married Lesbian Bishop to Lecture Students


214). Professors: US flag symbolizes racism, should not be displayed on campus (this nation was founded on Christian principles: therefore, any attack on the American flag is indirectly an attack on Christianity) 


215). American Airlines apologizes after refusing to refund deceased girl’s ticket (the bible spoke of times like these, when peoples’ hearts would wax cold)


216). Bay Co. Officials Question Nightly Operation of STRIP CLUB….INSIDE of The Life Center Church!

a) http://www.wjhg.com/home/headlines/Bay-Co-Officials-Question-Night-295711481.html

b) http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/03/11/florida-church-with-naked-paint-parties-sexiest-ladies-on-beach-loses-tax/?intcmp=HPBucket

217). Democrats threaten to block their own bill after finding abortion language


218). Outrage over Navy family’s baby wrapped in American flag


219). MUSLIM COLLEGE co-founded by anti-Israel firebrand RECEIVES ACCREDITATION


[all the people out there that still think that Islam is a “peaceful religion” will receive QUITE the rude awakening when our country someday is overtaken by/attacked by Muslims. These “colleges” and “mosques” are mere breeding grounds for that those secretly hate Israel/USA. Don’t believe me? They already have certain sections of towns in the U.S. that cater to “Muslims only” and that desire to have MUSLIM LAWS IN DEMOCRATIC LANDS http://www.barenakedislam.com/2013/02/23/will-wichita-kansas-become-our-next-muslim-only-no-go-zone/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaVXXQsAOjM&t=69 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrB8TEjt8iI ]

220). The New Christian Left Is Twisting the Gospel: Here’s How


221).  Transgender Teen Activist Lands TLC Reality Show


222). Oregon Homeless Woman Charged With Electricity Theft…for Charging Her Cellphone


223). Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination, is only seven votes away from officially changing its definition of marriage to include same-sex unions


224). Texas Principal Comes Under Fire for Reading Daily Bible Scripture — Superintendent’s Response to Atheist Group Is Epitome of Defiant


225). 1st transgender lawmaker charged in NH hospital bomb threat


226). Record numbers sign up to Swiss right-to-die organization


227). Televangelist Creflo Dollar Needs 200,000 People to Donate $300 Each So He Can Buy $65M Ministry Plane (the love of money is the root of all evil — I pray that the Lord Jesus will SAVE this man from his love of money before it’s too late and his love of money DESTROYS HIM, ETERNALLY)


228). University of Vermont Recognizes ‘Neutral’ as ‘Third Gender’ Option for Students


229). First ‘Gay School’ Catering to LGBT Students to Open in the UK as Christian Schools Fear Closure for Teaching Biblical Traditional Marriage


230). Straight-A College Student Kicked Out Because He Was Homeschooled


231). Monks in India Eat Human Flesh, Drink Urine and Sleep on Dead Bodies


232). Thousands pledge their soul to Satan in Black Mass Ceremony in MEXICO 


233). Street preacher on trial for Gospel preaching


234). Catholic head teacher accused of telling pupils: ‘I’m phoning God about you’ (okay, the teacher being “Catholic” and pretending to phone God aside……..the fact that the parents got up in arms ab out a teacher disciplining her students for “being bad” is what’s disturbing to me. Then again, in TODAY’S culture, it doesn’t matter if it’s a teacher, supervisor, coach, parent, etc. It seems like if a person (ESPECIALLY a teacher or parent) tries to discipline a child for “acting up”, today’s culture says that teacher/parent(s) is “out of line”. No wonder today’s children are like little undisciplined hellions running around! But in fact, the bible ITSELF says that a parent who doesn’t discipline their child when they “act up” doesn’t truly love their child!) 


235). The Fire on our Front Lawn: Why it’s time to call out the horrors of Christian TV


236). SHOCKING! Church Of England Vicar Allows Full Muslim Prayer In Church, Tells Congregation To Praise “The God That We Love, Allah”


237). San Francisco’s Largest Evangelical Megachurch to Allow Non-Celibate Homosexuals to Be Members


238). US Reform Jewish rabbis install 1st openly lesbian leader


239). St Patrick’s Day parade: LGBT groups take part in event in Boston for the first time


240). Elton John and leading LGBT groups call for Dolce & Gabbana boycott


241). Pastor Says Justin Bieber Helped Him Answer “What is the Meaning of Life?” (what is the world coming to when even PASTORS  become “Beliebers”? God help us all!)


242). Utah Lawmakers Pass Anti-Discrimination Bill with LGBT, Mormon Support


243). Publishers Sue Family Christian Stores Over Bankruptcy Plan


244). Major United Methodist Gay Lobby Group Accused of Endorsing Polyamory


245). Feminism, Gay Rights Contribute to Fatherlessness, Experts Say at CPAC


246). Fatherlessness Harms the Brain, Neurobiologists Find 


247). Another Gay Parenting Study Finds Children Do Best With Mom and Dad; Will the Supreme Court Care?



Now 100% BEYOND the TOTAL 2014 War on True, Biblical Christianity……..


248). Boy who “comes out” WHINES on social media about his dad “not accepting his gay/sinful lifestyle”

(The mainstream media ALSO is trying to demonize this biblical-roots Christian father just as much as his own son does, apparently! And what’s even more troubling is this: THIS is where we are today, folks……culturally speaking. “Be yourself”, “Don’t be afraid to be who you are”, etc. And look where THAT has gotten us! Now, in today’s world, if you don’t support the Gay Movement, you’re just “scum of the Earth” or something! This is YET ANOTHER case of “You don’t support the gay movement? Shame on you!” type shaming and I’m TIRED of it! 

Do you realize how things have changed so quickly? And everyone’s spiritually & morally BLIND in this country! All these people are “loving” and “supportive” when someone “comes out as bi/gay”, and yet, seem to have NO IDEA of the eternal condemnation in the flames that awaits ALL people that live AGAINST Jesus Christ and his commands set forth in the bible. This boy and the mainstream media, are no doubt putting SSSOOOO much pressure on this dad to accept his gay son’s lifestyle but I pray the father never does. I also pray that the father will CONTINUALLY pray for his son to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before it’s too late!)  


 249). North Carolina man free to stand naked in home’s doorway, police say [that we even LIVE in a day and time where something like this is NOT illegal is just “disgusting”! What’s even MORE disturbing is the reporters/commentators AGREEING with this guy!]


250). At least 3 dead, 4 wounded in drive-by shooting at California grocery store [There’s a “trend” in our media today to NOT mention when a grocery store or restaurant that gets hit by a gunman is “Jewish” or “Kosher” and I wonder if this is one of those instances….?]


251). Evolutionists Kill Academic Freedom Bills in Four State Legislatures


252). Study: Euthanasia cases more than double in northern Belgium


253). Heroine from hell: Palestinians honor mass killer with monument


254). Muslim students protest ‘American Sniper’ screening


255). Gay designers face SEVERE BACKLASH over their comments CONDEMNING gay marriage, gay adoption, surrogacy/IVF babies for homosexuals (and just WHAT is this world coming to when even current/former homosexuals THEMSELVES can not speak out against the gay movement and gay culture?) 


256). CBS soap reveals character is transgender (MORE transgender assault in the media…….are you now starting to notice a TREND here, people?)




257). Union lobbyist who worked one day as a teacher suing Illinois for $30,000 pension


258). Texas ready to dump $10M high school steroids testing program



259). Alabama woman concerned over social media posts against daughter, family


260). One nation under Allah: Fury after school recites pledge in Arabic (and when the school doesn’t even offer Arabic as one of its foreign language choices to begin with, I’m really starting to wonder why the Pledge was even cited in Arabic/) 


261). NY Times comments on ‘ugly’ elections after Netanyahu win (Hint: the attack in the media against Christians/Christianity and Israel is all related. Genesis 12:3, people!) 


262). ‘Christian’ Abortionist Who Says Opponents Have ‘Love Affair with Fetuses’ Joins Texas Abortion Effort


263). Afghan woman set ablaze by mob for burning Koran




264). Academic boycott: free speech or sordid vilification of Israel? 


265). “World No Longer Bound to Defend Israel Internationally”, writes Palestinian Journalist


266). White House: U.S. To “Reevaluate” Backing For Israel At U.N.


267). U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Israel, Makes Excuses for Iran



268). ‘I Am a Christian’ Ad Blocked on Facebook for “Offensive Content”


269). San Francisco Cathedral Denies Drenching Homeless People with Sprinklers was Intentional


270). Satanic Temple Fights ‘In God We Trust’ Sign in Wash. County; Threatens to Demand Own Sign


271). Christian Videographer Faces Legal Action After Refusing to Work Lesbian Wedding, Says It’s Against Her Biblical Beliefs


272). Article asks “Is it okay to have sex with a robot?”


273). 7 Homeschool Children removed from Home


274). CHRISTIAN Op-ed ARTICLE (of all articles) claims that CHRISTIANS (of all people) should support a “Palestinian State”


275). Mosaix Leaders Summit Sets Ambitious Goal of Planting 1,000 Multi-Ethnic Churches in 10 Years (Note: denominations and church BUILDINGS, in and of themselves, are NOT BIBLICAL! Therefore, we don’t NEED anymore “church buildings”, what we NEED is more “witnesses for Christ”, PERIOD! Because remember, church is not a place we GO TO, for all believers in Christ ARE THEMSELVES *THE CHURCH*! Let me put this in a different way: the “church” is the body/assembly of believers THEMSELVES, ****not**** a BUILDING! Because remember that we’re supposed to BE the church, not GO to church!)


276). COMMON CORE TEACHES ONLY ‘SCIENCE’ IS TRUE (cause hey, remember, it’s “spontaneous generation” from the ground, people!) 


277). Report: Christianity Most Persecuted Faith Worldwide


278). Scientology mounts media offensive against upcoming HBO ‘Going Clear’ documentary


279). Judge strikes down Wisconsin abortion restriction


280). Murder charges unlikely after unborn baby cut from womb


281). US Navy Violated Federal Law by Denying Religious Freedom to ‘Decorated’ Navy Chaplain Facing Possible Discharge for Voicing Christian Beliefs


282). Woman raised by gay parents SPEAKS OUT against gay marriage, gay parenting


283). Fifty-Six Shades Of Gender Insanity


284). Is the Church Compromising the Gospel in the Name of Impacting Culture?


285). A&E Brings Immoral Swinging Lifestyle to Mainstream TV


286). The Jezebel Spirit, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Immorality in the Church


287). Newsboys Co-founder Denounces Christianity: ‘I’m Now an Atheist’


288). Kids of gay parents MORE LIKELY to suffer mental problems, study says 


289). The Danger of Christian Celebrity


290). 12-Year-Old Girl Accused of Trying to Poison Mother for Taking Away iPhone (This story is just BEYOND heartbreaking…….many, many parents out there today are now “too afraid” to discipline their kids for fear that CPS might take their kid(s) away from them…….and then, as a result, children come to think that there’s “no consequences” for their behavior! The times we’re living in today with today’s youth is just sad – very, very sad.)


291). False Christianity (Roman Catholicism) spreading like WILDFIRE in Cuba


292). Church “constitutions” are ILLEGAL in the eyes of God/Jesus Christ, biblically speaking…….although many “denominational churches” are now “making amendments to their *church constitutions* ratifying gay marriage. (But hint: church buildings, in and of themselves, aren’t biblical, and church *constitutions* DEFINITELY aren’t “biblical”. OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE!)


293). Georgia school superintendent confirms he’s gay after local media outs him for using “gay hook-up app Grindr” DURING SCHOOL HOURS (as far as I understand)


294). France passes new end-of-life legislation to alleviate suffering; Doctors now have new powers to place terminally-ill patients in a “deep sleep” until they die


295). Ethics of embryo editing divides scientists (once again, man trying to play God)


296). “I don’t like Jews because…..” (A satire piece written by a Jewish blogger about the rising tide of Antisemitism in today’s world)


297). Jamaican dancehall artiste gets goat horns implant claiming it was ‘God’s instruction’ (Hint: it wasn’t the God of the bible that told him to plant horns on his head but rather, Satan. Look at his possessed-looking eyes in the photo. He’s doing the “666” sign with his hands in the photo and says he *doesn’t care* if people think he’s Satanic……..that should tell you all you need to know, folks! And if it’s possible for this man to still be saved in the name of Jesus, then I pray he is and that he gets the goat horns REMOVED from his head and comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ Almighty). 


298). Franklin Graham gets “slammed” for speaking out against rising tide of disrespect for police officers IN GENERAL 


299). Pro-life leaders arrested for protest PROMOTING 20 week abortion ban (why aren’t MORE pro-life leaders speaking out against abortion in this country? Even though I’m happy the few pro-life speakers spoke out that did, I think EVEN MORE pro-life speakers need to speak out about the murderous atrocity called “abortion” in this country!!!!!) 


300). Parody or free speech? Court to hear NAACP suit against Black pro-life group


301).  Connecticut Debates Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide


302). Street Preacher Found Guilty of Using Threatening Language by Quoting Leviticus




304). Drug use is on the rise and this case is just a prime example of the MANY long-term consequences of such things:


305). PCUSA Church Ordains First Married Lesbian Couple as Ministers, Days After Denomination’s Marriage Amendment


306). Number of Americans Who Say They Have No Religion Hits Record High, Survey Finds (ofcourse, this study is somewhat biased: there’s many Messianics and Christians who DON’T go to church but are still believers. The data only seems to want to include “church-going Christians”, which no doubt furthers the stereotype that one must go to church to be a “Christian).


307) Rutgers Law Prof Who Says Pedophilia Is Not a Crime (I think I honestly just vomited on the inside just merely READING that headline……..I think I’m gonna be ill……..first it was the gay assault IN the media, then the transgender assault, and now we got the Pedophilia assault OF the media………see…….told ya folks………legitimize homosexuality and trans and pedo “rationalization” in the media soon follows…….)


308). He Tried to Convince His Girlfriend to Abort. When She Didn’t, He Later Threw Her Daughter Off a Cliff


309). Abortion Activist Throws Firebomb at Pro-Lifers Praying at Texas Abortion Clinic


310). CBS Promotes Putting Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger on $20 Bill


311). NAACP Continues Battle to Silence Black Pro-Lifer Who Bashed It’s Pro-Abortion Stance


312). Florida high school requires bathroom escorts for students


313). Country music’s ‘Girl Crush’ drama: Country radio pulling song from airwaves\ (lesbian promotion in COUNTRY MUSIC……..wow……I think I’ve seen it all now, just about…….what’s next? Country songs promoting abortion, gay marriage, incest?) 


314). DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes, watchdog says


315). Colorado DA: Suspect accused of cutting baby from mother’s womb won’t face murder charge


316). New York State Assembly Passes Bill Which Would Allow 3rd Trimester Babies to Be Killed With Shot of Poison to Heart


317). Judge fines Washington florist over same-sex wedding flowers


318). Son of President Reagan says he’s not afraid to burn in hell 


319). Oregon Closer to Banning Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy for Gay Minors


320). Court in Durban now grants “maternity leave” to gay fathers through surrogacy


321). Dog owner slapped with $65K lawsuit over negative Yelp, Angie’s List reviews (pretty soon this “concept” will no doubt spread to those who have ‘negative’ things to say about abortion, etc.)


322). Arizona Lawmaker: Church Attendance Should Be Mandatory

(Note: This headline troubles even ME since Jesus never FORCED people to follow him, he gave each person FREE WILL, he wasn’t a “socialist”. The solution to moral decay is not FORCING people to go to church, for if anything, that would make non-believers EVEN MORE hostile to the saving gospel of Jesus Christ Almighty/Yeshua. I think the solution is that more biblical-roots Christians need to speak UP for the faith and explain what the REAL Jesus Christ/Yeshua Almighty is like, instead of the FAKE JESUS worshiped in churches today). 


323). Sweden adds gender-neutral pronoun to dictionary (I’m so sick of headlines concerning “gender terms” and “gender confusion”. For the Lord distinctly made people “male and female” [with the few exceptions of hermaphrodites], end of story. What’s next? Will people start saying “that isn’t REALLY a blue sky with clouds……it’s an atmosphere that can’t be defined” or “that’s not REALLY water…….it’s another particle that only has the ‘mere form’ of water…….what RIDICULOUSNESS is this? Trying to redefine gender?)


324). Pro-choice peeps PROTEST over bill that BANS Dismemberment Abortions (REALLY? Are we TRULY living in a time when a group of people even CONCEIVE of the notion of saying: “Wait a minute! A woman should have THE RIGHT to have her unborn baby TORN LIMB BY LIMB out of her body????????” Wow…….just……..wow……A baby has NO RIGHT to life in this country, according to the pro-abortionists. What’s next? Will these pro-abortionists someday go on to say that NO MOTHER has the right to keep her unborn child? We’re living in some very scary times, folks! Some of the ways most recently in which Pro-lifers have been attacked TRULY astounds me!)  


325). IRS tax deduction to parents who kill child with abortion but not stillborn


326). Mass Exorcism on Children At Polish Religious Camp Leaves Parents Scared


327). Bishop names late Tory MP Enoch Powell in child sex abuse, satanic worship scandal


328). Minister Who Denies God’s Existence: I Don’t Appreciate Being Told I’m Not a Christian


329). New spa-like abortion clinic is part of a trend to de-stigmatize the procedure


330). Catholic College Approves Pro-ISIS Club


331). Judge orders California to pay for inmate’s sex change


332). Planned Parenthood abortionist “I stopped delivering babies so I can provide abortions”


333). Transgender actors are in demand for TV’s pilot season


334). Georgia House Committee Cancels Meeting On ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill


335). ‘Gay cake’ case: Judgement is reserved at Belfast court


336). Delta Air Lines Helps Gay Employees with Health Care Taxes


337). Pregnant anchor: Hate mail over anchor’s maternity clothes, WATCH her fire back (my best educated guess is that these “haters” are with the abortion lobby somehow since the public site of a beautiful, GLOWING/radiant pregnant woman who’s not gonna give them any $$$ for abortion is a “threat” to them, somehow)


338). Filipino faithful nailed to wooden crosses during Good Friday tradition (we know from the bible that Good Friday is NOT biblical, and also that we are not to have idols/be displayed as an idol or imitate Jesus’s crucifixion in ANY type of way!) 


339). First Church of Cannabis Approved in Indiana


340). LGBT Activists With ‘Gay Vision’ Peddle Paintings of Homosexual False Christ


341). Anti-Semitism in US Spikes after Nearly a Decade of Decline


342). Al-Shabaab Attacks Kenyan University during Morning Prayers, 15 Dead


343). Christian Man Asks Thirteen Gay Bakeries To Bake Him Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake, And Is Denied Service By All Of Them (Imagine THAT, folks……hhhhmmmm). 


343). Easter eggs created for Planned Parenthood mock pro-life prayer


344). Families barred from Israeli park ‘for having bread on Passover’

(Note: You have to understand this, people! Any attack on Judaism and its “Torah principles” IS an also an attack on Jewish-roots Christianity/Messianic Christianity! I used to think there were only “liberals” here in America. Prior to reading this article, I never really thought in a million years that there were any true “liberals” in Israel but I guess I was sadly mistaken! That we live in a day and time when even some JEWS IN the holy land of Israel, no less — of ALL people — are griping about having no leaven during Passover truly astounds me!)  


345). Woman Scams $7,000 from Family, Friends and Supporters with Fake Cancer Diagnosis


346). Utah city threatens fines over kids’ cardboard castle, calling it ‘junk’ (when I was little, mom and dad built “cardboard houses” for us kids all the time and no police or zoning coordinator ever came knocking down our door or threatening my folks with fines…….ofcourse, it was the 80’s back then when America was still America……sigh…….)


347). Indiana Backs Down on Religious Freedom Law



In the entire year of 2014, there were 247 headlines! In first 4 months of 2015, it’s already up to 347 headlines!!!!!!!


And the “attacks” on Jesus Christ and the gospel CONTINUE………AS IF Jesus could be “scientifically or morally reasoned away”! HA!

348). The lost tomb of Jesus? Scientist claims he has ‘virtually unequivocal evidence’ that could help explain the whereabouts of Christ’s remains


349). Robin Rinaldi: Her Husband Had A Vasectomy……So…..She Decided to “Sow Her Wild Oats” and Write A Book About It


350). The brothel buster: Meet the man who gets paid to have sex with prostitutes


351). Gay Group Demands Christian Churches Be SHUT DOWN for Opposing Same-Sex Marriage


352). Church Opens Doors For Planned Parenthood Rally


353). Black abortion doc receives award named after Klan speaker Margaret Sanger




355). Explosion at Power Plant Responsible for D.C. Area Outages

(Note: our nation was founded upon Christian principles and it now saddens and concerns me that lately, there’s been a weird string of “explosions”/”mini-explosions” in various places here in the U.S. — has anyone else noticed this, lately? — Ofcourse, the mass media doesn’t even “hint” of these events being a subliminal act of terror……..rather, the media just writes it off as “normal” and “oh well”. Does anyone else find that fact ODD or the number of “explosions” lately as ODD? And is it just ME or are the RATE of “unusual explosions” here in the U.S. [both mini and major] actually INCREASING?)


356). Just Two Days After Sharing an ‘Open Letter’ to Obama on Facebook, This Veteran Coach Was Forced to Resign


357). Common Core School Assignment FORCES Students to Make Islamic Prayer Rugs, Recite Muslim Prayers


358). NYT Writer: Christians ‘Must Be Made’ To Embrace Gay Lifestyle


359). University Cancels Screening of ‘American Sniper’ After Muslim Students Complain


360). Top Saudi mufti reportedly issues fatwa allowing starving husbands to eat wives (Okay, nevermind that Saudis are 95% Muslims………this is just INSANE, people! My GOSH! I really thought I HAD seen it all! What happens when that sort’ve “concept” spreads throughout the world as the global population INCREASES while the global food supplies DECREASE? Will countries someday start making laws that starving people can enter into a “cannibalistic contract” with one another or sorts where one person is the consumer and the other the consumee? Grossers!)  


361). Jewish human rights group The Anti-Defamation League says string of swastika attacks on Boston campus are “UNRELATED”

(and just HOW they came up with that conclusion is BEYOND ME……But see? This is the time we’re living in, folks…..a time when EVEN the Jewish “protective authorities” THEMSELVES try to publicly say a string of spray-painted swastikas on a COLLEGE CAMPUS were not related. Do they REALLY believe that or did they just say that out of fear of more backlash to the already stricken Jewish community? Who knows. But this story is TROUBLING, folks! TROUBLING! Especially since nobody seems to be doing much of anything ABOUT it, and just shoving it aside like “oh well, neo-Nazis be Nazis, what can ya do?”)


362). Jewish deli vandalized in Copenhagen


363). Doctors Say Tick Borne ‘Powassan Virus’ Is Worse Than Lyme Disease (and the “virus” comes about HOW in ticks, exactly? hhhmmmm)





363). London’s Jewish jewelers rocked by Passover safe deposit heist


364). ‘Jewish bookshop in Barcelona targeted for bombing by Islamists’


365). Albanian man arrested in connection with murder of Israeli during Passover in Berlin



366). Gay-rights advocates accused of discriminating against Gordon College students


367). Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican


368). The White House Now Features a Gender-Neutral Restroom


369). Reporters Try to Corner Rand on Abortion Who Said: “The Press Should Ask Dems if it’s OK to Kill Babies in the Womb”


370). Tylenol Maker Admits to Selling Liquid Medicine Contaminated with Metal

(folks, do you really think it’s coincidence that there’s been SO MANY “recalls” and “explosions” and “mini-explosions” lately in the last few months or so here in the U.S.? WAKE UP! They will never publicly declare if it’s an act of “terrorism” or not……as for product recalls? I have a very hard time believing that American employees in factories would be that “slack” when it comes to their job……especially when they KNOW many American lives are or will be potentially at stake if they make a mistake or don’t make thorough enough inspections or the like. I think they (for the most part) take their work VERY SERIOUSLY! But rather, it’s much easier for me to believe that American factories might just be secretly “under attack” by those who wish to do America/Americans harm. I don’t know, just a thought).  


371). California’s Drought Could Increase Health Risks, Experts Say

(again, in today’s world, hard-telling if some of these things are actually “orchestrated propaganda” or actual events. However, IF some of these things WERE orchestrated, theoretically speaking, it makes perfect sense in light of the Georgia headstones which aim to reduce the human population by so much, as the following article illustrates:



372).  Kansas man accused of plotting to detonate bomb at Fort Riley military base


373). Senators seek probe of claims US workers fired, forced to train foreign replacements


374). New York Times Columnist Suggests Rewriting Bible to Embrace LGBT Community


375). ‘Blessed Be, Aho, and Amen,’ Wiccan Priestess Delivers Prayer for Iowa House


376). France wants gay ambassador for Vatican 


377). Health clinic settles first transgender bias lawsuit by US agency


378). The new face of Common Core: “Fact or Opinion?”


379). Airline Now Offering Homosexual-Only Discounts


380). Florist in gay rights storms receives death threats, is forced to take extra security measures


381). Liberal article “whines” with the headline entitled ‘Tax Day extra difficult for many same-sex married couples’


382). The last frontier in sexual bigotry: transgender rights


383). Pennsylvania mom arrested for drunken driving after she takes son to orgy: cops


384). Philadelphia mom discarded quadriplegic son with cerebral palsy in the woods and left to visit her boyfriend: police 


385) Army Must Pay Damages to Trans Man Kept from Women’s Bathroom


386). After-Birth Abortion: The pro-choice case for infanticide (note: they already have laws in Washington that state that a baby can be killed at ANY point in pregnancy, even up to birth. Just wait until this *moral nausea* spreads across the country………and it’s only a matter of time before it does…….we’re living in the Last Days, people!) 


387). Abbott promises ‘no jab, no pay’ policy to raise immunisation rates (just wait until THIS policy spreads worldwide!)


388). Empty Ebola Clinics in Liberia Are Seen as Misstep in U.S. Relief Effort

(Note: the key word here is EMPTY……..one day “Ebola” threatens to destroy the world population……….the next day………going, going, going, GONE. No mention of it in U.S. anymore……..hhhhmmmmm. Strange, isn’t it, people? Could it BE possible that “Ebola” (much like “Evolution”) is nothing more than a HOAX to deceive the masses? And what’s more……look at the “tents”……if this were a TRUE treatment center, it would have to be AIRTIGHT, since “Ebola” is supposedly AIRBORNE……think about it, folks. Wide open “tents” just displays to me what a hoaxy “story” Ebola is! And may the Lord forgive me tenfold if I’m wrong!)


389). California farmers must now “report” how much water they abstract from California delta 


390). Father claims push for affordable housing led to son’s Little League demotion


391). Dog Owners Threatened With $750,000 Fine Over Missing Dog Posters


392). Man volunteers for world’s first head transplant


393). Starnes: School Tells Kids to Pretend They’re Muslims


394). Oklahoma Satanist Church Wants Permission to Distribute Books in Elementary School


395). Cruz Adviser: Yep, I Paid For The Ad That Preceded GOP Candidate’s Suicide


396). Dalai Lama can decide whether he will reincarnate


397). Florida man high on flakka attacked officer, said he was God, had sex with tree, police say


398). GLAAD Gives Failing Grades to Sony and Disney for Gays in Film


399). Headline reads: ‘You Can Get an Abortion, But You Should Not Have Freedom to Choose Sexual Orientation Change Efforts’


400). Pope Francis Blesses Actor Playing Jesus Christ in Roma Downey and Mark Burnett Produced ‘Ben Hur’ Remake 


401). John Hopkins University attempted to ban Pro-Life display for first time in 30 YEARS!!!!! 


402). Democratic Leader Says Her Party Supports Legal Abortion Until Moment of Birth (Video) [Newsflash, folks! She’s not the outlier! MANY proponents of abortion support late-term abortion…..And see absolutely nothing wrong with it!!!!!!! In fact, several months ago, I saw a Youtube video of a young woman who had a LATE-TERM abortion at NINE MONTHS and *saw nothing wrong with it* and was BRAGGING about it, more or less! This is the times we’re living in, folks! Look at sonogram images of 9-10 month old babies and then try to justify to yourself killing it in the womb! There IS no justification for that, people!]


403). Shocking clip shows children in violent ‘fight club’ scrap as parents laugh


404). TV doc promotes supplements/etc. that “have no scientific basis for effectiveness”








408). Laverne Cox poses nude as “inspiration” for other trans


409). 6 Months After Tim Cook, LGBT Leaders Are Redefining Being Out and Successful


410). Woman DEFENDS having a partial-birth abortion at 36 weeks, claims she got to “hold her baby” and even named her “Abigail” (There’s just no words for this………what is this world COMING TO?)


411). Teens shocked by graphic content at anti-bullying conference


412). Starnes: College Says Serving Mexican Food at Sci-Fi Night Was Culturally Insensitive


413). Calif. gas-line blast closes major highway, injures at least 11 (YET ANOTHER “random explosion”……the “explosions” and “mini-explosions” happening all across this country that I’ve been telling you guys about!!!!!) 


414). News headline mocks the bible/Revelation by the following headline entitled ‘Mark of the EcoBeast’ (the mocking is SO subtle, that most people probably aren’t even picking up on it at all)


415). Canada Supreme Court Rules Against Christian Prayers at City Council Meetings, Says It ‘Stigmatizes’ Atheists


416). Town shocked by exorcism, bartered sex for services case


417). Swinger’s church? Denied sex club permit, Tenn. developers get creative


418). Elmo Says ‘Get Vaccinated’ in New Video


419). University Recruits Teens to Abort Babies for Research


420). Website Claims Affairs Help Marriages


421). Tennessee Senate Shelves Bill that Would Name Bible as State Book


422). Marco Rubio Says He would Attend a Gay Wedding


423). ‘Killing Jesus’ Breaks National Geographic Ratings Record (please keep in mind that it’s a “watered-down” version of Yeshua/Jesus Christ and NOT a *biblically-accurate* one!) 


424). Andy Stanley: Churches Should Be ‘Safest Place on the Planet’ for Gay Youth


425). Thousands in Germany protest against Europe-U.S. trade deal









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